Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MAYBE IT'S NOT AN ACCIDENT - The government is out to get you, on purpose!


If you're playing basketball and the guy elbows you under the net, it's an accident.
The first time.
After that, you've got to figure he's doing it on purpose.
That's how life is. Once is a fluke, twice is a pattern. When somebody does something over and over, it's pretty hard to believe that it's not on purpose.
It's pretty hard to believe that he's not gunning for you.
Like the federal government.
At this stage, it's pretty hard to believe that its incompetence isn't on purpose. It's pretty hard to avoid the conclusion that somebody has decided to put the ship on the rocks.
I don't believe in conspiracies.
But I do believe in selfishness, egomania, venality, avarice, covetousness and stupidity. In short, I do believe in evil. And I do believe that evil has destroyed more governments than one, annihilated more civilizations than one.
And I'm suspicious.
I'm suspicious of an uninterrupted string of policies and laws which do nothing but chain and bankrupt the American people and the American economy. Our freedom, our culture, our territory, our prosperity and our future are all in legitimate peril and in each instance it is the direct consequence of government policies.
The politicians claim that the government will solve our problems, but in actuality it has created them. Its power has been perverted and misdirected in such a fashion as to hemorrhage our stability and vitality.
It is an ongoing act of national suicide, committed by the government and borne by the people. The lust for power is so great among the pygmies who have appointed themselves our leaders that they would gladly destroy the nation if they could secure for themselves the opportunity to preside over its ruins.
Jackals gnaw the bones of gazelles, but first they have to kill them.
Or, as the Bible says, “When the wicked rule, the people mourn.”
The government chose to ignore our border and immigration laws. Historic and potentially incurable damage has been done as a result.
The government chose to accumulate incomprehensible debt. We will live with the threat of bankruptcy for at least a generation as a result.
The government has prevented the development of domestic energy resources, from coal to nuclear to gas to oil. That has enriched our enemies, enfeebled our economy, endangered our security and encumbered our prosperity.
The government has weakened our population with massive socialist programs, raiding the family budgets of those who pay for them and destroying the family responsibility of those who receive them.
The government has strangled our farm production, with the intoxication of subsidy and the lunacy of food-based fuel. This will, in the first instance, make people go broke. It will, in the second instance, make people go hungry.
The government has destroyed the benefit of education, hobbling what were once the world's best schools in favor of creating an activist- and union-driven industry of indoctrination. Students learn neither their culture nor their livelihood and are taught nothing of citizenship except resentment, rebellion and arrogant entitlement.
The government has transformed free trade into a rape of our economy, subsidizing massive trade deficits and the consequent collapse of our currency. The result is a destruction of our industry – essential to both prosperity and security – and a situation in which foreigners with solid currencies are gobbling up American businesses and American land, making us sharecroppers and tenants in our own country.
The government has conducted two wars in such a fashion as to cripple our armies, empty our treasury, destroy our reputation and bleed a generation. Our demonstrated weakness has bolstered rivals and invited insolence.
The government has given us Medicare and Medicaid and predatory liability laws and free medical care for illegal aliens and the horrible butchery they have together forced on our medical system. In less than a generation we have gutterized what many remember as the best medical system in the world.
The government is kneeling before the altar of man-made global warming, forcing this cult of de-industrialization upon our lifestyles and our family budgets.
Our freedom is diminished, our currency is devalued, our fuel is expensive, our food is scarce, our borders are meaningless, our security is weak, our future is mortgaged, our prospects are bleak.
And the government did it all.
Each and every one of these woes is the direct and unavoidable consequence of governmental policies advocated and enacted by one or both of the two major political parties.
We are on our knees, our strength is gone, and the government did it.
And it's beginning to be hard to believe that this much incompetence is an accident.
When somebody does something over and over, it's pretty hard to believe it's not on purpose.

- by Bob Lonsberry © 2013 

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