Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I dressed up like Barack Obama for Halloween

I dressed up like Barack Obama to greet trick or treaters when they came to my house.  I told each child to give me half of their candy so I could redistribute it to kids who were too lazy to dress up and go house to house.  Not one of them wanted to contribute to my cause.


Anonymous said...

Exposing children to racism and political agendas are signs of a diseased mind.

Sam Sewell said...


Seeing racism everywhere and being unwilling to educate children about politics are signs of a diseased mind.

Anonymous said...

Sam - What do you expect to be the view from the irresponsible left but them trying to defend the left ideological diseases they impose on our children? Political agendas are taught in ALL public schools from pre-school through college by the left wing screwballs. Those teaching it are infecting and effectively brainwashing our kids with their lieberal agendas instead of teaching them the 3 "R's. This just proves why the US education ranks 26 or so world wide! Dumbed down generation is the fault of the system at the expense of our children and the future of this great nation. As for racism that too is another LIE from the left that only the white Anglo European population is capable of being racists and that you can use the race card to manipulate the situation to your advantage. Read obama's book and you will see his seething racism is absolutely unacceptable by any standard yet his left wing lame stream media gives him a pass. Any white POTUS saying junk like obama does with regard to race would have been crucified by the press. Blacks, whites, hispanics, and everyone from every race deserves respect and better representation than the divisive junk we have in DC today!