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Study on troubled 'gay' families not junk science

Study on troubled 'gay' families not junk science
The research behind a study that found adult children from "gay" families are "more apt to report being unemployed, less healthy, more depressed, more likely to have cheated on a spouse or partner, smoke more pot, had trouble with the law…" than children from traditional mom-and-dad households may not have been politically correct, but it was scientifically correct, ruled the University of Texas at Austin.
So the effort to discredit the researchers with a false charge of "misconduct" didn't work ... what's next?

The Persecution of Walter Fitzpatrick

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Not the change America had in mind ????

Not the change America had in mind ????
Original Chinese Proverb
Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

2012 White House Revision

Give a man a welfare check, a free cell phone with unlimited free minutes, cash for his clunker, food stamps, Section 8 housing, free contraceptives, Medicaid, ninety-nine weeks of unemployment, free meds, and he will vote for Democrats the rest of his life; even after he's dead. 

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Trump: What A Coincidence; Birther Michelle Obama Called Kenya Obama's Homeland

Trump: What A Coincidence; Birther Michelle Obama Called Kenya Obama's Homeland

Donald Trump: What A Coincidence; Birther
Michelle Obama Called Kenya Obama's Homeland

Donald Trump via Twitter: What a coincidence--Michelle Obama called Kenya @BarackObama's "homeland" in 2008

2008: Michelle Obama Declares Barack Obama's Home Country Is Kenya:

2007: Michelle Obama Declares Obama Is Kenyan And America Is Mean - 2:00 min. mark:

2006: Obama In Kenya: I Am So Proud To Come Back Home:

FLASHBACK: Obama Is The Original Birther! Obama In 1991 Stated In His Own Bio He Was Born In Kenya. DETAILS HERE.

SHOCK CLAIM: Breitbart Reporter Charles Johnson Has Documented Proof Obama is Indonesian Citizen - AUDIO HERE.





‘Birther’ claim challenges Obama spot on WA ballot

‘Birther’ claim challenges Obama spot on WA ballot

OLYMPIA — Barack Obama makes jokes about people who question his birth certificate, and his campaign even is selling a coffee mug with the presidential face on one side and a reproduction of the certificate on the other.
Mitt Romney tried to make a joke about birth certificates in Michigan last week. Some people laughed, some people didn't.
But Linda Jordan of Seattle apparently is not joking in court action filed this week in Thurston County Superior Court against the Washington secretary of state, asking the court to keep Obama off the November ballot because, she contends, his birth certificate is forged and he is not a “natural born citizen.”
The state Attorney General's office was also serious in its reply today that Jordan's lawsuit is flawed for several reasons, all of which could lead to its dismissal: It doesn't name Obama as a plaintiff; it's a federal issue, involving the U.S. Constitution; the secretary of state doesn't have the authority to check on the eligibility of candidates and toss one off if he or she doesn't measure up.
Beyond that, Deputy Solicitor General Jeff Even says in a court filing, Jordan doesn't provide any proof that Obama isn't a natural born citizen. “She merely claims to have offered evidence of a forged birth certificate — a birth certificate that has never been requested by or submitted to, the secretary of state — and to have offered additional suspicions regarding a social security number.”
Hearing tomorrow afternoon before Superior Court Judge Thomas McPhee. Some pertinent documents are “submitted for your approval,” as Rod Serling used to say.

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OBAMA - Mr. Scam Man

Trump: More Will Come Out About Legitimacy Of Obama's Birth Leading Up To Election

Trump: More Will Come Out About Legitimacy Of Obama's Birth Leading Up To Election
MILLER: EXCLUSIVE: Trump on Romney's birther comment
By Emily Miller @ The Washington Times

Donald Trump's questioning of President Obama's birth certificate hit a nerve in the presidential campaign this week.

Mitt Romney said on Friday in his native state of Michigan that, "No one has ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised." The Republican presidential candidate insisted afterwards that it was just a joke. That didn't stop Obama campaign manager Jim Messina from immediately used the comment in a fundraising appeal, calling it "a new low for Mitt Romney."

"That wasn't a low at all," the real estate mogul told me in a sit-down interview on Sunday in Sarasota. "The low was when they accused Gov. Romney of essentially murder, when they called him a felon. Those are the lows. What he said is not a low at all."

Mr. Trump said that more will come out about the legitimacy of Mr. Obama's birth in the weeks and months leading up to the election. The Constitution says that only native-born Americans can be president[SHOULD BE NATURAL-BORN CITIZEN]. Mr. Trump cited polls showing that, "A tremendous amount of people believe there is certainly a validity to it."

The billionaire businessman and his wife Melania were on the west coast of Florida to receive the "Statesman of the Year" award from the Sarasota Republican Party. Mr. Trump was slated to have a large role in the Republican National Committee convention in Tampa on Monday night, but it was cancelled along with the rest of the official events due to hurricane Isaac.


