Saturday, November 19, 2016

No, Hillary Did Not Win the majority Vote

Much to her dismay and that of her supporters or those who simply dislike President-elect Donald Trump’s victory, Democrat Hillary Clinton still maintains a massive lead in the popular vote by more than 1.3 million over the Republican winner and commander-in-chief in waiting, according to the latest tallies by non-partisan group Cook Political Report.

Trump, who blew past the required 270 electoral votes to become president, currently has 61,486,735 votes, or 46.6 percent, compared to Clinton’s 62,825,754 votes, or 47.9 percent. The current difference between the candidates, of which a final figure won’t be known until all votes are accounted for, has grown every day since the election and Clinton has well surpassed Democrat Al Gore’s popular vote-winning margin of more than 547,000 in 2000.

That’s led many around the country to question Trump’s legitimacy as president - with hashtags and trends on social media sites like “Not My President” becoming nationally recognized and regularly used by his detractors – and the Electoral College’s place in the country’s political system. Many have called it draconian or not representative of the voters’ wishes.

However, Clinton does not have an outright majority of votes, but rat
her a plurality, as pointed out by Wall Street Journal reporter Byron Tau Thursday.

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