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Citizens Grand Jury - Speech by Gerry Donaldson

'Gerry Donaldson'

Whatever Barry Wants Barry Gets

WEBCommentary ContributorAuthor:
Sher Zieve Date: May 31, 2009

Whatever Barry Wants Barry Gets

Despite his feigned protestations to the contrary, since his usurping of the US presidency Supreme Leader Barack Hussein Obama (AKA “Barry” who said he does not want to run a car company) now owns General Motors and will soon own Chrysler. Although his mainstream media continues to say that “taxpayers own the companies,” we do not. Obama and his friends do. We will NEVER see any viable return on investment for this Obama folly-for-us-and-money-in-his-and-his-buddies’-pockets for him. He has now—almost single-handedly—destroyed the US auto industry. Obama must be very proud. His dictatorial power (now almost absolute) is growing exponentially and he is getting virtually everything he wants. No elected officials—from either side of the aisle—are attempting to stop him. Obama, also, now appears to be unequivocally running the US Department of Justice. The DOJ dropped a voter-intimidation lawsuit against the New Black Panthers, even though (see below video) they were clearly threatening all those who entered the shown polling place. Thus far, no reason has been given for this action by any member of the US Department of Justice. The only reason that currently has any viability is that Obama ordered them to do so. Bear in mind, the New Black Panthers supported Obama for POTUS. Are we on our way to becoming South Africa—or worse?

Note: I use the term ‘usurper’ (“to use without authority or right; employ wrongfully” and “to commit forcible or illegal seizure of an office, power, etc.”) in the truest sense, as virtually all evidence—including Obama’s ongoing lawyer-blocks of any and all attempts to produce a true and original birth certificate—points to this pretender to the throne having been born in Kenya. By the way, never before has a candidate for POTUS refused to produce—when asked—an original and true birth certificate.

Then, Obama wanted the banks and all of their (actually OUR) money. He now has both the do with as he pleases and is continuing to work at bleeding us dry of the rest of it—into the future. The now multi-TRILLION dollar “stimulus” packages have not worked, won’t work in the future and were not designed to work in the first place. Where has all the money gone? Even though “transparency” in all of these dealings was promised by Obama, he and his lackeys have refused to provide it. Note: It might be interesting to check the bank accounts of many Obama supporters. But, I suspect all of those enjoying the use of our money have “hidden accounts” that—with the assistance of the secular messiah and his adherents—will not be found.

While an Alinsky-trained (the individual who dedicated his book to Satan) Illinois community organizer, Obama trained ACORN workers for the organization. Although ACORN is under indictment for campaign and voter fraud in at least 14 states (and some ACORN members have already been convicted), Obama continues to reward those who campaigned tirelessly for him. Obama has also assigned them to work on the upcoming US census. This will allow him to create illegal gerrymandering. Many of Obama’s appointees have committed tax evasion. Note: For Obama, the old cliché “Do as I say—not as I (and my friends) do” seems particularly applicable.

And now Obama’s first SCOTUS nominee—Sonia Sotomayor—has made both racist statements (“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life”) AND legal rulings (she ruled against 19 New Haven, CN firefighters because they are white). Sotomayor is an anti-US Constitutionalist who ruled in Maloney v. Cuomo that private citizens do not have Second Amendment rights. Sotomayor ruled that states do not have to obey the Second Amendment and that an individual’s right to keep and bear arms (as stated in the Amendment) is not protected.

Under the Obama reign, the persecution of Christians has also begun. An apparent test case in San Diego, CA disallows Christian home Bible studies without a permit! Under the USA’s new Marxist regime, the First Amendment’s freedom of religion is under fire. And to apparently ensure the First Amendment dies an even quicker death, Obama has appointed a “Cyber-Czar” to monitor Internet content. As his DHS Chief Napolitano has already warned law enforcement conservatives, pro-life, third party candidate supporters and all other “right-wing extremists” are to be considered dangerous and to be watched by police. This is called—amongst other negative terms—Stalinism. Writing for Russia’s Pravda in his article “American capitalism gone with a whimper”, even columnist Stanislav Mishin recognizes the US’ fall from a democratic republic into the bowels of Communism when he states: “It must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the American decent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed, against the back drop of a passive, hapless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people.”

It appears that the world has awakened to the fact that the US is now under totalitarian and Obama’s dictatorial rule. But, the Obama sheeple—including his media—still refuse to do so. People of true intelligence and insight must now wonder if they ever will. Will you?

Black Panthers shown intimidating would be voters at Philadelphia polling place:

Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”:

ACORN fraud reports:

Obama’s growing group of tax evaders?:

Sotomayor firefighters ruling scrutinized:

Sotomayor says Second Amendment may be ignored:

Christian persecution:
1. Home: No place for Bible study:

2. Campus evangelists clash with police:

US now Marxist country:

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Gibbs Laughs While Obama Burns

Gibbs laughs it off and American Grand Jury slams another indictment on Obama

Posted by Bob in American Grand Jury, Indictment,

Press Release on May 30, 2009

Status: ONLINE and State Grand Juries:
April 29th concluded, Indictment handed down
May 9th concluded, Indictment handed down
May 16h concluded, Indictment handed down
May 23rd concluded, Indictment handed down
May 30th concluded, Indictment handed down
Lone Star State GJ Texas concluded, Indictment handed down
Arkansas State GJ concluded, Indictment handed down

Upcoming June schedule:
June 6th, registered and filled
Tennesee Grand Jury, registered, a couple of openings, almost ready to go
June SUPER Grand Jury, HUGE — details private at this time — completely registered and filled

It looks like AKA is having problems with his public announcement system again. In an attempt to quell the rising tide of anger and disgust from citizens wanting to know where’s the proof of Obama’s “natural born” citizenship, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs’ recent response to a question on the President’s birth certificate tried to laugh it off. Well, it is no laughing matter and now a FoxNews discussion is having a field day with the comments section. It looks like AKA is getting closer and closer to pucker time!

The RightSideofLife has the full story here. The details include responses from Dr. Ron Polarik and Attorney Mario Apuzzo. This article covers most of the well known facts and details surrounding the alleged guilt of Barack Obama.

We at American Grand Jury hear what the people are saying and have charged Obama with “presentments” of guilt. On Satruday, May 30th at 2:30 pm, the convened Grand Jury handed down the YES votes of 31 members, unanimous, to INDICT Barack Obama with the “presentments” of Fraud and Treason.

The May 30th voting has been formally attested to and verified. The “presentments” will be reduced to writing within the next few days for distribution to the court system throughout the land. To date, American Grand Jury has sponsored approximately 70 serves on different courts, sheriffs, Districk Attoneys, Attorney Generals, judges and other officials around the United States. The word is spreading that we mean business and are not going to stop with these presentments until the Court system does their job of formally prosecuting Obama.

The people of the United States have the right to know who this man really is that is living in the White House. Right now it looks like AKA is a Foreign National “play-acting” as the Commander-in-Chief and President. Obama contiunes to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars with legal firms to hide his birth certificate, passport records, school records, selective service records, campaign contribution records and God knows what else.

You know what they say, “the bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

Thanks for stopping by,
Bob Campbell
American Grand Jury

Great Yard Sign!

Get Rid of Obama = Get Rid of Pork and Socialism

Time to repost this:

There is still hope, real hope, not the ersatz Obama hope. The hope is in getting rid of Obama and that is still possible.

Obama has enlisted law firms across the nation to battle every attempt to access his birth, schooling, immigration or passport records. WHY? Because if these facts are revealed Obama will lose the Presidency.

Obama really isn’t qualified to hold the office of President. He hides his birth certificate, his college papers, his medical records and his passport history.

If Obama can be removed from office, because he is legally ineligible to be President, all bills that he has signed into law will become invalid, including the pork package “Reward Liberal Causes and Constituents Bill” called a Stimulus Bill.

We would all do well to support legal actions to remove Obama from office, to end this ill conceived Stimulus Bill.