FLASHBACK: Obama was the first Birther! Obama in 1991 stated in his own bio he was born in Kenya. DETAILS HERE.





Saturday, August 25, 2012

Todd House, MD - Plaintiff Kentucky Obama Ballot Challenge - Personal Statement

I am not a "birther."

I am a Constitutionalist.  The Constitution either means what it says or is relegated to "advisory" status, just as some have done with the Bible.

I am not a religious person which emphasizes that this is an intellectual, legal and historical argument but very pertinent to us today.  The US Supreme Court has the imperative duty to resolve the issue of "Natural Born Citizen" once and for all since the issue is not going away. (e.g. Jindal and Rubio as finalists for Romney VP.)

Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution states that only a "natural born citizen" is eligible for the office of the presidency.  Unfortunately, there is no definition of the term in that document.  But the reasons for this unique requirement were and still are well understood.

And, that is the rub for it requires some study of the the history of the Founding, the political philosophy of the era, what influenced the Founders, subsequent precedent(see Minor v Happerset 1875, among others) and plain, old, regular US history to understand the seriousness of the issue and, only then, arrive at an informed opinion.  Regrettably, few seem to have done their homework.  But even those that do, disagree.  And that's ok.  But for an ultimate resolution I look to the US Supreme Court to decide it.  Ergo, my suit. 

By the way, it is interesting to consider the story of Chester A. Arthur, 21st President though he, too, was illegitimate:

from --a fantastically informative site with lots of facts and legal arguments

Chester A. Arthur - Not an NBC [Natural Born Citizen] maybe not even an Citizen (just like BHO). He was NOT an Article II NBC since he was born of before his father's naturalization some 14 years after his birth.  (He was installed in the office of the president due to the assassination of President Garfield.)  But based on the facts uncovered in later history,  Arthur was unconstitutionally seated because he had falsified his nativity story and fraudulently held himself out as a Natural Born Citizen.
Chester Arthur's crime was not fully discovered and proven until long after his death as he had burned all his early family records to cover up the deceit.  He was born in 1829,  in VT(though this, too, is in question.)

Smells and tastes alot like Barack Obama--hiding facts and documents in SEALED records (not much different from BURNED, if the records are never un-sealed even one hundred years from now), disputed birthplace and born of alien father.  

Barack Obama Sr., widely known, accepted and admitted by Obama, Jr. himself,  was a Kenyan National/British Subject who returned to Kenya after his education in the US.  He was NEVER a citizen of the US, naturalized or otherwise.  Therefore, Obama, Jr. was born of an alien father which disqualifies him for the office of president of the United States.  (Per Vatel, in Law of Nations (1758) and codified into our jurisprudence by the US Supreme Court in Minor v Happerset (1875), one must be born in the country of two parents who are its citizens to be a natural born citizen.  So, even assuming that Obama, Jr. was born in Hawaii, it matters not at all since he is NOT a natural born citizen by virtue of his father NOT being a US citizen at the time of his birth.)

There are counters to my line of argument that employ the 14th Amendment (1868) to the US Constitution, United States v Wong Kim Ark (1898) and others that have detractors and supporters among very astute and brilliant legal scholars.  

Now, it is clear that the final arbiter of US jurisprudence, the Supreme Court of the United States must have the final word.  Politics of the day should not influence so critical a Constitutional question.

L. Todd House, MD

British National Archives Show A Son Was Born To Obama Sr. In 1961 In Kenya

. Eowyn: British National Archives Show A Son Was Born To Obama Sr. In 1961 In Kenya

British National Archives show a son
was born to Obama Sr. in 1961 in Kenya
By Dr. Eowyn @ Fellowship of the Minds

The [British] National Archives (BNA) is an executive agency of the government of the United Kingdom. Based in Kew in southwest London, the BNA is the UK government’s official archive, containing 1,000 years of history from Domesday Book to the present, with records from parchment and paper scrolls to digital files and archived websites, including Foreign Office and Colonial Office correspondence and files. The collections held by the BNA can be searched using their online catalogue. Entrance to the Archives is free.

On April 18, 2012, the BNA released the first batch of thousands of “lost” colonial-era files believed to have been destroyed, including files on Britain’s former colony of Kenya. Reporters at the UK’s The Guardian were among the first who looked at some of the newly released colonial files. They found that the name of Barack Obama (henceforth, Obama Sr.), the father of the POS in the White House, is on the top of a list of names revealed in a hitherto secret British colonial file of Kenyans studying in the United States.

But it’s not just UK journalists who can access the British National Archives; anyone can. In May 2012, someone conducted a search of the Archives using the search term “Obama” and found that an unnamed son of Obama Sr. was born in Kenya in 1961. Since the POS in the White House is the only known son of Obama Sr. born after 1960 and before 1963 when Kenya became officially independent from the UK, it is reasonable for us to conclude that the POS is that unnamed son of Obama Sr. born in Kenya in 1961. And in fact, the claimed birth date of the POS is August 4, 1961.

