Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bible Scholarship class beginning this Sunday

Sam's segment starts at 38 minutes - http://bobharden.com/archives/9_29_15.mp3

Sam talks about the Bible Scholarship class beginning this Sunday -  Below are my notes and the news release – The audio of the program is attached.

Goal – Deliver curriculum that clergy must master in seminary to the person in the pew.  Princeton, Harvard and Yale were all founded by churches and have highly regarded seminaries to this day.  My own denomination is heavily connected to Princeton Theological Seminary and the current pastor at Moorings is a Princeton graduate.  Attempting to provide a postgraduate seminary curriculum to the congregation might seem impossible but Theological Center in Naples has been doing just that for at least two decades.    

Modern Biblical scholarship uses all of the modern sciences.  Archeology, astronomy, physics (carbon 14 dating, creation myths and astrophysics), linguistics, history, critical literary analysis, numismatics, biology including DNA analysis of scrolls made out of animal skins.  I will keep the focus and the academic rather than the religious which is what the subject is really all about. 

For those of you who worship on Saturdays, or are free by 11:15 on Sundays…

Free Adult Education Opportunity
beginning Sunday October 4th
11:15 to noon – followed by Q & A
(childcare provided)

The Theological Center in Naples invites you to attend a Sunday Morning
Ongoing Biblical Exploration Class
starting with Genesis, led by Sam and Bunny Sewell

What is Biblical Exploration? It is not a devotional Bible Study,
but rather an academic study of the historical writings of various theologically diverse biblical scholars  (evangelicals, Catholics, mainline protestants, Jewish academics and secular historians.)

What Text is used for this study? The primary source for this extensive curriculum is the twelve volume Interpreter’s Bible. Each volume of this series, used for study/discussion, covers two or more books of the Old and New Testaments, and is a study resource found in the Moorings Church Strozier Library. Bring your Bible.

Facilitators Sam and Bunny Sewell have offered their training and knowledge to the public
 for more than two decades. Rev. Sam is President of the Theological Center in Naples.

Classes (free to the public) are held each Sunday in the Strozier Library
       on the Moorings Church Campus,
791 Harbour Dr, 1 block west of 41

        Register by contacting the Sewells
239/591-4565  or  bunnysam@bestselfusa.com

     Thanks for helping us spread the word!

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