Get Rid of Obama = Get Rid of the Pork

Young people have been taken in by a big city con man and will pay for it for the rest of their lives:

Stupid is as stupid does - IMPORTANT!

Uninformed voted Obama - Informed voted McCain - Poll...

Who Elected Obama?

No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffusd and virtue is preservd. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauchd in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders. --Samuel Adams

While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but once they lose their virtue, they will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader.... If virtue and knowledge are diffused among the people, they will never be enslaved. This will be their great security.It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.-- Samuel Adams

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AKA Obama Birth Certificate Flood Gates Open - FINALLY!

The Obama Birth Certificate Issue is FOX's #1 for posts.

Should Obama Release Birth Certificate? Or Is This Old News?

Scroll down on right....The Most Talked About...#1...

...with the overwhelming majority, in one way or another, saying... "RELEASE IT NOW".

Read the posts.

Gibbs' "response" to WND's question really opened the floodgates.

What kinds of birth records does Hawaii provide?

Please get this straight: AKA Obama birth not vetted

AKA Obama Fans: All together now – say OMG!!

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Carl Swensson gets a visit from Secret Service

My friend and patriot Carl Swensson gets a visit from Secret Service

Posted by Bob in American Grand Jury, Announements, Georgia Grand Jury on May 27th, 2009
I just got a letter from my friend Carl Swensson who heads up the Georgia Grand Jury. I guess it was Tuesday that the Secret Service paid Carl a visit.
Here is Carl’s email:

I was paid a visit by the Secret Service today at 2:30 PM EST. They were cordial and asked questions about my motives and my basis for our actions which I happily relayed. I talked with them (they had it with them) about the Presentments and Commander Fitzpatrick’s criminal complaint and they said they had been called by the authorities (whoever THEY are) in the Central District of GA. This is obviously related to my travels through that section of the State last week. I was told that I/we are well within our rights to take this action. This is GOOD news.., we are getting the message to the powers that be and they are aware of our efforts. Their concerns are related to what happens if the American people are summarily ignored.

Well, they should be worried. Near as I can tell there are around 100 to 150 MILLION disgusted Americans right now. The folks back home in America have done everything but kill themselves to try and get the Congress and this usurper for a president to stand down and quit trashing the Country. It might just be too late for these robber barons in Washington as the tide of public support is starting to turn heavily against them.

Mr. Excitment, Harry Reid, just found out. He is feeling the pinch in Nevada. Some of our jury members who are from there are telling us his approval rating is now a whopping 40%.
Obama is stumping this week for Reid and tried to get an appointment with the Governor of Nevada to discuss things. I will be damned, but the Governor told Obama to take a hike!
The White House offered an invitation to meet Obummer. Governor Jim Gibbons had this reply to the offer:

While I appreciate the offer, I am not interested in a handshake and a hello from President Obama, I am interested in an apology and plan to undo the damage the President did..
Working families are suffering because of the President’s remarks, Gibbons said in his statement, the president should retract his reckless statement about Las Vegas and make a public statement supporting business and tourist travel to Las Vegas and other destinations in the State of Nevada.

Don’t ever doubt the power of the people in this Country when they finally decide to start fighting for what is right.

Remember the American Revolution:
Seventy (70%) percent of the people were loyal to the King or apathetic. The other 30% founded a Nation.

It’s never too late!

We at American Grand Jury are making a difference. Our juries are growing in numbers and our presentments are spreading around the land. Sooner or later “we the people” are going to win this war against corrupt government and this arrogrant usurper for a president will be running for cover.

Things are moving fast. Don’t miss out. Send me your email message by clicking the link below. Tell me you are ready to serve on an American Grand Jury and we will get you scheduled as quickly as possible.

Email AGJ

W. H. Press Guy Gibbs Admits AKA Obama Posted Fraudulent Document

Thank you, Mr. Gibbs, for admitting most publicly that the Obama cabal takes credit for publishing and posting that incredible piece of ‘garbage’ called proof of his birth in Hawaii, his C.O.L.B.

By his admission, he leaves the entire administration open to charges of Felony Forgery, enough to OUST the IMPOSTER while taking out all the complicit criminals with him.

Sign on at, and help speed the demise of the IMPOSTER.

WH Press Secretary Robert Gibbs implicates Obama and the entire administration when he says:“… We put it (the forged COLB) on the internet for each of those 400,000 (petitioners) to download”.

What kinds of birth records does Hawaii provide?

Please get this straight: AKA Obama birth not vetted

What kinds of birth records does Hawaii provide?

Exactly what kinds of birth records does Hawaii provide?
Posted by Mijgreb on Thursday, February 05, 2009 12:00:00 AM
Generally, folks don't know that Hawaii law, even in 1961, provided for multiple kinds of birth records, most of which are not what people think of when they think of birth certificates. The following is a description of those, including certificates for people not born in Hawaii. Go figure!

1. In the State of Hawaii, back in 1961, there were three different birth certificates that were obtainable:
a. If the birth was attended by a physician or mid wife, the attending medical professional was required to certify to the Department of Health the facts of the birth date, location, parents’ identities and other information. (See Section 57-8 & 9 of the Territorial Public Health Statistics Act in the 1955 Revised Laws of Hawaii which was in effect in 1961).
b. In 1961, if a person was born in Hawaii but not attended by a physician or mid wife, then, up to the first birthday of the child, an adult could, upon testimony, file a “Delayed Certificate”, which required endorsement on the Delayed Certificate of a summary statement of the evidence submitted in support of the acceptance for delayed filing, which evidence must be kept in a special permanent file. The statute provided that the probative value of the Delayed Certificate must be determined by the judicial or administrative body or official before whom the certificate is offered as evidence. (See Section 57-18, 19 & 20 of the Territorial Public Health Statistics Act in the 1955 Revised Laws of Hawaii which was in effect in 1961).
c. If a child born in Hawaii, for whom no physician or mid wife filed a certificate of live birth, and for whom no Delayed Certificate was filed before the first birthday, then a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth could be issued upon testimony of an adult including the subject person) if the Lieutenant Governor was satisfied that a person was born in Hawaii, provided that the person had attained the age of one year. (See Section 57-40 of the Territorial Public Health Statistics Act in the 1955 Revised Laws of Hawaii which was in effect in 1961).
2. In 1982, the vital records law was amended to create a fourth kind of birth certificate for children born outside of the Territory or State of Hawaii. HRS Chapter 338 was amended to add a new section authorizing the Director of the Department of Health to issue a birth certificate for a person NOT born in Hawaii either as a Territory or State, upon sufficient proof that the legal parents of such individual had declared the Territory or State of Hawaii as their legal residence for at least one year immediately preceding the birth of such child.
3. The language of the statute clearly applies to births in the days of the Territory of Hawaii, so also births in 1961.
4. A press release concerning numerous questions raised across the country as to whether or not Obama was a natural born citizen was issued on October 31, 2008 by the Hawaii Department of Health by its Director, Dr. Chiyome Fukino.
5. In that very carefully worded press release, Dr. Fukino said that she had “personally seen and verified that the Hawaii State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures.”
6. The intentional ambiguity of that statement raises more questions that it answered.
7. That statement failed to resolve any of the questions being raised by litigation across the country over the issue of Obama’s birth and qualifications for the office of the President of the United States, including:
a. The specific type of certificate was not identified. Could it be the certificate for someone born outside of the State of Hawaii?
b. Being “on record” could mean either that its contents are in the computer database of the department or an actual “vault” original. If the latter, those are the words used to describe what is there. The data base record could have been entered based on a birth record for someone born outside of Hawaii.
c. Therefore, the value as prima facie evidence is limited and easily overcome if any of the allegations of substantial evidence of birth outside Hawaii can be obtained and verified with a Court Order.
8. It should also be noted that in the face of all this litigation, the simple presentation of Obama’s vault birth records would put the questions to rest.
9. Obama has not taken this approach to a single one of the cases, but instead has hired legal counsel across the country at no small expense to defend the claims with motions to dismiss on standing and similar procedural grounds.
10. Such response to the request for proof that he is qualified to serve as President of the United States of America only serves to raise more questions about this election.

