Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A mass citizens arrest on every member of congress

We The People will meet at the Capital Building in Washington DC to make a mass citizens arrest on every member of congress - both the house and senate, the Vice President and President for Treason against the United States of America. 

With the aid of local law enforcement We The People will read formal charges of treason against each and every one of them and then each will be arrested and given due process. 

We The People as American citizens have every right to make a citizens arrest if we see a crime being committed or know of a crime that has been committed and OUR elected officials are not holding their oaths to uphold and protect the U.S. Constitution and they no longer represent the people and doing so is TREASON and they must be held accountable. 

Its past time the American people took action to hold OUR elected officials accountable for the damage they have done to this great country. I hope you will be one of the true American patriots that will show up and help the American people to see OUR country again.

Lets do this the PEACEFUL way fellow Americans. We are a republic - the rule of law and lets use the law to do the right thing and arrest them all for treason. 

I chose this date because it is the week they WILL BE at work because the budget expires that week and we need to take care of business before they try to screw us more with their budget BS!! They are gone on Mondays and Fridays and they leave late Thursdays. Tuesday and Weds are the only days that work. They will have just gotten back to work on Tuesday.

This Is NOT A Political Party Thing Folks!! We Are ALL Americans And Its Time We Call Each Other That! No Party Labels Or Tags!! With That Being Said - We Welcome EVERY ONE That Wants To Help Stand Up For America!! Remember We All Think Differently So Lets Embrace The Diversity And WORK TOGETHER To Save OUR Country!! We Are All On The Same Side - Americas!! We The People Are All In This Together And ALL Together We The People Will Prevail!! Thanks Fellow Americans And We Will See TRUE AMERICA Again!! 

I want them to know we are coming! I want the media to know too! What BETTER way to wake America up? Both the people and the elected who will be arrested! Think about it - WE ARE THE BOSS - not them!! The constitution demands we do this!! America demands we do this!!

"When the representative body have lost the confidence of their constituents, when they have notoriously made sale of their most valuable rights, when they have assumed to themselves powers which the people never put into their hands, then indeed their continuing in office becomes dangerous to the State, and calls for an exercise of the power of dissolution." ~ Thomas Jefferson

The American people are going to take back the power taken from them by the federal government by having each sovereign state in the union vote to nullify THIS federal government and starting over sticking to the constitution.

WE THE PEOPLE Are The Ones In Charge! It goes The People, The States and THEN The Federal Government. THIS Federal government is OUT OF CONTROL! We The People MUST TAKE BACK Our Power And Country! 

To Restore The Republic - Four Goals

All 50 states each nullify the federal government by voting by ballot - only takes 35 to do it.

All 50 states make voter registration without declaring any party - only register to vote. We are all Americans and America comes before any political party. Both major parties are corrupt and no longer represent the people. Make the primaries blanket so there are no parties involved. That means no republican or democrat primaries - all Americans. 

All 50 states make ALL elections paper ballot only and mandatory hand counts. NO ELECTRONIC MEANS to count ballots or vote.

All 50 states make it mandatory that a jury is told there are three options - not guilty, guilty, and the law is unjust and nullify the charges. The legal system needs checks and balances too and a jury is one way to do that. The status quo currently HIDES this from any jury. 


** We need to recruit oath keepers and such to form a security for us. Anyone interested in helping with that please email ladyliberty24@hushmail.com.

** If enough fellow Americans seriously want to go I can look into getting group discounts at local hotels. 

** Those who can - lets work on getting transportation to get as many fellow Americans and we can there. 

** If anyone would like to help organize this in any way please email Samantha Adams at ladyliberty24@hushmail.com.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great idea. I sure hope that it could really happen. The sooner the better. I hope that there will be a bigger turnout than the tea party. It has been way long overdue. The congress, senate, usurper and vice usurper have destroyed our country with their criminal activity. All congress and senate are complicit in the treason and cover up.

joebanana said...

Sam, you do realize this will necessarily become a bloody conflict. The "Supreme law of the land", in fact most all "laws" have been overpowered by executive orders put forth by a fraudulent tresspasser in the peoples house. The USDOJ is in fact a crime syndicate, as are the courts of these United States. There is no such thing as judicial integrity, the rule of law, or due process anymore. The NDAA is a declaration of war on the American people, by a tyrannical form of government, which is foreign to our constitution, and declaration of independence. In short, the US governmental body has been infiltrated by a domestic enemy, and the rule of law no longer applies. Law enforcement consists of policy compliance with use of deadly force, or electro-shock torture techneques. Don't forget to apply for, and pay all applicable fee's for a "citizen's arrest" permit.
God Speed.