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Pharmaceutical Giant Bayer Directly Responsible For Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Pharmaceutical Giant Bayer Directly Responsible For Auschwitz Concentration Camp
Published on Feb 26, 2017
Auschwitz was much more than a concentration camp. It was also the setting for IG Auschwitz, a 100 percent subsidiary of IG Farben. It was the largest complex in the world manufacturing gasoline and rubber.

It was also where IG Farben tested its products. Prisoners who were considered appropriate candidates were sent to the IG Auschwitz factory. There they were used for human experiments of new vaccines being developed. The unlucky individuals sent to the gas chambers were privy to another kind of IG Farben invention – the synthetic gas Zyklon-B. The

IG Auschwitz factory was not the only place where human testing was being conducted on victims. IG Farben had its own concentration camp. There, tested vaccines and chemicals were applied to both sick and healthy individuals, in the form of injections, pills, enemas and powders. Many fell seriously ill or died as a result of these tests.

Bayer bought many of these prisoners from the Auschwitz camp. Letters have been found written between the two organisations regarding the buying of 150 inmates, who were to be used for the testing of a new sleeping pill. The women were bought at 170 RM (Reichsmark) each, and records show they were in a satisfactory condition, despite being emaciated.

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Aspirin may alter normal blood coagulation time and may cause severe bleeding. In case of any invasive procedures (surgery), it may cause harmful effects. If you are taking Aspirin, it is important to notify your doctor about this.

If you are taking Aspirin or Warfarin, then do not include garlic in your diet as it may prolong your bleeding time and may cause dangerous consequences.

Overdosage of Aspirin can cause ototoxicity (damage to the structures of ear).

Aspirin is contraindicated (restricted) in case of eye injuries or contusion of eye ball.

Pruritus (itching) can be caused due to Aspirin.

Aspirin is considerd as one of the top allergic drugs.

Aspirin lowers immunity power by suppressing the synthesis of prostaglandins which have a great role in inflammatory reaction and stimulation of antibodies.

Regular use of Aspirin may cause kidney or bladder stones.

Aspirin alters the results of urine and blood tests (eg. Laboratory test for catecholamine levels, urine glucose levels, etc.).

Aspirin is contraindicated for hyperthyroid patients.

Taking Aspirin with alcohol may result in severe gastrointestinal bleeding. Remember not to take Aspirin with tea, coffee or any carbonated beverages.

Aspirin can cause gastric irritation and ulcers.

Aspirin cause severe hepatic (liver) damage.

Aspirin is contraindicated for patients suffering from bleeding disorders (hemophilia).

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