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by Samuel Orrin Sewel



And a Supporting Cast Of Characters
in Order of Appearance

Aristotle - Philosopher
Plato – Philosopher
Isaac Newton - Physics
Richard Feynman - Physics
Aslan – The Holy Lion
Ted Kaczynski - Unibomber
Salvador Dali – Genius (artist)
Attila the Hun – Conqueror
Napoleon – Emperor
Charles Manson – Mass murderer
Alfred Nobel – Manufacturer
Lord Clive Pettington – pseudonym
Colin Conway – Playboy
Obi WanCanobi – Mentor
The Eagles – American Rock Band
Admiral Rickover - Nuclear Pioneer
Lady Pettington – pseudonym
Einstein, Albert – physicist
George Harrison - Beatle
Abraham Maslow – psychologist
Niels Bohr – physics
Dmitri Mendeleev – Chemist
Paul of Tarsus – Saint
 Siddhārtha Gautama – Buddha
Jesus of Nazareth – The Christ
William James – Philosopher
Samuel Taylor Coleridge – Poet
Alex Karras – Football & Cinema
Filippo Brunelleschi –Architecture
Dennis Stanford – Archaeology
Bruce Bradley – Archaeology
Saint Matthew – Bible Author
Erwin SchrödingerPhysics
George Berkeley – Philosophy
Ronald Knox – Poet
Ferdinand Magellan – Exploration
Silas Marner – Miser
Aratus – Poet
Paul Tillich – Theology
Teilhard de Chardin – Paleontology
Richard Maurice Bucke – Psychiatry
Sir James Jeans – Physics
R.C. Henry – Education
Nicolaus Copernicus – Astronomy
Werner Karl Heisenberg – Physics
Lord of the Universe – God
Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit – Physics
Abraham – Shepherding
Yahweh – Being
Alfred North Whitehead– Philosophy
Sarah – Mother
Zadok - Priest
King David – Monarchy
King Solomon – Monarch
Micah – Prophet
Akhenaton of Egypt – Pharaoh
Moses – Religion
Cleopatra – Pharaoh
Philo of Alexandria – Philosophy
Melchisedec – Priest

Ashterah – Goddess
Nathan – Prophet
Ištar  - Goddess
Sophia – Goddess
Mary – Mother of Jesus
Martin Luther – Priest
John Calvin – Theology
John Knox – Theology
C S Lewis – Theology
Aldous Huxley – Author
Saint Luke – Medicine
Dalai Lama – Religion
Hosea – Prophet
Gomer – Prostitute
J. Robert Oppenheimer – Physics
Arjuna – Religion
Lord Krishna – Religion
Carlos Castaneda – Anthropology
Don Juan – Shamen
Ptah-Hotep – Education
Saint Augustine – Religion
Dean Radin – Psychology
Russell Targ – Physics
General James Lee Dozier – Military
Yakir Aharonov – Physics
Charles Schultz – Cartoons
Candace Pert – Neuroscience
Captain John Newton – Composer
Nicola Tesla – Inventions
John Steinbeck – Author
Benoit Mandelbrot – Mathematics
Arthur C. Clark – Author & Inventor
John Lennon - Beatle


Since all of the secret adventures revealed here are the result of an almost magical, cosmic connection between the planet earth and an alternate universe, there are understandably many puzzling, unanswered questions. Our readers are encouraged to do their own research, and share their informed findings with the editors at

This book is dedicated to the memory and admiration of:

Isaac Asimov (1920-1992) author,         C.S. Lewis (1898-1963) author,
scientist and science fiction writer,           essayist, and Christian apologist.
and long-time member and vice-             He is best known for his children’s
President of Mensa International.            classic series The Chronicles of Narnia.


Project Records of
Major Mongo, OIC (Officer In Charge)
Consciousness Science Commission
Of The Intergalactic League