Barack Hussein Obama Sr. (l); Stanley Ann Dunham (r). For a couple who supposedly married and had a child together, it is odd to say the least that there is not a single photo of Obama and Dunham together.

Below are excerpts from Dan Crosby’s on-site report from Kew for The Daily Pen, “Obama’s Kenya Birth Records Discovered in British National Archives,” July 18, 2012:

Evidence discovered shows British Protectorate of East Africa recorded Obama’s birth records before 1963 and sent returns of those events to Britain’s Public Records Office and the Kew branch of British National Archives. [...]

It now appears the worst fears of the U.S. Constitution’s framers were well founded as investigators working on behalf of the ongoing investigation into the Constitutional eligibility of Barack Obama have found yet another lead in a growing mountain of evidence within the public records section of the British National Archives indicating the occurrence of at least four vital events registered to the name of Barack Obama, taking place in the British Protectorate of East Africa (Kenya) between 1953 and 1963, including the birth of two sons before 1963.

Recall, investigative journalists working for have already discovered biographical information published by Barack Obama’s literary agent in which he claimed he was born in Kenya. Prior to Obama’s ensconcement to the White House, many international stories also stated that Obama was Kenyan-born as did members of Kenya’s legislative assembly. Since then information on Obama’s ties has been curtailed by government officials as the Obama administration has coincidentally paid nearly $4 billion dollars for capital projects in Kenya.

Also, the presence of Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, cannot be accounted for from February, 1961, the alleged month of her marriage to Obama, until three weeks after the birth of Obama II in August, 1961 when she allegedly applied for college courses at the University of Washington. Theories about her whereabouts have included that she participated in the Air Lift America project as an exchange student and traveled to Nairobi as one of many recent high school graduates (see AASF Report 1959-1961).

The record of birth of a second son prior to Kenyan independence is significant because biographical information about Obama’s family indicates Obama Sr. fathered only one other son prior to Obama II’s birth.

The books containing hand written line records of vital events attributed to Obama [Sr.] are contained in Series RG36 of the Family Records section in the Kew branch of the BNA. The hand written line records first discovered in 2009, indicate several events were registered to the name Barack Obama (appears to be handwritten and spelled “Burack” and “Biraq”) beginning in 1953 and include two births recorded in 1958 and 1960, a marriage license registration in 1954 and a birth in 1961. Barack Obama [Sr.] is said to have died in 1982 and had married at least once more in Kenya and had at least one more child in 1968, but no record of these were found in the BNA because, according to the Archives’ desk reference, the events occurred after Kenya achieved independence from British colonial rule in 1963.

To date, Barack Obama II is the only known alleged son of Obama Sr. born after 1960 and before the independence of Kenya became official in 1963.

A request for information from the BNA on the specification of birth information contained in the series of thousands of logs indicates that only vital events registered in Kenya’s Ministry of Health offices were recorded in the registration returns and were placed in the National Archives care before they reached 30 years old (the law was amended to 20 years after creation in 2010).

The line records do not specify the identity or names of the children, only gender. However, the line records are associated with index numbers of actual microfilm copies of certificates, licenses and registration applications filed in the archives. According to researchers, Obama [Sr.]’s line records were discovered in Series RG36, reference books. Not surprisingly, when researchers specifically requested access to the relevant microfilm for the Obama [Sr.] birth registrations, they were told that the records were currently held under an outdated “privileged access” status, meaning researchers were denied access under Chapter 52, Sections 3 and 5 of the British Public Records Act of 1958.

However, evidence shows these records were available for public access before August of 2009, the approximate date of arrival of Hillary Clinton in Great Britain during her trip to Africa that year.