Read or Glance at many of the Laws on Hawaii Statutes:

or complete list of laws

§338-5 Compulsory registration of births. Within the

§338-6 Local agent to prepare birth

§338-15 Late or altered certificates. A person born in the State may file or amend a certificate after the time prescribed, upon submitting proof as required by rules adopted by the department of health. Certificates registered after the time prescribed for filing by the rules of the department of health shall be registered subject to any evidentiary requirements that the department adopts by rule to substantiate the alleged facts of birth. [L 1949, c 327, §19; RL 1955, §57-18; am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, §19; HRS §338-15; am L 1972, c 66, §1(1); am L 1997, c 305, §2]

Attorney General Opinion

[§338-17.8] Certificates for children born out of State. (a) Upon application of an adult or the legal parents of a minor child, the director of health shall issue a birth certificate for such adult or minor, provided that proof has been submitted to the director of health that the legal parents of such individual while living without the Territory or State of Hawaii had declared the Territory or State of Hawaii as their legal residence for at least one year immediately preceding the birth or adoption of such child.

§338-19 Photostatic or typewritten copies of records. The department of health is authorized to prepare typewritten, photostatic, or microphotographic copies of any records and files in its office, which by reason of age, usage, or otherwise are in such condition that they can no longer be conveniently consulted or used without danger of serious injury or destruction thereof, and to certify to the correctness of such copies. The typewritten, photostatic, or microphotographic copies shall be competent evidence in all courts of the State with like force and effect as the original. [L 1949, c 327, §23; RL 1955, §57-22; am L 1957, c 8, §1; am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, §19; HRS §338-19]

§338-20.5 Adoption;

§338-41 Issuance; procedure. (a) The department of health may make regulations respecting the form of Hawaiian birth certificates and certified copies of such certificates and other matters relating to Hawaii birth certificates as appear necessary and the regulations, when approved and made in accordance with chapter 91, shall have the force of law. The department shall furnish the form of the certificates and copies made therefrom.

(b) Any certificate of Hawaiian birth issued heretofore under or by virtue of any law of the Territory of Hawaii or the State, shall be prima facie evidence of the facts therein stated. [L 1911, c 96, §1; am L 1923, c 246, §1; RL 1925, §196; am L 1927, c 202, §1; RL 1935, §7610; RL 1945, §12910; am L 1951, c 132, §1; RL 1955, §57-40; am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, §9; am L 1965, c 96, §39; HRS §338-41; am L 1970, c 11, §1; am L 1972, c 66, §1(4)]
Case Notes
Prima facie evidence overcome by competent evidence of nonidentification. 4 U.S.D.C. Haw. 258.

Certificate not controlling upon U.S. immigration officials re admission of Chinese. 217 F. 48; 35 Op. U.S. Att. Gen. 69.
(Some of these statutes should be included in the Lawsuit's to show how simple it was to get a Hawaii BC)

Hat tip to Dan


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Please get this straight: AKA Obama birth not vetted

Please get this straight:

Hawaiian officials have not validated AKA OBAMA’s place of birth. What they have said is that they “have the original document” on file. They haven’t offered a clue as to what information is in that document nor have they said what kind of birth certificate is on file; a conventional birth certificate issued by a hospital with a doctor’s signature or the kind of birth certificate issued by Hawaii on the basis of an affidavit? The Hawaiian officials are not part of a cover-up. They can not legally validate what is on that document without a court order or permission from “our” Chicago con-man.

Laws of the Territory of Hawaii ACT 96 To Provide For The Issuance Of Certificates Of Hawaiian Birth was in effect from 1911 until 1972 and allowed someone who was born outside the Hawaiian Islands to be registered as though he were born in Hawaii. Under that law, someone simply would have presented herself to the Hawaiian authorities and declared that the child was born in Hawaii. The person could have sworn under oath and presented witnesses and other evidence. If the authorities accepted it, that was the end of it. All a person had to do was file a false statement and Hawaii took them at their word.

One could not just say "My kid was born in Des Moines but I want him to have a Hawaiian birth record". But if you lied no investigation was conducted to validate your claim and the Hawaiian birth record was issued no questions asked.

Knowledge of this practice was wide spread and there are probably thousands of people who obtained Hawaiian birth records between 1911 and 1972 through the process of affidavits and witnesses rather than hospitals and delivery doctors.

One high profile example of the Hawaiian birth certificate policy is president of the first Chinese republic. Sun Yat-sen was born on 12 November 1866 to a peasant family in the village of Cuiheng, China, but by 1904 he had a Hawaiian birth certificate and was officially a citizen of the United States. The wording on Sun Yat-sen’s Hawaiian birth certificate reveals that at age 18 he “made application for a Certificate of Birth. And that it appears from his affidavit and the evidence submitted by witnesses that he was born in the Hawaiian Islands.” Appears? It also appears that AKA Obama was born in Hawaii. Does the AKA Obama birth certificate on file with the State of Hawaii have language similar to the birth certificate of SunYat-sen?

The only way to know where AKA OBAMA was actually born is to view AKA OBAMA's original birth certificate on file in Hawaii to see what kind of birth certificate it is, and to examine what corroborating evidence supports what it says about AKA OBAMA's alleged place of birth. If the birth was in a hospital, as AKA OBAMA has maintained, such evidence would be the name of the hospital and the name and signature of the doctor who delivered him.

The records of hospitals in Hawaii have been searched and there is no record of Stanley Ann Obama ever having given birth to a child. In a November 2004 interview with the Rainbow Newsletter, Maya Soetoro told reporters her half-brother Sen. Barack Obama was born on Aug. 4, 1961, at Queens Medical Center in Honolulu. After it was concluded that Obama and his mother were never there in February 2008, Maya told reporters for the Honolulu Star-Bulletin that Obama was at the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children. Obama and Mom were never there.

Which is most likely?
AKA Obama is hiding a conventional birth certificate issued by a hospital and signed by a doctor?
AKA Obama is hiding a birth certificate attested to by witnesses with no hospital or doctor mentioned?

The Certification of Live Birth that was published on AKA OBAMA’s campaign web site is not a Birth Certificate. It is easy to tell the difference between the two types of documents. It is very likely that the COLB used by AKA OBAMA’s campaign is a fraudulent document. Several forensic document examiners have carefully scrutinized the COLB and declared it suspicious or an obvious forgery. The best evidence presented so far is from Ron Polarik, PhD.

Dr. Polarik writes: “There are laws on the books in Hawaii and the Federal Statutes that clearly spell out exactly what constitutes forgery, and in both Hawaii State Law and the Federal Statutes, the act of altering an official government document -- even if it is just a facsimile of that document -- constitutes forgery. The bogus COLB that Obama created is also considered to be a "false identification document, a felony forgery.” Dr. Polarik’s evidence is preserved online. There is also a YouTube video summary of the evidence.

Forensic document examiner Sandra Ramsey Lines, a Former Federal Examiner with a long history of expert testimony in state and federal courts, has testified in an affidavit that states, in part:

After reviewing Dr. Polarik’s analysis, Sandra Lines says, “I can state with certainty that the COLB presented on the internet by the various groups, which include the “Daily Kos,” the Obama Campaign, “” and others cannot be relied upon as genuine. Dr. Polarik raises issues concerning the COLB that I can affirm. Software such as Adobe Photoshop can produce complete images or alter images that appear to be genuine; therefore, any image offered on the internet cannot be relied upon as being a copy of the authentic document.” Sandra Ramsey Lines summary is posted at U. S. Law Blog.

Full article here:

Saturday, May 23, 2009


By Herbert Meyer

During the last 30 years we Americans have been so politically divided that some of us have called this left-right, liberal-conservative split a "culture war" or even a "second Civil War." These descriptions are no longer accurate. The precise, technical word for what is happening in the United States today is revolution.

