Thursday, August 6, 2015

From the Mensa member creators of Ask HUXLEY, The psychedelic carp with all the answers

From the Mensa member creators of Ask HUXLEY, The psychedelic carp with all the answers

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This whole concept is absolutely brilliant!!  The more we researched it the more impressed we were with what we had discovered.  In short, there is a plethora of scientific validation for what seems to be a quirky idea.

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Pareidolia: it provides a way to be related to the world, to interpret cosmics signs visualizing the sky and the land as if they were a gigantic Rorschach test, contributing to the origin of Paleoart, being Makapansgat cobble its earliest manifestation, and the Mimetolith of Pan Gu the latest and most complex (in relation to the period studied in this article).
The implications of Pareidolia include all 5 senses in the formulation of images. This can be observed in both humans and animals. As a result of this process in humans, we found gods that arose from the combination of this images and human emotions.
The examples of pareidolia in animals indicate that it might be phenomena inherent to living creatures, independent of the cerebral development.
Apophenia: it allows establishing relations between different beings, things uncertain events, phenomena and others not directly related. When the observer finds significant matches a Hierophany is produced, meaning, a feeling that what was observed is linked to sacred matters.
The PAH Triad: A) it provides a theory-perceptual frame that does not depends on altered states of consciousness. It allows explaining in part the emergence of animism, religion and art, by means of psychological phenomena inherent to all human beings, from any period of history. B) it appears to be an ubiquitous phenomena. C) It might be a precedent of science.
What does it look like?: This question applied to archaeological contexts, permits a change in the paradigm, work methodologies and validation techniques.
Mimetoliths and Mimetomorphs: Seem to detonate the work of the PAH triad.
Archaeology of the Entorno (Surroundings): Supplies a method to relate data from diverse fields such as culture, geography, climatology, astronomy, psychology and biology among others.

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