40 Reasons Not To Re-Elect Barack Obama

1) Obama took 700 billion dollars out of the Medicare program and put it into his wildly unpopular health care program. This is despite the fact that even Obama has admitted,
Medicare in particular will run out of money, and we will not be able to sustain that program no matter how much taxes go up.
Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will put that money back into the Medicare program where it belongs, while Obama won't.
2) Barack Obama's stimulus plan cost more than the Marshall Plan, the Louisiana Purchase, and putting a man on the moon — combined and it was a complete and utter failure -- more than 800 billion dollars that accomplished nothing of significance.
3) If Barack Obama is re-elected, Obamacare will go into effect in 2014. This will lead to huge doctor shortages, exploding health care costs, companies dropping insurance, death panels, much longer waits to see a doctor, and a dramatic deterioration in the quality of American medical care.
4) Do you believe that your taxes should go up in the next four years? Well, Barack Obama does,
"Nobody’s looking to raise taxes right now. We’re talking about potentially 2013 and the out years." — Barack Obama
5) Even the left-wingers at Politifact admit that Obama broke his promise to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term.
6) America lost its AAA credit rating for the first time since 1917 on Obama's watch.
7) Even though Barack Obama keeps blaming do-nothing Republicans for his myriad of failures, the Republicans in the House have passed multiple budgets while Barack Obama and the Democrats in the Senate haven't pushed a budget through in the last three years. That's a big deal because passing a budget is one of the most basic duties of Congress. A Congress that can't pass a budget is like a mechanic who can't handle an oil change.
8) Barack Obama called George Bush "unpatriotic" for adding so much to the debt. Yet, Obama added more debt in 3 years and 2 months than Bush did in both terms.
9) "Do you think it’s okay for Barack Obama’s campaign contributors at Solyndra to receive a 535 million dollar government loan, approved by one of Obama’s fundraisers, even though it was known that the company was in trouble and there was an excellent chance it wouldn’t be able to pay back the loan?"
10) Barack Obama is touting his interference on behalf of his union cronies at General Motors and Chevrolet as a big "success." The cost of that "success" for the taxpayers? 25 billion dollars.
11) Obama selected Tim Geithner, a man who was a tax cheat, to be his Treasury Secretary. That's bad enough, but then Obama spent his whole first term lobbying for tax increases and accusing other people of being greedy for wanting to keep more of their own money. When even the Treasury Secretary refuses to willingly pay all of his taxes, maybe the problem is that you're spending too much, not taxing the American people too little.
12) Under the "Cash for Clunkers" program, Obama spent 3 billion so he could buy and destroy perfectly functional cars. This was mind-numbingly stupid, but it was supposed to at least cause a major spike in auto sales and improve gas efficiency. The program is now almost universally recognized as a failure on every count.
13) Barack Obama put an end to NASA's manned space flight. In other words, because of Obama we no longer even have the same capabilities that we had in 1969. Meanwhile, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden says the "foremost" mission of NASA is now Muslim outreach. Yes, really.
14) Despite the fact that Obama had a disastrous first term, he hasn't even put forth a second term agenda. After one of the worst four year runs of any President in American history, Obama's message to the voters is, "Trust my judgment when it comes to deciding what we'll do differently."
15) "If you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own. I’m always struck by people who think, ‘Well, it must be ’cause I was just so smart.’ There are a lot of smart people out there. ‘It must be because I worked harder than everybody else.’ Let me tell you something:If you’ve got a business, that–you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” -- Barack Obama
16) After BP had a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Obama exacerbated the crisis and dramatically slowed down the clean-up with his incompetent handling of the whole affair. Obama performed so poorly that even James Carville and Chris Matthews were publicly criticizing him.
17) "No, no. I have been practicing…I bowled a 129. It’s like — it was like Special Olympics, or something." — Barack Obama. Classy!
18) We were told that George W. Bush was a cowboy who was making the world hate us. Yet, as Chuck Norris notes,
The Washington Times reports that, according to a poll by even two left-leaning groups, “A majority of Americans say the United States is less respected in the world than two years ago and believe President Obama and other Democrats fall short of Republicans on the issue of national security.”
In February 2012, Gallup reported that “Americans continue to express much greater dissatisfaction than satisfaction with the United States’ position in the world, and their views have improved little since hitting a low point in 2008.”
19) "But I don’t want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. I want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess. I don’t mind cleaning up after them, but don’t do a lot of talking." —Barack Obama. In 2008, Barack Obama ran as a moderate, bipartisan reformer who was going to change the tone in Washington. He has governed as a hyper-partisan, arrogant, divisive, polar opposite of the man he pretended to be in 2008.
20) Although liberals and conservatives disagree on who's to blame for Obama's poor performance as President, there seems to be general agreement that he hasn't done very well. Of course, you can't tell Obama that.

Oprah: What grade would you give yourself, for this year?

Obama: Um, good solid B+

…Oprah: So B+, what could you have done better?

Obama: Well B+ because of the things that are undone. Health care is not yet signed. If I get health care passed we tip into A minus.