Because of our country's history, we tend to think of revolutions as military conflicts, and of the revolutionaries as the good guys; the image of Minutemen fighting valiantly against the British forces at Lexington and Concord lies deep within our DNA. But sometimes -- quite often, actually -- revolutions aren't military conflicts, and the good guys are the ones trying to keep the revolution from happening. In January 1933, Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany by its elected president; he would spend the next two years consolidating his power with the legislative connivance of his political allies in the Reichstag. In October 1917, Lenin and his Bolsheviks took control of Russia from Kerensky and his Social Democrats -- who had overthrown the Czar earlier that year -- entirely through parliamentary maneuvering in Russia's fledgling Duma.

What defines a revolution -- and this is the crucial point to grasp -- is that when it's over a country has changed not merely its leaders and its laws, but its operating system.
Since most of us think of computers when we hear the phrase "operating system" let me use this analogy to illuminate my point: Every computer has an operating system, and most of us are using either the Microsoft or the Apple operating system. If you want to do something with your computer -- send an email, watch a DVD, read an online essay like this one -- you must do it the way your computer's operating system is designed to work.

No operating system is perfect, which is why Microsoft and Apple send updates to their customers from time to time. And every so often these companies launch new versions of their operating systems that incorporate a lot of modifications at once. Can you change the operating system you use? Of course you can. Two years ago I threw out every Microsoft-based machine in our company's office and replaced them with Apple products. Last month I met a corporate CEO who had just done the opposite, and replaced the Apple computers in his office with ones that run on the Microsoft operating system.

Democracies and Dictatorships

Now, just as computers have operating systems so too do countries. In fact, countries have dual operating systems - one political and the other economic. Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of each: Politically you can be a democracy or a dictatorship, and economically you can have either a free market or a command economy. Because countries don't buy their operating systems off the shelf, the way we buy our computer operating systems, each country develops its own versions. This is why our country's democracy is somewhat different from Canada's, which in turn is slightly different from Australia's, and so forth. These countries all have free-market economies, but again they aren't quite the same. Still, the similarities among democracies and free-market economies are more striking than the differences. Likewise, while no two dictatorships are the same, and no two command economies work in exactly the same way, the differences among them are comparatively trivial.

Since no country's operating systems are perfect, can they be improved? Of course they can. Every time our Congress passes a new law, or enacts a new regulation -- or whenever the Supreme Court issues an opinion -- that's the equivalent of an update to our political or economic operating system. Can you change a country's operating system? Yes, you can. And the precise, technical word for replacing one political or economic operating system with another is -- revolution.

When politics in a democracy is normal, the political parties all agree to preserve the operating system while they compete to improve it. This is what is actually happening when one party in Congress introduces a new piece of healthcare or education legislation and the other party opposes it or introduces its own healthcare or education bill, or when two candidates for the Senate argue over whether or not to change our immigration laws. Honorable people often will disagree about what to do -- sometimes quite strongly, just as the software engineers at Microsoft and Apple will sometimes argue through the night about whether a proposed change in the operating system's code is an improvement or just "kludge." But in normal politics the outer limits of all these disagreements are marked by a shared commitment to preserving and improving the operating system.

In abnormal politics, the objective of one party isn't to improve the operating system, but to overthrow it.

With this analogy in mind, now we can see clearly what's been happening in the United States during the last three decades. While conservatives have been working to improve our democracy and our free-market economy, liberals have been working to replace our democracy with a dictatorship, and our free-market economy with a command economy controlled by the government. The liberals couldn't say this aloud, because if they did the American people would have tossed them out of office on their ears. So the liberals worked covertly, feigning support for democracy and for the free market while working diligently to undermine both.

This is why our politics has been so partisan, so vicious, and so deadlocked. This is why words have lost their meaning in Washington, why we can never get to the bottom of anything, why we lurch from one manufactured scandal to another. It's all been part of a decades-long effort by the liberals to throw sand in our eyes -- to keep us from seeing clearly where they really want to take us. (And this explains why, when we question their judgment on some issue, they go berserk and accuse us of questioning their patriotism. They're afraid we're on the verge of catching on. If you want to have some fun, the next time you're chatting with a liberal and he goes nuts when you call him a socialist, say to him: "I'm so sorry you're offended. Please tell me, what is there about socialism you don't like?" You won't get a coherent answer; he'll just accuse you of a hate crime.)

Obama's Two-Front Offensive

With the election of Barack Obama as president, the liberals have launched a massive, two-front offensive they believe will end in victory. They have judged that our public education system is so degraded that only a few Americans are left who even understand what a democracy is, and how the free market actually works. They are convinced that the majority of Americans are too frightened by the current recession to care about preserving the principles that made us the most powerful, productive and innovative country the world has ever known. In short, the liberals are reaching for victory because they believe that history now is on their side.

The speed of their offensive is breathtaking.

At the core of democracy is the rule of law, and we have already lost it. The liberals lecture us incessantly that everything is "relative," but that's not true; some things are absolutes. You cannot claim to be faithful to your spouse because you never cheat on her -- except when you're in London on business. And you cannot claim to have the rule of law if the government can set aside the rule of law when it decides that "special circumstances" have arisen that warrant illegality. When the President and his aides handed ownership of Chrysler Corp. to the United Auto Workers union, they tried to avoid sending that beleaguered company into bankruptcy by muscling its bondholders into accepting less money for their assets than the law entitled them to collect. These contracts, and the law under which they were signed, were mere obstacles to a thuggish President bent on paying off his political supporters.

It's going to get much worse, fast. President Obama has told us time and again that among his criteria for choosing Federal judges will be "empathy." Empathy is a wonderful quality in any human being, but a judge's job is to rule according to the law. Once our courts are presided over by judges who will reach verdicts based on how they feel about an issue -- such as abortion or the right of citizens to bear arms -- the law will be whatever the judges wish it to be; the rule of law will become an empty phrase rather than the architecture of our civilization.

We have lost our free-market economy as quickly as we have lost the rule of law. Money is to an economy what blood is to a body; life and death resides within the organ that controls its flow. The government already owns our country's leading banks, which means the government now controls our economy. (And in all fairness to President Obama, it was the Bush administration that started us down this ghastly road.) One indicator of the Obama administration's real objective: When some banks that had taken federal money attempted to repay their loans, the Treasury Department refused to accept repayment and step aside. This shows the government's goal isn't to prop up the banks, but rather to control them.

Here, too, things are going to get much worse, fast. The government now owns General Motors Corp., is reaching for control of insurance companies, and has launched plans to take over our country's healthcare industry. It even wants authority to set the salaries of executives in industries that, at least for now, aren't being subsidized or underwritten by the government.
Put all this together, and what we have in our country today isn't a democracy and it isn't a free-market economy. Reader, what we have now is a revolution.

This revolution won't be stopped, and our country won't be rescued, by the Republicans in Washington. This isn't because they lack the votes. It's because most of them are careerist hacks who've been playing footsie with the Democrats for too long; with very few exceptions they lack the intellectual firepower to articulate the present danger, and the political courage to stand up to this Administration and really fight. But for the absence of frock coats and pince-nez glasses, these Republicans in Washington remind me of those bumbling Weimar Republic politicians in Berlin who never grasped where Hitler and the Nazis were going until it was too late to stop them, or of those hapless Mensheviks in Moscow's Duma who let themselves be tossed into history's dustbin by Lenin and his Bolsheviks. (Yes, of course I realize it's explosive to keep bringing up the Nazis and the Bolsheviks in an essay about the Democrats. I'm not doing this to be incendiary; I'm doing this to be accurate.)

The Future's in Our Hands

Our country's future now lies within our own hands -- yours, mine, all of us who comprise what the Washington insiders sneeringly call the grass roots. Good, because unless I'm very much mistaken the liberals have over-estimated their strength. There still are more of us than there are of them. I mean ordinary, decent Americans from across the political spectrum who may disagree about specific issues, but who understand who we are and how we became who we are; who love our country, have a genius for self-organizing, and won't let the United States go down without a fight.

