Saturday, January 8, 2011

Naw, his ears are too big. On the other hand?

Also, you can't imagine that Obama might have been groomed for a role very early on. Did I send you the email that Malcolm X is Obama's father, not Obama Sr. nor Frank Marshall Davis? That makes a big difference, since Malcolm X was himself very political.
Did I send you the email that Malcolm X did a pilgrimage to Mecca with the permission of Prince (now King) Faisal? That he had to convert to Sunni Muslim in order to do so?
I'll bet he also had to take an Arab wife. More than black, Obama has always struck me as Arab-looking.
The team that is investigating Obama is following the evidence, not making it up. It will be fascinating to read Dr. Ron Polland's upcoming book about Obama's document fraud, also his true origins/paternity. It is going to be far more interesting that anything else written on this topic. It is going to be a shocker.

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Two videos that answer, "On the other hand?"