21) Despite claiming to be in favor of traditional marriage to get elected, Barack Obama betrayed Christians by coming out in favor of gay marriage.
22) The First Amendment rights of the Catholic Church are being violated under Obamacare. Despite its long recognized religious opposition to contraceptives and abortifacients, Obama is demanding that Catholic hospitals go against their faith to remain open. Every last Catholic bishop in the United States opposes Obama's anti-Christian policy and it will likely lead to numerous Catholic hospitals shutting down if Obama is re-elected.
23) Barack Obama despicably played the race card by telling Hispanic Americans that Republicans were their "enemies."
And if Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, we’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us, if they don’t see that kind of upsurge in voting in this election, then I think it’s gonna be harder – and that’s why I think it’s so important that people focus on voting on November 2.
The President of the United States shouldn't be trying to pit different groups of Americans against each other based on the color of their skin.
24) "The Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home. . . . What I think we know — separate and apart from this incident — is that there is a long history in their country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately, and that’s just a fact." — Barack Obama on the arrest of his friend, Henry Louis Gates.
25) The "Justice Department" helped put guns in the hands of drug cartels via Operation Fast and Furious that were used to kill hundreds of Mexican citizens and at least one American, Brian Terry. After stonewalling a congressional investigation, Barack Obama asserted executive privilege to try to keep the truth from coming out about the biggest scandal since Watergate.
26) We essentially have an open borders policy in America now for illegal aliens who haven't committed felonies in the United States.
27) Barack Obama is illegally trying to implement the DREAM Act by fiat, despite the fact that it failed to get through Congress.
28) The fence on our southern border was supposed to be completed in 2009. Not only has it not been completed, but the virtual fence has been put off until at least 2016.
29) Because Barack Obama is so out of touch, he thinks that "the private sector is doing fine.".
30) Obama has blocked the keystone pipeline and ANWR while he has held up offshore drilling in the Gulf and demonized oil companies. It's hard to say how much more you're paying at the pump because of Barack Obama, but we can be sure the amount is considerable.
31) In 2011, nearly 1 in 7 Americans were on food stamps. Is setting a record for putting the most Americans on food stamps really the sort of achievement that should merit a second term?
33) The staggering cost of the new regulations that the Obama Administration has implemented on American businesses over the last 3 1/2 years? 84 billion dollars.
34) Obama sent BILLIONS of dollars of YOUR TAX DOLLARS overseas as part of the stimulus package. The stimulus may have been a complete failure here in America, but I'm sure the companies in China, Spain, and South Korea sure loved pocketing our money.
35) In a more competent administration, what happened with Johnson Controls, Inc would have been a big scandal. That company was given 300 million dollars of stimulus money and used it to create.....150 jobs. That's 2 million dollars per job created. Unfortunately, the Obama Administration has performed so poorly, in so many ways, that this minor disaster has barely even been a blip on the radar.
36) George W. Bush started the TARP program, but Barack Obama supported the program, continued it, and made it worse. The cost of bailing out all those "too big to fail" fatcats who wanted capitalism on the way up and socialism on the way down? At least 34 billion dollars of taxpayer money although that dramatically understates the real cost because many banks paid back the TARP money with other funds that they received from the government.
37) We've had the longest streak of above 8% unemployment under Barack Obama since the Great Depression. Meanwhile, according to the Obama Administration, his stimulus bill was supposed to have produced 5.6% unemployment by now.
38) The terrible jobless numbers don't really give you a sense of how badly Obama has done as President because those who quit looking for jobs are no longer counted in the numbers. We've had the most rapid decline in labor force participation in recent history under Obama -- from 65.7% in 2009 to 63.7% in 2012.
39) Under Barack Obama's leadership, we've had the weakest economic recovery of any country, anywhere in the world since 1970
40) "Look, I’m at the start of my administration. One nice thing about the situation I find myself in is that I will be held accountable. You know, I’ve got four years. And, you know, a year from now I think people are going to see that we’re starting to make some progress. But there’s still going to be some pain out there. If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition." --Barack Obama on the economy in February of 2009

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A Comprehensive List Of Obama’s Worst Executive Orders

A Comprehensive List Of Obama’s Worst Executive Orders

King Obama SC A Comprehensive List Of Obamas Worst Executive Orders
(Editor’s correction: This is a list of executive orders in force that outline Emergency Powers. Some of these were signed by prior US Presidents going back all the way to JFK. Obama specifically has signed executive orders starting with the number EO-13489 and forward. But these all reference powers Obama could use to limit your freedoms. Here is a full list of Obama Executive Orders.)
There have been over 900 Executive orders put forth from Obama, and he is not even through his first term yet. He is creating a martial law ‘Disney Land’ of control covering everything imaginable. Some of the executive orders he has signed recently have been exposed thanks to ‘Friends of Conservative Action Alerts.’ They have compiled a choice list of ‘Emergency Powers, Martial law executive orders’: Get your headache medication out while you still can without a prescription.
* Executive Order 10990 allows the Government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports.
* Executive Order 10995 allows the government to seize and control the communication media.
* Executive Order 10997 allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels, and minerals.
* Executive Order 11000 allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision.
* Executive Order 11001 allows the government to take over all health education and welfare functions.
* Executive Order 11002 designates the Postmaster General to operate a national registration of all persons.
* Executive Order 11003 allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft.
* Executive Order 11004 allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate and establish new locations for populations.
* Executive Order 11005 allows the government to take over railroads, inland waterways, and public storage facilities.
* Executive Order 11049 assigns emergency preparedness function to federal departments and agencies, consolidating 21 operative Executive Orders issues over a fifteen-year period.
* Executive Order 11051 specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international tensions and economic or financial crisis.
* Executive Order 11310 grants authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the plans set out in Executive Orders, to institute Industrial support, to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens, to operate penal and correctional institutions, and to advise and assist the President.
* Executive Order 11921 allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit, and the flow of money in U.S. financial institutions in any undefined national emergency. It also provides that when the president declares a state of emergency, Congress cannot review the action for six months.
It is more than clear that Obama is planning for the total control and takeover of America via Martial Law. Food, energy, transportation, work, banking, and health…he has it covered.
While Obama is busy pulling executive orders out of the sky to control everything inside our country, he has been issuing executive orders to force us to submit to international regulations instead of our Constitution. Sher Zieve exposed this in one of her recent articles. Damn the U.S. Constitution, damn the American people and damn U.S. sovereignty.
We must send faxes, emails, and make calls to all congressman and demand they stop Obama’s perverted, extreme, and Unconstitutional abuse of Executive Orders. It is time to demand our elected leaders start protecting America, our sovereignty, and our Constitution. So far, they seem to be protecting the Obama – Marxist takeover plans…peppered with a little U.N. and Islam.
Read more of Laurie’s columns and listen to her on the radio at her website,