We need to launch a counter-offensive, so to speak, and the place to start is at the local level. Working with our county and state political parties when we can -- or working around them when we must -- our objective will be to elect as many people as we can to public office who understand what a democracy is and how the free market works. This will include city council members, county commissioners, school board members, judges, sheriffs and even members of the local parks commission. With the strength and political momentum their elections will provide, we can surge to the state level and then -- before it's too late -- take back the power in Washington DC.

I know this isn't the kind of battle most of us want to fight; we would rather watch the talking heads slug it out on Fox News than stand on a street corner handing out campaign flyers. And given our country's history, for a while it will be uncomfortable to find ourselves fighting against the revolution and for the status quo. But we'll get used to this as we make our case over and over again -- to our friends, our neighbors, at barbeques and PTA meetings and at public rallies like those marvelous April tea parties that drove the liberals insane. And we'll draw strength as our ranks swell with new recruits.

The alternative to launching this kind of peaceful and political counter-attack is horrific. Right now sales of guns and ammunition are rising sharply. This reflects an intuitive grasp by grass-roots Americans of what history teaches may lie ahead. It was only after the Nazis had secured their grip on power in Germany, and only after the Bolsheviks had seized control of Russia, that they set out to disarm and destroy the vast numbers of ordinary citizens who - to the astonishment and fury of the revolutionaries -- just wouldn't go along.

That's when the real shooting started, and when blood began flowing in the streets.

Herbert E. Meyer served during the Reagan Administration as Special Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence and Vice Chairman of the CIA's National Intelligence Council. He holds the U.S. National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal, which is the Intelligence Community's highest honor. He is author of The Cure for Poverty and How to Analyze Information.

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Signs, signs, everywhere a sign. Hey Obama!


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Grand juries cite Obama for ineligibility, treason

Grand juries cite Obama for ineligibility, treason
Posted on May 21st, 2009 by David-Crockett
Hundreds of ‘presentments’ being handed to prosecutorsBy Bob Unruh
Hundreds of “presentments” – or accusations assembled by citizen grand juries – are scheduled to be given to courts, sheriffs, prosecutors, judges and legislators across the United States by July 4 alleging that Barack Obama is ineligible to be president of the United States and his occupancy in the Oval Office constitutes treason.
Many of the challenges have come through the courts. WND has reported on dozens of legal challenges to Obama’s status as a “natural born citizen.” The Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, states, “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.”
Some of the lawsuits question whether he was actually born in Hawaii, as he insists. If he was born out of the country, Obama’s American mother, the suits contend, was too young at the time of his birth to confer American citizenship to her son under the law at the time.
Other challenges have focused on Obama’s citizenship through his father, a Kenyan subject to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom at the time of his birth, thus making him a dual citizen. The cases contend the framers of the Constitution excluded dual citizens from qualifying as natural born.
Further, others question his citizenship by virtue of his attendance in Indonesian schools during his childhood and question on what passport did he travel to Pakistan three decades ago.
Adding fuel to the fire is Obama’s persistent refusal to release documents that could provide answers and the appointment of myriad lawyers to defend against all requests for his documentation. While his supporters cite an online version of a “Certification of Live Birth” from Hawaii as his birth verification, critics point out such documents actually were issued for children not born in the state.
Get the new Whistleblower magazine, called “YOUR PAPERS, PLEASE? Why dozens of lawsuits and millions of Americans want Barack Obama to prove he’s constitutionally qualified to be president.”
The ultimate questions remain unaddressed to date: Is Obama a natural born citizen, and, if so, why hasn’t documentation been provided? And, of course, if he is not, what does it mean to the 2008 election or the U.S. Constitution if it is revealed that there has been a violation?
And the answer could take only minutes: authorization from the president to Hawaiian officials to release his documentation.
A recent presentment from one of the American Grand Jury meetings said there’s not even any question about Obama’s eligibility any longer.
“Article II, Section 1 states: ‘No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the Untied States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President…” says Count One.
“Wherefore, Obama is not a ‘natural born Citizen’ for the following reasons: 1) Obama was NOT born of mother and father who were BOTH US Citizens. These facts are not in dispute: Under the British Nationality Act 1948, Obama’s father was a British citizen/subject when he was born in the English colony of Kenya. Obama’s father continued to be such and not a U.S. citizen when Obama was born in 1961. Under the same BNA 1948, at birth, regardless of where he was born, Obama also became a British citizen/subject by descent from his British father,” the charge continues.
“It is public knowledge that Obama has admitted in his writings and otherwise that when he was born, his father was a British citizen/subject and not a United States citizen and that at that time he himself also became such. In fact, his father was not even a permanent resident of the United States, but rather only a student who would probably have been here only on a temporary student visa. Hence, not only was Obama’s father not a United States citizen but Obama himself was born a British subject,” it says.
Secondly, the accusation of treason comes from a retired member of the U.S. military officer, Lt. Cmdr. Walter Fitzpatrick III, who has presented his complaint to U.S. Attorney Russell Dedrick in Tennessee, the presentment explains.
In that, he alleged, “Now you [Obama] have broken in and entered the White House by force of contrivance, concealment, conceit, dissembling, and deceit. Posing as an impostor president and commander in chief you have stripped civilian command and control over the military establishment. Known military criminal actors-command racketeers-are now free in the exercise of military government intent upon destruction of America’s constitutional government. We come now to this reckoning. I accuse you and your military-political criminal assistants of TREASON. I name you and your military criminal associates as traitors. Your criminal ascension manifests a clear and present danger. You fundamentally changed our form of government. The Constitution no longer works.”
The American Grand Jury website explained it is clear the U.S. Constitution “intended to give the grand jury power to instigate criminal charges, and this was especially true when it came to government oversight.”
Campbell explained the citizens grand juries are a constitutional movement.
“We endeavor to teach people about our Constitutional rights, first and foremost. Amendment 1: the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances – Amendment 5: No person shall be held to answer for any capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury,” he said.
“A constitutional grand jury actually hands down ‘presentments.’ That is the correct term. Indictment is a proper term for a court or judicial grand jury to use. Presentments are charges,” he said.
To those who say such meetings are ineffectual and lack impact, Campbell said they do not understand the Constitution.
“Any time you assemble real people to conduct a hearing such as grand jury there are those that are afraid we would speak the truth so they in fact will deny we are effective or our actions mean nothing,” he said.
Such grand juries, he said, in fact, “are the fourth branch of government.”
“Would we like to see more attorneys with integrity and credibility truly give credence to the Constitution and offer good suggestions on how to get the courts to act? The answer is yes! Will they – I would say NO! Attorneys and judges do not want the average person questioning how they dictate the system that keeps them in power,” Campbell said.
“Will we prevail? The answer is we had better or the United States of America as we know it will soon be nothing more than a thing of the past. The Founding Fathers were brilliant in how they put the Constitution together. It was truly God-inspired. I choose to believe there are enough people out there that want to save our Republic and maintain the USA as the true beacon of light and freedom that she so truly is,” he said.
According to the grand jury website, “Sooner or later the court system is going to be inundated with ‘presentments’ against Obama. Sooner or later public sentiment is going to demand these courts act and force Obama to answer to the charnges.”
While an Obama spokesman one time called the allegations “garbage,” the president and his team have withheld other comments. But here is a partial listing and status update for some of the cases over Obama’s eligibility:
New Jersey attorney Mario Apuzzo has filed a case on behalf of Charles Kerchner and others alleging Congress didn’t properly ascertain that Obama is qualified to hold the office of president.
Pennsylvania Democrat Philip Berg has three cases pending, including Berg vs. Obama in the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, a separate Berg vs. Obama which is under seal at the U.S. District Court level and Hollister vs. Soetoro a/k/a Obama, (now dismissed) brought on behalf of a retired military member who could be facing recall to active duty by Obama.
Leo Donofrio of New Jersey filed a lawsuit claiming Obama’s dual citizenship disqualified him from serving as president. His case was considered in conference by the U.S. Supreme Court but denied a full hearing.
Cort Wrotnowski filed suit against Connecticut’s secretary of state, making a similar argument to Donofrio. His case was considered in conference by the U.S. Supreme Court, but was denied a full hearing.
Former presidential candidate Alan Keyes headlines a list of people filing a suit in California, in a case handled by the United States Justice Foundation, that asks the secretary of state to refuse to allow the state’s 55 Electoral College votes to be cast in the 2008 presidential election until Obama verifies his eligibility to hold the office. The case is pending, and lawyers are seeking the public’s support.
Chicago lawyer Andy Martin sought legal action requiring Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle to release Obama’s vital statistics record. The case was dismissed by Hawaii Circuit Court Judge Bert Ayabe.
Lt. Col. Donald Sullivan sought a temporary restraining order to stop the Electoral College vote in North Carolina until Barack Obama’s eligibility could be confirmed, alleging doubt about Obama’s citizenship. His case was denied.
In Ohio, David M. Neal sued to force the secretary of state to request documents from the Federal Elections Commission, the Democratic National Committee, the Ohio Democratic Party and Obama to show the presidential candidate was born in Hawaii. The case was denied.
Also in Ohio, there was the Greenberg v. Brunner case which ended when the judge threatened to assess all case costs against the plaintiff.
In Washington state, Steven Marquis sued the secretary of state seeking a determination on Obama’s citizenship. The case was denied.
In Georgia, Rev. Tom Terry asked the state Supreme Court to authenticate Obama’s birth certificate. His request for an injunction against Georgia’s secretary of state was denied by Georgia Superior Court Judge Jerry W. Baxter.
California attorney Orly Taitz has brought a case, Lightfoot vs. Bowen, on behalf of Gail Lightfoot, the vice presidential candidate on the ballot with Ron Paul, four electors and two registered voters. She also has brought forward several other cases and has conducted several public campaigns to generate awareness of the issue.
In addition, other cases cited on the RightSideofLife blog as raising questions about Obama’s eligibility include:
In Texas, Darrel Hunter vs. Obama later was dismissed.
In Ohio, Gordon Stamper vs. U.S. later was dismissed.
In Texas, Brockhausen vs. Andrade.
In Washington, L. Charles Cohen vs. Obama.
In Hawaii, Keyes vs. Lingle, dismissed.

