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Developing: Ret. Supreme Court Judge Fights $13,000 Sanction Against Obama Challenger

Developing: Ret. Supreme Court Judge Fights $13,000 Sanction Against Obama Challenger

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Retired Washington State Supreme Court Justice Fights Linda Jordan's $13,000 Sanctions For Challenging Obama's Forged Identity Documents; The Government Is Hiding The Ball To Oppress A Patriotic Private Citizen; It's Time To Fight
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As many know Linda Jordan was sanctioned $13,000 for challenging Obama's identity document fraud and his placement on the state of Washington's ballot. Linda reached out to many attorneys seeking advice on what she could do about the unjust fees levied against her. Only one was brave enough to step up to the plate and take on her case. His name is Richard B. Sanders from the Goodstein Law Group in Tacoma, Washington. Mr. Sanders was a justice on the Washington Supreme Court from 1995 to 2010. contacted Mr. Sanders for a public statement on why he decided to take on Linda Jordan's plight. Mr. Sanders provided the following statement on February 3rd, 2013. And, he didn't hold back!

Statement from the Honorable Richard B. Sanders:

For the first time in 17 years, 15 of those sitting on the Washington Supreme Court, I have agreed to represent a private citizen. And I am pleased to lend Linda Jordan a helping hand.

In good faith Ms. Jordan commenced an action to question President Obama's name on the ballot. She did the best she could with limited resources and no legal training. The government's response was immediate and in some respects heavy handed. Having obtained a summary dismissal of her case, and then her appeal, the attorney general went further to demand the Secretary of State be reimbursed, claiming attorney fees amounting to almost $13,000. However what the attorney general did not tell the court is that the Secretary never actually paid this amount, nor was he billed this amount, nor probably anything close to it. The number is made up, pure fiction. The AG did not disclose the actual amount to the court probably because the objective is to get a punitive judgment for as much as he can without regard to actual expenditures which were much less.

My motion to modify and reduce the court clerk's award of almost $13,000 will attempt to direct the court's attention to the truth of the matter: that once again the government is hiding the ball to oppress a patriotic private citizen of modest means because she exercised her right to access the courts. This is not compensatory but punitive. It is not justice but oppression. Moreover $13,000 is truly an outlandish sum to obtain dismissal of an appeal the AG claimed was entirely lacking in merit. No wonder people mistrust the government, lawyers and the court system. It's time to fight.

Richard B. Sanders
Lawyer - end -

Linda Jordan provided the following statement on February 3rd, 2013:

"I am humbled, grateful and hopeful to have Richard Sanders representing me. The Courts do, after all, play a role in the effort to reveal the truth and serve justice." - Linda Jordan -

Here's a pertinent quote taken from one of Mr. Sanders many legal writings/speeches titled, "The King of America": 

"An independent judiciary is essential to preserve the Rule of Law. The judiciary cannot serve as handmaidens to powerful interests and, at the same time, protect the rights of individual citizens who are threatened precisely because they are economically weak or politically unpopular.

To stand by the Rule of Law judges must be impartial. They must not presume the government is always right. They must not defer to the government. They must not restrain themselves from defending the legal rights of the individual. There is no virtue in such restraint. It is dereliction of judicial duty.." - Honorable Richard B. Sanders -

If you can please visit Linda's defense fund page and consider making a contribution:

Also, Linda Jordan was interviewed by Carl Gallups this past Friday. That interview can be found here.


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