Obama's Tax Plans - Dick Morrris

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Economic Inequality is a Small Price to Pay for Staying Human


Doing Well by Doing Good - Marketing and Management Science in the 21st Century

To paraphrase Baudelaire, the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world of the moral superiority of collectivism. According to Ayn Rand, if we don't convince the world otherwise, nothing else will work. Our greatest ally in this fight is human nature. Our greatest asset is morality itself, which is really, truly, undeniably, and absolutely on our side.

Today's political debates often end up in the following compromise: capitalism may be more economically efficient, but it's no moral match to economic equality that benefits most people. But the only way economic equality can benefit people is by pandering to their class envy. In all other aspects -- economical, political, cultural, philosophical, and spiritual -- it's a dastardly, immoral cause.

To begin with, it is the efficiency of capitalism that benefits most people. Among other things, it raises everyone's living standards and quality of life; expands consumer choices; boosts innovation that reduces the share of low-paying, mind-numbing manual jobs; increases the pool of well-paid professional jobs; gives the poor access to things that only the rich could enjoy a short while ago; promotes the creation of new cures of diseases; extends life expectancy and makes old age much more enjoyable.

The alternative to capitalism -- whatever one would like to call it -- is the loss of freedom, loss of choices, government corruption, and moral decay. What do we get in return? The vague promise of economic equality.

But in human reality, complete economic equality cannot be achieved. A century of collectivist social experiments around the world has proven three undeniable facts: One, government-enforced economic equality results in a forced inequality of a powerless, impoverished populace ruled by a corrupt elite. Two, the main obstacle to economic equality is human nature. Three, human nature cannot be changed, no matter the effort to re-educate, indoctrinate, or punish the violators.

An essential part of everyone's human nature is what collectivists are maligning as greed. Generally speaking, it is a normal desire of all humans to achieve a better life for themselves and their children. In a free capitalist system, "greed-driven" achievers engage in lawful productive work, start businesses, and build things. In a restrictive socialist system, to achieve a better station in life, one must either join the corrupt government apparatus, or become part of the criminal underworld with its vast shadow economy. The alternative is to succumb to misery and, very likely, alcoholism or worse. In the end, capitalism brings out the best in people; socialism brings out the worst.

How worthy and moral can an ideal be that punishes achievement and criminalizes human nature?

Proponents of economic equality are either willfully blind, or are themselves sociopathic megalomaniacs, trying to create a restrictive system in which they envision themselves to be part of the powerful ruling elite. Both are willing to go to extremes in order to achieve their goal. As they spin their tale of an imminent paradise, they never say what it will cost us to get there -- and, frankly, they don't give a damn. Individual human sacrifice is never an obstacle for collectivists; their glorious end justifies any unsightly means.

It is up to us then to examine just what exactly we will have to give up for the promise of economic equality -- something that has been proven to not exist.

At first we will have to accept restrictions on certain consumer choices and products in exchange for letting the government take care of our personal well-being. Then come restrictions on speech and activities: a price for maintaining the national well-being. Eventually all dissent is suppressed and criminalized, as the media falls under the government control, young people are indoctrinated in the "new ways," businesses pay enormous taxes, more and more families descend into misery and live off government subsidies, the economy crumbles, and shortages create long lines at the supermarket.