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NEW from my best investigator!

Aristotle the Hun says:

Yes, and I know you are right to trace this from the

Frankfurt School - Its not a theory - It is happening -

To Saul Alinski

To Cloward-Piven

"Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis"
AND How to Create a Crisis and Steal a Nation

To Clinton, Obama, and modern liberals. It not only has continuity with the people, as you have demonstrated but it also has historical and philosophical continuity going all the way back to Hegel dialectics.

This struggle between good and evil has been going on since the early 1800’s but they have never gotten so close to winning as with Obama.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I think the people we are dealing with are either children or grandchildren of the original founders of the Frankfurt School. They are working with the Brookings Institution, think tank by teaming up with Olin School of Business (article below) Erich Fromm was one of the original founders of Frankfurt School. When Hitler kicked them out of Germany they settled in at Columbia University. According to David Horowitz book The Professors, there are 9 radical professors at Columbia. Currently Ronald A. Fromm is a national council member at Olin School of Business. I did a break down on the Olin School of Business at the bottom to show you how this fits in our government now. Franz Neumann was an original founder at Frankfurt School. Peter Neumann is a advisory board member at Electronic Privacy Information Center, another person you will find at the Electronic Privacy Information Center is Mary Minow she is the daughter of Newton N. Minow He is a Commercial Club of Chicago member and Sidley Austin LLP - senior counsel. Leo Lowenthal was an original founder at the Frankfurt School, Andrew Lowenthal is president of lobby firm Porterfield & Lowenthal and they are the lobby firm for Freddie Mac, American Bankers Association,
Coalition of Private Investment Companies, Hard Eight Futures
Kynikos Associates, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance, NASDAQ Stock Market Inc., National Association of Mortgage Brokers, New York State Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Prudential Financial, Inc. Wachovia Corporation.
Andrew Lowenthal was a VP at Van Scoyoc Associates lobby firm for mostly Universities, education. They are also the lobby firm for Boeing Company and General Motors Corporation both companies thick with members of the Commercial Club of Chicago. They are also the lobby firm for Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. and so is Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, LLP and that’s when you will find Vernon E. Jordan Jr. he is a
Brookings Institution - honorary trustee. I found a total of 6 so far and they all fit. It also explains why Obama wants our personal info. (Electronic Privacy Information Center)

Start with the article bio on Lowenthal.

Lowenthal, Leo (1900-1993)

1. Leo Lowenthal (Then)

Andrew Lowenthal BIO

Porterfield & Lowenthal

Andrew Lowenthal – president (Now)

Andrew Lowenthal – VP (Now)

New Lobbying Firm Wins Big-Name Wall Street Clients
It is just a few months old, but lobbying firm Porterfield & Lowenthal is already shaping up as the political power broker for some major Wall Street clients.
Documents recently released by the United States Senate’s office of public records indicate that the firm, launched earlier this year by two former lobbiysts from Van Scoyoc Associates, has been retained by the Nasdaq Stock Market and the American Bankers Association — two organizations that had previously been clients of Van Scoyoc.
Van Scoyoc Associates

American Bankers Association
At American Bankers Association the bad guys are hiding in the lobby firms, most of them do. In Covington & Burling LLP you will find one of their partners, Eric H. Holder. Glover Park Group is where you will find Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, LLP - lobby firm, that’s where the president of the Economic Club of Washington is. Vernon Jordan. White House senior advisors great uncle.

2. Herbert Marcuse (Then)

Urban Land Institute

Paul Marcuse – trustee (Now)

3. Friedrich Pollock (Then)

Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Alex J. Pollock – director (Now)

4. Otto Kirchheimer (Then)

University of Chicago Booth School of Business

David M. Kirchheimer - council member (Now)

5. Franz Neumann (Then)

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Peter Neumann - advisory board member (Now)

Mary Minow - advisory board member (Newton N. Minow daughter he is a member of the Commercial Club of Chicago)

6. Erich Fromm (Then)

Olin School of Business

Ronald A. Fromm - national council member (Now)

Donald R. Frahm - national council member
This guy is in the article.

Ronald A. Fromm is a national council member at the Olin School of Business. Today I found this article and it says
As part of this bold, distinctive collaboration, Olin will also lead the management of Brookings Center for Executive Education in D.C., effective July 1, 2009, which offers premier courses on critical global issues, U.S. policy-making, and leadership for government and corporate leaders. The Brookings Center AKA the Brookings Institution that I’ve been calling the #1 think tank, that these people use in their network. You were right Sam, this is all about the Frankfurt School. I’ve found lots of connections with all three names but I will spare you the details unless you ask for them.

Brookings Institution (#1 think tank)

Cyrus F. Freidheim Jr. - honorary trustee, trustee

Vernon E. Jordan Jr. - honorary trustee

Lawrence H. Summers – trustee

Mayer Brown
Mayor Richard M. Daley’s brother was a partner at Mayor Brown accordin9 to his BIO.
Notice they are the lobby firm for Credit Suisse First Boston
James H. Lambright was VP for Credit Suisse First Boston
and he’s 2008-2009 financial bailout - interim chief investment office. Export-Import Bank of the US - chairman & president (Jackie Clegg Dodd was vice chairman & first VP at the Export-Import Bank of the US, she’s Chris Dodd’s wife. Lambright is also a member of what I call their (# 2 think tank)
Council on Foreign Relations .

Sidley Austin LLP

Sidley Austin LLP is the law firm Barack Obama was an Intern at. Michelle Obama was a lawyer and Bill Ayers wife Bernadine Dohrn was a litigator. You can find R. Eden Martin the president of the Commercial Club of Chicago. They handled 2 bailout companies. General Motors Corporation and GMAC LLC.

