Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sam's Saturday Stag – May 25 - 2 PM

Sam's Saturday Stag – May 25 - 2 PM
Personality Types Theory and Application  (Wrap Up)
Examining the Dynamics Behind the Destruction of Civilizations
We will have our final look at the Keirsey Temperament Sorter and the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator. 
We will also take a brief look at the NPP.  The inventory was developed by John M. Oldham, MD, MS - Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff, The Menninger Clinic.  Dr.  Oldham wrote the personality disorder section of the Diagnostic Service Manual IV and the DSM V.  This inventory is based on decades of scientific data and has a built in validation profile to prevent manipulation of the results.  This type of personality inventory is vitally important for any business.  People with personality disorders often seem like the “golden boy” or “Wonder Woman” and easily slip through the Human Resources department screening, later becoming a significant problem, which can do severe damage to a corporation.  We recommend that all employees and associates complete this inventory.

This inventory scans for pathological traits in all fourteen personality disorders.    These indicators also register the traits associated with personality tendencies that  are advantageous in an employment situation. 

Sam Sewell, Director of Best Self USA, a counseling clinic will present his research on these kinds of personality type indicators.

Then we will begin our examination of the demographic dynamics and value systems are present in the history of declining civilizations and how to avoid the same fate for American or Western civilization.  This discussion will be led by William Hutchins, MD

Please be prepared to suggest topics for future meetings.

RSVP is required, (limited seating.) Give Sam a call at 239-591-4565, or email:
Refreshments & snacks are not provided; participants are encouraged to bring enough to share.
There is no fee to attend. Contributions to the Southwest Florida MENSA scholarship fund for gifted youth are encouraged. 


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