Saturday, February 6, 2016

Donald Trump: Obama ‘Apologizes’ to Muslims in Mosque

Donald Trump: Obama ‘Apologizes’ to Muslims in Mosque
by Alex Swoyer 5 Feb 2016Washington, DC
GOP frontrunner Donald Trump said that President Obama apologized to Muslims when he visited a mosque earlier this week.

“And then President Obama yesterday goes to a mosque and he apologizes,” Trump said as the crowd booed in response. “I mean, what’s going on?”

Trump previously criticized Obama’s visit to a mosque in Baltimore, saying, “Maybe he feels comfortable there.”

Trump told the audience at his campaign rally in Florence, South Carolina on Friday night that Christianity is under siege. He urged that churches should unite on political issues, but they don’t because they are “afraid to lose their tax-exempt status,” the real estate mogul explained.

“You have the most beautiful churches I’ve seen,” Trump said of the churches in South Carolina. “I almost wanted to just go in and pray.”

Louis Farrakhan is the acting head for the Nation of Islam (Muslims), and awarded the 2007 Jeremiah Wright Jr. Trumpeter award from the Trumpeter Newsmagazine.

Note: Trumpeter Newsmagazine is a publication for the Trinity United Church of Christ (Chicago).
Barack Obama was a parishioner at the Trinity United Church of Christ (Chicago), and the president of the Barack Obama administration.

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