Some of the Commercial Club of Chicago members are involved in a organization called Catalyst the had

Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

HISTORY The University of Frankfurt has at times been considered liberal, or left-leaning, and has had a reputation for Jewish and Marxist scholarship (or even Jewish-Marxist). Thus, during Nazi times, "almost one third of its academics and many of its students were dismissed for racial and/or political reasons—more than at any other German university." (University homepage) It also played a major part of the German student riots of 1968.
The University of Frankfurt is historically best known for the Institute for Social Research (founded 1924), institutional home of the Frankfurt School, one of the most important 20th century schools of philosophy and social thought at all. Some of the most famous University of Frankfurt scholars are associated with this school, including Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer, and Jürgen Habermas, as well as Herbert Marcuse, Erich Fromm, and Walter Benjamin. Others include the sociologist Karl Mannheim, the philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer, the philosophers of religion Franz Rosenzweig, Martin Buber, and Paul Tillich, the psychologist Max Wertheimer, and the sociologist Norbert Elias.
In recent years the University turned its attention especially to law, history and economics, creating new institutes like the Institute for Law and Finance (ILF) and the Center of Financial Studies (CFS). One of the university's ambitions is to become Germany's leading university for finance and economics, given the school's proximity to one of Europe's financial centers.[1] Therefore Frankfurt University’s Goethe Business School developed a new M.B.A. program in cooperation with Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, and has established an international award for research in financial economics, the Deutsche Bank Prize in Financial Economics.

Fuqua School of Business

G. Richard Wagoner Jr.

Duke University


Brookings Institution “#1 think tank” X
Ann M. Fudge - trustee
Ann Dibble Jordan – honorary trustee and Vernon E. Jordan Jr. - spouse
Judith Rodin – honorary trustee

Council on Foreign Relations “#2 think tank” X
Ann M. Fudge - director
Judith Rodin – member

RAND Corporation “think tank”
Karen L. Katen - health board of advisors member

Peterson Institute for International Economics “think tank”
Karen L. Katen – director

World Economic Forum “think tank”
John H. Bryan - World Economic Forum - meeting co-chair
Brenda C. Barnes – attendee 2008
Lloyd C. Blankfein – attendee 2007 & 2008
James Dimon – attendee 2008 & 2009
Charles O. Holliday Jr. – attendee 2008 & 2009
John J. Mack – attendee 2008
Marilyn Carlson Nelson – attendee 2008 &2009
James H. Quigley – attendee 2008 & 2009
James S. Turley – attendee 2008 & 2009

Commercial Club of Chicago
Brenda C. Barnes –member
John H. Bryan – member

Executives' Club of Chicago
Edward M. Liddy – director

Economic Club of New York
Karen L. Katen - trustee
James H. Quigley – member
James H. Quigley – trustee

Detroit Economic Club
G. Richard Wagoner Jr. – director

Robin Hood Foundation
Jeffrey R. Immelt - director
Lloyd C. Blankfein – director

American International Group, Inc. (Bailout Company)
Edward M. Liddy – chairman & CEO

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (Bailout Company)
James Dimon – chairman & CEO

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (Bailout Company)
Lloyd C. Blankfein – chairman & CEO
Edward M. Liddy – director

General Motors Corporation (Bailout Company)
John H. Bryan – director
Karen L. Katen - director
John F. Smith Jr. – chairman & CEO
G. Richard Wagoner Jr. -chairman & CEO
G. Richard Wagoner Jr. - General Motors Acceptance Corporation - director

Citigroup Inc. (Bailout Company)
Ann Dibble Jordan - director
Anne M. Mulcahy - director
Judith Rodin – director

Morgan Stanley (Bailout Company)
John J. Mack - chairman & CEO

Chicago Council on Global Affairs
Brenda C. Barnes – director
John H. Bryan - member

Business Roundtable
G. Richard Wagoner Jr. – member

Business Council
James Dimon – vice chair
John H. Bryan - member
Thomas J. Engibous - member
Jeffrey R. Immelt - member
Anne M. Mulcahy - member
G. Richard Wagoner Jr. – member
Kevin B. Rollins – member

United States Council for International Business
Andrea Jung - trustee

U.S.-Japan Business Council
Thomas J. Engibous - director
Karen L. Katen – chairman
Jeffrey B. Kindler - chairman

International Business Council
Charles O. Holliday Jr. - founding member

Healthcare Leadership Council
Karen L. Katen - director

Dallas Citizens Council
Thomas J. Engibous – chairman

Bay Area Council
Mary B. Cranston - executive committee member

World Economic Forum “think tank”
John H. Bryan - World Economic Forum - meeting co-chair
Brenda C. Barnes – attendee 2008
Lloyd C. Blankfein – attendee 2007 & 2008
James Dimon – attendee 2008 & 2009
Charles O. Holliday Jr. – attendee 2008 & 2009
John J. Mack – attendee 2008
Marilyn Carlson Nelson – attendee 2008 &2009
James H. Quigley – attendee 2008 & 2009
James S. Turley – attendee 2008 & 2009


Bank of Montreal
F. Anthony Comper – director

BMO Financial Group
F. Anthony Comper - president & CEO

Bank One Corporation
James Dimon – chairman & CEO

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Jeffrey R. Immelt - director

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Thomas J. Wilson – director

Credit Suisse First Boston X
John J. Mack - president & CEO and James H. Lambright – VP is 2008-2009 financial bailout - interim chief investment officer, and a member of the #2 think tank, Council on Foreign Relations.

Credit Suisse Group
John J. Mack - co-CEO

BMO Financial Group
F. Anthony Comper - president & CEO


President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board
Jeffrey R. Immelt – member

Obama-Biden economic advisory team
Anne M. Mulcahy - member

White House Project
Judith Rodin – member

President's Export Council
John F. Smith Jr. - member

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
James H. Quigley – director

2008 Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential campaign
John J. Mack – fundraiser
Ann Dibble Jordan - fundraiser
Lloyd C. Blankfein – fundraiser

2008 Barack Obama presidential campaign
Ann M. Fudge – fundraiser

Horatio Alger Association
Joseph Neubauer – member
John J. Mack – member


Fuqua School of Business X
G. Richard Wagoner Jr. – board of visitors member
(Look who’s a member the X CEO and Chairman of the General Motors Company)

Duke University X
G. Richard Wagoner Jr. – trustee
John J. Mack – trustee

Detroit Country Day School
G. Richard Wagoner Jr. – trustee

Brigham Young University
James H. Quigley - advisory committee member

University of Minnesota Foundation
Marilyn Carlson Nelson – trustee

Carlson School of Management
Marilyn Carlson Nelson – overseer

Bryn Mawr College
Barbara Paul Robinson – trustee

University of Pennsylvania
Judith Rodin – president

Yale University
Judith Rodin – provost

Northwestern University
Edward M. Liddy – trustee

Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Edward M. Liddy - chairman emeritus

George Washington University
Edward M. Liddy – graduate

Rice University
James S. Turley – trustee

Southern Methodist University
Richard K. Templeton – trustee

Tufts University
Joseph Neubauer - trustee, trustee emeritus
Jeffrey B. Kindler – trustee

University of Chicago
Joseph Neubauer – trustee
Karen L. Katen – trustee

Dartmouth College
Jeffrey R. Immelt – charter trustee

University of Chicago Booth School of Business X
Joseph Neubauer - council member
Karen L. Katen – council member

Fordham University
Anne M. Mulcahy - president's council member

Harvard University
Ann M. Fudge – overseer

Morehouse College
Ann M. Fudge – trustee

United Negro College Fund
Ann M. Fudge – director
James Dimon – director

Columbia College – IL - trustee
Renetta E. McCann - trustee

Howard University
Renetta E. McCann - trustee

University of Wisconsin Foundation
Thomas J. Falk - director

Southern Methodist University
Thomas J. Engibous – trustee

Harvard Business School
James Dimon – director

New York University Medical Center
James Dimon – trustee

New York University School of Medicine
James Dimon - foundation trustee

Stanford University
Mary B. Cranston

Weill Cornell Medical College
Lloyd C. Blankfein - overseer

Augustana College
Brenda C. Barnes - trustee

Lobby firm

Ernst & Young LLP James S. Turley


Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations
Kevin B. Rollins – member