The leaders shift the blame to "enemies of the people," saying that this country would have been a dreamland if it weren't for a few greedy reactionaries. With no one left to object, desperate citizens succumb to the hatred and accept the idea that eliminating the few is a fair price to pay for improving the lives of the many. Then they accept the idea that eliminating an entire class of people is a small price to pay. But despite all the bloodletting, the promised collectivist paradise never arrives and the misery only increases. By now the demoralized, destitute masses are fully separated from the ruling elites by an impenetrable wall of privilege.
The ultimate price -- the relentless sacrifice of millions of people: their work, careers, ambitions, property, and lives -- has been paid to reach an unattainable economic mirage, a phantom concocted in the feverish minds of a few maniacs obsessed with class envy.

In contrast, the price of living in a free and prosperous capitalist society is merely to accept economic inequality as a natural extension of human nature. Without doubt, it's a small price to pay for remaining a free, productive, and moral people who live in harmony with objectively true moral principles, otherwise known as the natural moral law.
Oleg Atbashian, a writer and graphic artist from the former USSR, currently lives in Florida. He is the creator of, a satirical website where he writes under the name of Red Square. He is also the author of Shakedown Socialism.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Arpaio calls for congressional investigation of Obama’s fraudulent documents


Arpaio calls for congressional investigation of Obama’s fraudulent documents

Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots to host event at Celebrity Theater on Sept. 22 to support Arpaio’s call for congressional investigation
Pat Boone Dr. Terry Lakin Sheriff Joe Arpaio Mike Zullo

PHOENIX – It was the Tea Party that initially petitioned Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to investigate president Obama’s eligibility to appear on the ballot in Arizona after the birth certificate he unveiled to the public on the White House’s website on April 27, 2011 was deemed a forgery by numerous document experts.

Expecting to clear the president, Arpaio assigned a Cold Case Posse (CCP) team, at no expense to taxpayers, to investigate the document.

While in the process, the CCP looked into Obama’s Selective Service registration, which was purported to be a document fraudulently created in 2008.

CCP lead investigator Mike Zullo presented preliminary evidence during a March 1 press conference indicating they had probable cause to believe both documents were forgeries.
During a subsequent press conference held on July 17, Zullo was able to conclude the birth certificate presented by Obama on April 27, 2011 was a computer-generate forgery and reiterated the Selective Service registration was not just a forgery, but a poorly done one at that.

Arpaio found himself with a dilemma. What could he do with the information? Ordinarily, he said this sort of evidence would be turned over to the U.S. Department of Justice.

However, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is suing Arpaio for allegations of racial profiling, which Arpaio and his deputies, many of whom are minorities themselves, have fervently denied.

The only other option would be to hold a congressional investigation.

Getting Congress to touch what the leftists have branded a “birther issue,” is another story.
To show their support for Arpaio for sticking his neck out for them, by investigating Obama’s fraudulent documents, and to call for a congressional investigation, the Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots will be hosting an event on Saturday, Sept. 22 at the Celebrity Theater, 440 N 32nd St., Phoenix.

In addition to Arpaio and Zullo, featured guests include Pat Boone, who will speak and sing; former LTC Terry Lakin, the Army flight surgeon who was stripped of his military career for standing behind his officer’s oath; Bettina Viviano, Hollywood movie producer of “We Will Not be Silenced,” exposing the Clintons’ and Democrat’s knowledge of Obama’s ineligibility; and Tom Ballantyne, author of “Oh Really, O’Reilly! The Spin Starts Here … Apparently!”

Doors will open at 10 a.m., the program will start at 11 a.m. and the meet and greet/photo opportunities will follow from 1:30 – 3 p.m.

Tickets are $25 ($30 on day of event) for reserved seats plus meet and greet session and photo opportunities with guests and speakers, and $10 ($15 on day of event) for general admission.

Drinks will be available for purchase.

Purchase tickets online or by phoning the Celebrity Theater box office at 602-267-1600. There is a $5 handling fee per order on advance purchases, not per ticket but per order.

Ticket sales have been brisk since Friday when the Tea Party announced the event via social media and e-mail. 

Doctor sues to have President Barack Obama removed from Kentucky ballot

Doctor sues to have President Barack Obama removed from Kentucky ballot

A Louisville anesthesiologist who has filed in Kentucky to run for president has asked a Frankfort court to bar President Barack Obama from the November ballot.

Dr. Todd House filed the lawsuit Aug. 10 claiming that Obama is not a “natural born” citizen.
Such claims have been put forward by Obama opponents — often called “birthers” — since he first ran for president in 2008. They claim Obama was born in the African nation of Kenya.

State officials in Hawaii have said repeatedly that Obama was born in that state.

But some Obama opponents, including House, claim the president’s Hawaiian birth certificate is falsified.
In seeking a temporary restraining order to keep Obama off the Kentucky ballot, House claims not only that the president was born in Kenya but that he is not eligible to be president because his father was not a U.S. citizen.

He also claims Obama never re-established U.S. citizenship after moving to Indonesia as a child.
House has subpoenaed Obama to testify in the case.

