Monday, February 23, 2015


Grade School Boys Have Better Sense Than Obama
The policy of the Obama administration and most liberals has been to be nice to Muslims so they won't kill us. That is like giving your lunch money to a bully today so that he will leave you alone tomorrow. The dynamics of most playgrounds at elementary schools are more instructive than the present political leaders on the left.

This from my own first grade experiences:

I didn’t like Frankie. Frankie was in the second grade. Frankie was a bully. He didn’t pick on me, but he picked on the little kids. These kids were afraid to tell on him, or resist him. Frankie began to recruit other bullies. Luckily, something happened before Frankie could make his power solid.

Donald, the boy who lived next door to us had asthma. He was small for his age. We walked to school together. One day Frankie started picking on my friend Donald. I knew in a flash what I needed to do. Frankie would soon rule the playground if he wasn’t stopped now.

I laid into Frankie with everything I had. I beat him up, bloody nose, fat lip, and all. When I was done with my fists, I threw him on the ground, pinned him, and made him say“uncle”. He said “Uncle!” and I said, “Say it again!”

When I got off Frankie, I heard wild cheering. Even the kids that once sucked up to Frankie were now cheering. I could hardly believe it when I saw Frankie’s bully-recruits cheering. To this day I am known in some circles as “the guy who beat up Frankie!”

Moral of the story: The consequences of not fighting can be more terrifying than a fight.

PS: Don’t count on something lucky happening. 

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