Sunday, November 22, 2015

Woman on German Train Speaks Arabic. Syrian Refugees Have No Idea…

Woman on German Train Speaks Arabic. Syrian Refugees Have No Idea…
The Syrian “Migrant” crisis is, as we all know, not as simple as people fleeing war. It’s entirely possible the Syrians or “Syrians” who use Syrian passports to pass themselves off as Syrians, are invading Europe to conduct jihad. Or terrorism. If that makes me a racist, so be it. You know who else will be labeled a racist? This German woman who, fluent in Arabic, took a midnight train going anywhere. She heard the “migrants” say some abominable things. She saw them do disgusting things. Trigger warning: defecation and rape references abound. But you know, tolerance.

Transcript of the highlights:

They shouted various insults in my direction, they tried to take away my luggage. Since, like I said, I’m perfectly fluent in Arabic, I understood everything that they were saying. While I waited for my train, I saw what was happening in the station. People without shame, simply defecated right where they stood. The women shouted, they were beaten by their own kind, not by the police who didn’t even touch them. Children were screaming, there were huge piles of trash. They could not speak a single European language. They were noisy, shouting, and all they could think to do in the heat of the moment was to grab the luggage of passerby and shout obscenities after them.

Ninety percent of them were men between 18 and 45, completely healthy men who grabbed random children and fought their way forward, using the children as human shields.

Five people with tickets entered my train car. We sat down, the rest of the car was totally empty. Within minutes, something unbelievable happened. Huge screaming, the windows were cracking, the situation was unbelievable. Like some dark cloud, a mass of people got on. There were conflicts, fights and other awful things.

The situation’s climax was when they began talking to each other in a relaxed tone, considering whether or not they should rob us, since that would please Allah because we were infidels. As for me, it would be really worth raping me because I am not dressed like a proper woman. I haven’t got a hijab on my head, that is, I’m not Muslim and so I am bad.

The train stopped. Speakers said in English and German that the train doesn’t go any further. The four people and I who had tickets, started battling our way through the migrant mass. At first, they didn’t want to let us go, and they talked about using us as hostages, that it would be worth stopping us.

Firstly, the leftists will accuse this woman of racism because she’s nearly as white as Shaun King. Secondly, the leftists will accuse her of racism because she described Syrian refugees doing gross things like pooping in public. Super not cool to do. Thirdly, the leftists will accuse her of racism because that’s just what leftists do all day, every day, twice on Sundays, always on Ramadan.

Now we’ve acknowledged the leftists will call her a racist, let’s get to the bacon of what she was saying: the mostly Muslim men, who took children so they could board the train, had a pleasant conversation about robbing her and raping her because she was an “infidel” who wasn’t wearing a hijab. Understandable, considering Muslim men and rape go together like bacon-stuffed pork chops; read Sweden’s Open Islamic Immigration: Now Officially the Rape Capital of the West. Not that it matters, more likely it’ll fall on deaf ears, but can you imagine what would happen if two Christian dudes on a train had a convo about raping a woman because… pick your reason? Or if two Jews had a conversation about it? Let’s just remove religion entirely. Two white guys are on a train. A woman is on a train. The two white guys talk about raping the woman. What happens next?

A lot of things happen next, but what doesn’t happen is cover up. Looking at the UVA non-rape story, when it comes to white guys even accused of rape, with zero evidence, the hammer of “justice” is dropped on them like an Acme anvil. But when Syrian “refugees” who are Muslim, talk about raping a woman on a train? Not so much outrage. Because Islamaphobia? #RefugeesWelcome…?

“Moderate” Islam strikes again, with rape, beatings, robbery. Excused because you’re an infidel and a racist. How dare you. Allah will smite you (terrorism be upon him). For more on the liberal blind eyes turned away from Islam, read Dear Liberals: Your Hypocrisy on Islam is Most Staggering of All…

Speaking about Islam and how much it sucks, watch this interview with Toni Bugle, who exposed Muslim rape in the UK.

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