He filed the suit “pro se,” meaning he did so without a lawyer.

The case has been assigned to Franklin Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate.
# # # # # #

“Do It Yourself Obama Ballot Challenge
Opens Another Case in Kentucky”

Contact: Sam Sewell, President Constitutional Elections

Jerry Collette, Creator of the Do It Yourself Ballot Challenge

Todd House, M.D. of Louisville, KY, a candidate for President of the United States, has filed an action in Kentucky Circuit Court challenging Barack Obama's eligibility for the office of the President and therefore the presence of his name on the ballot in Kentucky. 

In many ballot challenge cases elsewhere, courts have ruled that ordinary citizens cannot bring a ballot challenge, saying that such citizens have no "standing". Kentucky, however, has a statute, KRS 118.176, that specifically allows any voter to challenge the bona fides of a candidate. 

Furthermore, our plaintiff, Todd House, is also registered with the Kentucky Secretary of State as a write in candidate for President, which gives him greater potential for harm, from a candidate who is not bone fide being on the ballot, which gives him standing beyond that of an ordinary citizen. As backup, we are also using the other causes of action from the Do It Yourself Ballot Challenge Kit

Todd is an entrepreneur, physician, libertarian and, most importantly, a Constitutionalist.  He is a business owner, father of five and a decorated veteran.  He served as a flight surgeon in both the US Navy and US Air Force where he achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. 

Todd is passionate about liberty, limited government, checks and balances and the US Constitution, especially the Tenth Amendment. 

He takes seriously both his duty as a citizen and his oath as a military officer to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.  He refuses to sit idly by while his country is deconstructed and Constitution nullified by enemies hiding in plain sight. 

Todd’s call to action is “Don't Tread on Me.”

Sam Sewell, head of the ballot challenge group reminds patriots nationwide, “If we file enough similar cases, then we have a better chance of finding that one courageous judge we need to be victorious.

We need money for filing fees – please send a check to:
Constitional Elections
10202 Vanderbilt Drive
Naples, FL 34108
Or go to: Under DONATE TO DIY Ballot Fund, click on the Buy Now button, and give as generously as you can.
Are you interested in being a plaintiff?  We have developed a "Do It Yourself Ballot Challenge Kit" that is useable in many states and is available at:
# # # # 
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of TOD-Air, LLC, is also President of Anaesthetix, Inc.

Todd took his first flying lesson at age 13 and has been involved in aviation for 35 years. He holds single and multi-engine pilot certificates with instrument rating and owns a Beech Baron, which he uses for business, Angel Flight Charity Airlift and personal travel.

During his 13 years of military service in the U.S. Navy and U.S Air Force, he earned his designation as a Naval Flight Surgeon and Air Force Flight Surgeon.

Lieutenant Colonel House served with the United States Marines at the Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort, SC as squadron flight surgeon for VMFA (AW)-224 “Bengals”, deployed for Operation Deny Flight at the Aviano Air Base in Aviano, Italy and was also assigned to the VMFA-122 Thunderbolts aboard the USS America.

After his active duty tour, he served with several US Navy Reserve Units before “cross-decking” to the Kentucky Air National Guard, to serve as Chief of Aerospace Medicine. In 2003, Todd left active reserve duty but continues on in service attached to the Individual Ready Reserve where he holds the Rank of Lieutenant Colonel refusing to resign his commission, valuing service to his country above most all else.

Dr. House graduated from St. Xavier High School in Louisville and earned a bachelor of arts in Biology and a Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Louisville. He completed his residency in anesthesiology at the University of Colorado in Denver and is a diplomate of the American Board of Anesthesiology. He specializes in outpatient ambulatory surgery anesthesia providing exemplary service to his patients, young and old, as well as his surgeon colleagues.

And, in August 2006, at the urging of friend, Bob Webb, Todd keeps pushing relentlessly to launch YourJet Air Taxi. 

Todd is 49 years old, married for the second time and dad to 5 children and 3 dogs.


Aerospace Medicine, Anesthesiology, instrument and multi engine rated private pilot, business owner, flight organization operations

Flight Surgeon

United States Navy

Government Agency; 10,001+ employees; Military industry
August 1992  April 2001 (8 years 9 months)
Designated United States Naval Flight Surgeon. Assigned VMFA (AW)-224 MAG-31 Marine Corps Air Station, Beaufort, S.C. 1993-1995 Active duty. Operation Deny Flight, Aviano, Italy 1994, USS America 1995. Active Duty Reserves Navy/Marine Corps Reserve Center Denver Colorado 1996-1998, Navy Reserve Center, Cedar Rapids, IA 1998-2001, Naval Reserve Center, Louisville, KY 2001-2003. Transferred to USAF 2003. Last rank held: Lieutenant Commander, selected: Commander.