Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Klayman Wins - Taitz Loses


We won the case against Judicialsm Watch/Fitton & "unindicted co-conspirator" Taitz and $181,000!!!

Not even Judicial Watch - LOL!

Jury votes for Klayman on Tuesday

In early 2012, we recruited Larry Klayman as counsel for the FL Voeltz v Obama and CA Noonan v Bowen cases. Although both had different strategies and applicable statutes and case law involved, both were directed at "Barack Obama's" eligibility to be on the ballots of their respective states, due to his ineligibility in not being a natural born Citizen. Both cases are still in various stages of appeal and one of the Voeltz cases is now headed for SCOTUS.

Almost immediately after announcing Mr. Klayman's engagement, Klayman and OBC were attacked by CA "Birther" attorney Orly Taitz and Judicial Watch, the latter in the form of Constance Ruffley, West Coast office manager. She fed Taitz a combination of outright lies and half-truths about Klayman and OBC principles, which Taitz then blogged and broadcast as widely as she could. Klayman and Obama Ballot Challenge immediately protested. Klayman was simply blown off by Judicial Watch, while OBC engaged Taitz in multiple fruitless conversations, pointing out her lies and deceptions. At one point Taitz stated that she was entitled to all donations for eligibility cases, an amazing sense of entitlement.
The upshot of all this is that donations plunged and Klayman's future prospects were clouded, so this legal vindication against the firm whose motto is "Because no one is above the law" is extremely welcome. The money sure helped, too, although the cases suffered grievously and others planned never materialized. The CA case had to be litigated pro se by one of the plaintiffs.

Reverend Sam Sewell of Naples FL was the Project Director for Florida Ballot Challenge.  “We had a very gratifying flow of contributions until the rumors and slander began.  Very quickly the fund raising went from a flow to a trickle.  Individuals who had contributed thousands of dollars of ‘seed money’ were left with no backup for their considerable investment.”   He documented the plunge in funds flow, which Klayman was able to correlate to the illegal and defamatory actions of Taitz and Judicial Watch. OBC editor and staffer Miller published an open letter to Taitz and the public citing the offenses and general impact on the cases, demanding a cessation and apology for the defamation, which could have avoided litigation, but was ignored.

On June 10, Larry Klayman and paralegal Dina James won the case against Judicial Watch/Fitton & "unindicted co-conspirator" Taitz along with $181,000 in compensatory and punitive damages!!! The case established the background of current JW CEO Tom Fitton's rivalry and animus dating back to the 1990's as well as the more recent 2012 events leading to the harm suffered by plaintiff and well-documented in the two week-long court proceedings, depositions and exhibits. Fitton is not a lawyer and never has quite filled the shoes of Klayman since he left JW in 1994 to run for the US Senate in FL.

Klayman recorded or otherwise noted some truly stupid outbursts by Fitton and Ruffley in depositions and testimony and played them back to the jury multiple times, helping to cement a favorable verdict. Damning deposition and testimony material sealed Judicial Watch's fate, leading to the Tuesday verdict by the local Jury of mostly black and Hispanic Citizens. The jury didn't seem very engaged during most of the proceedings but evidently did not miss the really salient points.

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