Electronic Data Systems X
Judith Rodin – director

Winterthur Museum
Charles O. Holliday Jr. – trustee

National Museum of African American History and Culture
Ann Dibble Jordan – member

National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center
Judith Rodin – director

Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa
Judith Rodin – director

McDonald's Corporation
Jeffrey B. Kindler - EVP & general counsel
Susan E. Arnold – director

Allstate Corporation
Edward M. Liddy - chairman & CEO

Xerox Corporation
Anne M. Mulcahy - chairman & CEO

Fuji Xerox Company Ltd.
Anne M. Mulcahy – director
(Yotaro Kobayashi is chief corporate adviser at Fuji Xerox Company Ltd. he is a trustee at the Aspen Institute “think tank” and chairman of the Aspen Institute Japan. )

Texas Instruments Inc.
Richard K. Templeton - president & CEO

Clayton Dubilier & Rice
Edward M. Liddy – partner
Thomas J. Wilson - president & CEO

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
Karen L. Katen – director

Pfizer Inc.
Karen L. Katen - vice chairman

New York Botanical Garden
Karen L. Katen - board of managers member

General Electric Company
Andrea Jung – director
Ann M. Fudge – director

New York-Presbyterian Hospital
Andrea Jung – trustee

Apple Inc.
Andrea Jung – director

National Alliance for Hispanic Health
Karen L. Katen – director

Council on Competitiveness
Charles O. Holliday Jr. – chairman

Art Institute of Chicago
John H. Bryan – life trustee

Chicago (IL) 2016 Olympic Committee (Mayor Daley’s project)
Stephanie A. Streeter – director

Japan Society
James H. Quigley – director

National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse
James Dimon – director

Deloitte & Touche USA, LLP (Mayer Brown - lobby firm)
James H. Quigley – CEO

Jewish Theological Seminary
Joseph Neubauer – trustee

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Ann M. Fudge - U.S. program advisory panel chair

Partnership for New York City
James Dimon – director

Rockefeller Foundation
Judith Rodin – president
Ann M. Fudge - trustee

Kennedy Center
G. Richard Wagoner Jr. - corporate fund board member
James S. Turley - corporate fund board member
Marilyn Carlson Nelson – trustee
Anne M. Mulcahy - corporate fund board member
Jeffrey B. Kindler - corporate fund board member
Charles O. Holliday Jr. - corporate fund board member
Lloyd C. Blankfein - corporate fund board member

Grocery Manufacturers Association
Thomas J. Falk – director

Centex Corporation
Thomas J. Falk – director

Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Thomas J. Falk - chairman & CEO

Convergys Corporation
David B. Dillon – director

Kroger Company
David B. Dillon – director

Eaton Corporation
Michael J. Critelli – director

Pitney Bowes, Inc.
Michael J. Critelli – chairman

Michael J. Critelli – director

Visa Inc.
Mary B. Cranston -director

AT&T Corp.
J. Michael Cook – director

Eli Lilly and Company
J. Michael Cook – director

Colgate-Palmolive Company
Ian M. Cook – president & CEO

PepsiCo, Inc.
Ian M. Cook – director

Spectra Energy Corp.
F. Anthony Comper – director

BMO Financial Group
F. Anthony Comper - president & CEO

Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center
John H. Bryan – life trustee

Muckety List of Most Networked in Chicago, 2008
John H. Bryan - in top 100

Sara Lee Corporation
John H. Bryan - chairman & CEO
Brenda C. Barnes - chairman & CEO

New York Times Co.
Brenda C. Barnes - director

Pepsi-Cola North America
Brenda C. Barnes - president & CEO

Pepsi-Cola South
Brenda C. Barnes - president & CEO

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc.
Brenda C. Barnes - interim president

Partnership for New York City
Lloyd C. Blankfein – director

Walt Disney Company
Susan E. Arnold – director

Procter & Gamble Company
Susan E. Arnold - division president

Here’s a break down on what I know about these people.

Olin School of Business

Washington University in St. Louis
James H. Hance Jr. – trustee
Priscilla L. Hill-Ardoin - trustee
Louis G. Hutt Jr. – trustee
Jerald L. Kent - trustee
Maxine K. Clark - trustee
Sam Fox – trustee
W. Patrick McGinnis - trustee
James V. O'Donnell – trustee
Robert J. Skandalaris – trustee
Jack E. Thomas – trustee
Mary Ann Van Lokeren - trustee
Howard L. Wood – trustee
Arnold B. Zetcher – trustee

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Ward M. Klein - deputy chair

Commercial Club of Chicago
Patrick J. Moore – member

Bank of America Corp.
James H. Hance Jr. - vice chairman

Washington University – college
Walter E. Massey – graduate and Bank of America Corp. – director.

Urban Land Institute

Goldman Sachs Foundation
Stuart M. Rothenberg – trustee

Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
Claude M. Ballard - general partner
Michael D. Fascitelli - partner

15 Central Park West, New York
Raymond C. Mikulich – apartment owner

Lehman Brothers Inc.
Raymond C. Mikulich - managing director

Fuqua School of Business
Bruce E. Mosler - board of visitors member X

Duke University
Kenneth W. Hubbard - trustee

Commercial Club of Chicago
John L. Bucksbaum – member
John W. Higgins – member

Hoover Institution “Think tank”
Bowen H. McCoy - overseer

Barack Obama inaugural committee
Melvin Simon – major contributor

Progress for America Voter Fund
J. Ronald Terwilliger – major donor

Steppenwolf Theatre
Randall K. Rowe – trustee

Carl B. Weisbrod
Alliance for Downtown New York - founding president
Lower Manhattan Development Corporation - director
New 42nd Street - director
Real Estate Board of New York – governor
Trinity Church-St. Paul's Chapel - EVP
Urban Land Institute - trustee
Wall Street Rising - advisory council member

Trinity Church-St. Paul's Chapel
Carl B. Weisbrod - EVP

Thrift Depositor Protection Oversight Board
Robert C. Larson – member

Other past members of the Thrift Depositor Protection Oversight Board are Alan Greenspan, Lloyd Bentsen , Jonathan Fiechter, Andrew C. Hove Jr. , Philip C. Jackson, Peter Monroe, Resolution Trust Corporation .

Porterfield & Lowenthal
New York State Metropolitan Transportation Authority current relationships:
Patton Boggs LLP - lobby firm X
Porterfield & Lowenthal - lobby firm X
New York State Metropolitan Transportation Authority past relationships:
E. Virgil Conway - chairman & CEO

Association of Trial Lawyers of America – predecessor, America Votes – member this ties them to Perkins Coie LLP - lobby firm, this is the law firm protecting Obama’s records. Patton Boggs LLP is also Association of Trial Lawyers of America lobby firm. Perkins Coie LLP is the law firm protecting Oama’s records.

Look below notice below Andrew Lowenthal VP and Lendell W. Porterfield VP with Van Scoyoc Associates I think they have done there dirty work and now moved on to Porterfield & Lowenthal. I’ve notice most of the suspects in this network have now remove themselves from the scene of the crime. Notice all the schools they lobby for. They are the lobby firm for SAIC, Inc. look at SAIC, Inc. past relationships Steven A. Hatfill – consultant, he is tied to 2 very important places the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases – researcher and National Institutes of Health – researcher here you will find Ezekiel Emanuel - director, clinical bioethics department, he is Rahm I. Emanuel’s brother. I think this is where the Swine Flu crisis started.

Van Scoyoc Associates lobby firm
Van Scoyoc Associates past relationships:
EduCap Inc. - lobby firm
Andrew Lowenthal – VP X
Claudia McMurray - VP
Lendell W. Porterfield – VP X

SAIC, Inc. - lobby firm

Sidley Austin LLP is the law firm where Barack Obama was an intern, Michelle Obama was a lawyer and Bill Ayers wife Bernadine Dohrn was a litigator. Sidley Austin LLP is the lobby firm for Talecris Biotherapeutics , Talecris Biotherapeutics has teamed up with Frankfurt University Hospital.