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OBAMA A FRAUD - Layers…we have layers….and layers…Where none should exist!

Arnie Rosner is a self-admitted old man who knows nothing.  He also admits he has no credentials of any kind.  Well except maybe he can prove he is old.  Going on 80 in January.

And while I as Arnie, certainly admire Mr, Kouri’s work…I always look to get to what strikes me as the root of the issue.

Now with regard to Arpaio and Obama…mostly theater.  in my view obama has always been a fraud.  And nothing has changed with Arpaio’s evidence.  Any idiot or fool could prove it themselves.  So I even went to the trouble to prove for myself…being one of the bigger fools

Layers…we have layers….and layers…Where none should exist!

obama has never been the president of the American people.  And based of the manner in which those who called themselves members of government, hell they too were as illegitimate as obama.  

The facts are that the American people have not had a legitimate and lawful government since about the 1860’s.  So everything they have done since then is null and void…regardless of what they say or claim.

But you know what…?  obama has just been a distraction.  The real criminals have been the members of Congress.  And it has always been the Congress.  

You see were it not for them, the obama fraud would not have been possible.  It it were not for the complicity of the members of the Congress there would not even be the impression that obamacare was legitimate.  It is not, and it has never been.  Look at how we have been manipulated into thinking obamacare was legitimate...

Attention Mr. Barry… Dhimmitude – It’s on page 107 of the healthcare bill.

And now to the matter of the demands of  Muslims…since when do the demands of foreign infiltrators who deliberately invaded America with the criminal intent to over-throw our way of life mean dilly squat?  And by what stretch of any reasonable person’s imagination requires Americans to acquiesce to such demands?  I say BULL!

Just because the Congress figured out how to force American to buy oil and related products from the saudis, as an excuse to fund their terrorist activities…face it what else do the saudis export but terrorism and oil products…so Congress could control the middle-east and wage war at a profit…?  Hey…don’t mind me…remember don’t pay me no mind…I am just old and dumb. 

People who are sincere in their desires to come to America to become Americans has always been a part of our way of life.  But somewhere along the way, it seems the Saudis promoted the idea to invade our country with the intent to over-throw our lawful government…and up to now, it looks like many Americans were coerced into accepting this plan out of permitting others to push their buttons over political correctness…now that is just plain stupid (OK opinion).

People coming to America, who assimilate, adapt our way of life, while retaining their customs if they so wish, seems fair to me.  But people who come to America with the idea to make America into from what they claimed to be escaping, are just blowing smoke up our kilts.  

That is where I draw the line.  How about you?  I say pack up their sorry butts and ship them back from where ever they came.  

arnie, just one of the people.

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