These project records are going to be more comprehensive than usual because, once these records are declassified, persons unfamiliar with the Intergalactic League Policies and Procedures may be granted access to them.
The first challenge I faced was choosing superhero agents to carry out this Earth Mission. I began to recruit agents for this project by analyzing our personnel records, selecting agents with cognitive styles similar to the cognitive approaches of the inhabitants of planet Earth. During My personal research on the consciousness of the civilizations of Earth, I determined it was obvious that the twin pillars of human consciousness were easily identified. Their cognitive style consists of only two primary modalities: linear cognition, and non-linear cognition.
So I began a search for superhero agents who possessed access to catalogues of established information by use of their biologically-based search engines, as well as knowledge through cosmic consciousness revelation.
Here is an abbreviated description of the selected superheroes for this Earth mission:
The Super Powers of Wonder Bunny – Wonder Bunny is a highly intelligent, left-brained thinker who processes data methodically. Her cognitive pace may seem plodding and deliberate, but her movement in the environment rivals the speed of light. She moves so quickly that she can travel to any destination on planet Earth in microseconds. She also has achieved the ability to do time travel, both to the past and into the future. Another of her super power skills is her ability to morph instantly into the appearance of other creatures, including human beings. But her primary superhero function is to prevent bad things from happening by traveling back in time and changing very minor details in order to influence historical outcomes.
 The super powers of Revelation Cocky Rooster – Revelation Rooster’s primary superhero skill is his ability to access cosmic consciousness through the use of his superior intelligence, and his unique aptitude for transferring that revelation to sentient beings throughout history. He is the facilitator of many of the brilliant ideas expressed by the geniuses in the cosmos. His primary, superhero function is making good things happen by impacting the thinking within cognitive circles of influence. He accesses profound concepts and ethical values obtained from absolute consciousness, and is able to implant those ideas into the minds of his subjects. His morphing ability, however, is not yet fully developed, and will require further training.
These two superheroes are a team. Their collective mission is to study the unique evolution of the human race on planet Earth. In preparation for their mission, they both have completed advanced training in anthropology from the intergalactic university.
Like any odd couple they have dramatically different personalities, which sometimes causes conflict between the two of them. This confidential document is about the secret adventures of these two superheroes’ marvelous accomplishments in stopping bad things, and in creating good things…all the while resolving the conflict between the two of them.

                  #1  advancement of consciousness
#2  psychology
#3  evolution/anthropology
#3  the science of matter and energy
#5  communicating with absolute consciousness
#6  consciousness advancement through religion
#7  inspiration through revelation
Concluding Report # 1 on the Emergency Intervention - My staff and I were suddenly needed to prevent a tragedy on planet Earth before our primary mission to explore the advancement of consciousness could even begin. A brilliant scientist who became temporarily insane in the future was making plans to poison most of the creatures on planet Earth, including human beings. This future event was reported by our time scouts, and Wonder Bunny and Revelation Cocky Rooster were dispatched to preventativly intervene. The tragedy was so imminent that Revelation Rooster was called into crisis intervention before he had even completed his training on how to morph. In spite of the need for immediate action, they were able to rescue planet Earth from the impending tragedy. I am recommending that they both receive the Merit Medal for their actions in preventing what could have been a catastrophic future calamity.
Concluding Report #2 – My agents significantly researched human psychology, and discovered that the several humanoid species are well on their way to achieving access to universal consciousness.
Concluding Report #3 – My agents researched the evolution of the advanced species on planet Earth and discovered that there were actually five humanoid species on the planet. The more advanced species they researched had access to superior consciousness and spirituality.
Concluding Report #4 - The next research subject was Earth science. The researchers on planet Earth have uncovered significant information about the science of matter and energy, which surpasses the evidence thus far realized by our own, intergalactic scientists. This newly discovered information needs to be widely disemminated to members of the universal scientific community. Earth scientists are even beginning to grasp their awareness of consciousness as a fundamenral element in all existence. Some of them have even put forward the idea that consciousness is the ground of all being, thereby advancing what they call the Theory of Everything, or Unified Field Theory. We have much to learn from them, as they have much to learn from us.
I am suggesting that they be recruited to join the Intergalactic League.
Concluding Report #5 – Our research indicates that humans have discovered that they are able to communicate with asbolute consciousness, and thereby minimally impact physical reality. They have also discovered that absolute consciousness can communicate with them. This is a significant advancement in that they can affect reality with their minds, and absolute consciousness can inspire their awareness and intellect.
Concluding Report #6 - We also researched the pros and cons of Earthly religion. The higher Earthly religions are a significant aspect of the total advancement of humanity, and also serve as a comforting and inspirational contribution to the well-being of most human beings.
Concluding Report #7 – I have also included a report from Revelation C. Rooster about his visions from an entity he calls Omnicient Night Owl. As is typical of Revelation Rooster, his research is brilliant, although unorthodox, but I have read it, and believe that it is valuable, and worth including in my report.

If you would like to receive a free copy of the full text, please contact Samuel Orrin Sewell at
Brief Biography of the author: Samuel Orrin Sewell is a life member of Mensa and Gifted Youth Coordinator for his Mensa chapter, has authored many published articles and books, and is a psychotherapist, and past president of the Theological Center in Naples, Florida.

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