Thursday, July 4, 2013

Forbes: Obama Was Never Elected

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A Forbes columnist is calling into question whether or not President Obama’s second term should have an asterisk next to it. Paul Roderick Gregory’s recent article questions whether Obama’s second term win wasn’t staged by the media, and therefore all history books should note that he won by manipulating the press.

It’s now well documented that the IRS was targeting anti-Obama groups before the election. Can you imagine how different the election would have turned out if that news story broke before America hit the polls last November?

The Tea Party was just starting to get momentum, and President Obama saw them as a serious threat. Did he order the IRS to target them to slow them down? Did he order the media to paint them as a bunch of unorganized crazy people? I’m not sure we’ll ever have the answer, but I’m glad we’re at least asking the question.

What do you think? Would the 2012 election have turned out differently had this story broke earlier?

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