Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Nikki Haley Tells High School Students To Stop 'Owning The Libs,' Start Trying To Convince

Nikki Haley Tells High School Students To Stop 'Owning The Libs,' Start Trying To Convince
ByBen Shapiro
July 24, 2018
On Monday evening, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley — my personal spirit animal — spoke at the Turning Point USA High School Leadership Summit. There, she spoke some hard truths to the high schoolers, many of whom have been brought up on the following idea of conservatism:

(For the record, Edmund Burke didn't say this.)

Haley stated, “Raise your hand if you’ve ever posted anything online to quote-unquote ‘own the libs.’” A huge number of hands went up, amidst raucous cheering. Which is when Haley dropped the bomb:

"I know that it’s fun and that it can feel good, but step back and think about what you’re accomplishing when you do this — are you persuading anyone? Who are you persuading? We’ve all been guilty of it at some point or another, but this kind of speech isn’t leadership — it’s the exact opposite. Real leadership is about persuasion, it’s about movement, it’s bringing people around to your point of view. Not by shouting them down, but by showing them how it is in their best interest to see things the way you do."

This is excellent stuff, and seriously necessary.

Now, we at The Daily Wire are not above poking fun at the Left — we sell a Leftist Tears (hot or cold) tumbler with our membership. But as I told TPUSA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit just a few weeks ago, the point is to fill the tumbler with tears because people on the Left are crying because they’ve realized they’re wrong, not because we’re jerks about it. Convincing people is the business of conservatism, and Haley knows that.

But we’re living in an “own the libs” time. That manifests itself in terms of policy, where too many conservatives resonate to any message that seems to drive Democrats batty. Now, there are lots of things that drive Democrats batty. But we should only worry about speaking truths — and if those happen to drive the Left batty, that’s just the way it goes.

Good for Nikki Haley. There’s a reason she’s the most popular politician in America.

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