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Samuel Orrin Sewell
We all suffered through the 2008 financial meltdown and were surprised that a novice, leftist politician was elected as president. Here is a part of the puzzle I think others have missed.
If an enemy of America were to pair the Cloward-Piven Strategy, which can be reviewed by clicking the link to a brilliant explanation by Jim Simpson (former White House staff economist and budget analyst), to the principles of the new science of networks, it would be possible to target a hub in a system, create a crisis, and by causing that hub to fail, create a domino effect in other hubs and effect both political and financial systems. See: A news release from UMass Amherst, and Doug Simpson's weblog of research on the collision of law, networks and disruptive technologies
and a link to the most popular book on the subject “
Six Degrees: The Science of a Connected Age, by Duncan Watts”. If you truly want to understand the current financial and political positions of the Obama administration, please read those above articles.

“Columbia Professor 
Duncan J. Watts builds on the work of mathematicians, physicists, biologists, sociologists, economists and others to advance the new science of networks. "Six Degrees: The Science of a Connected Age " brings a sociologist’s perspective to a field relevant to those dealing with complex systems and their robustness and fragility under stress. The science of networks has significance for those wrestling with current issues of law and public policy in a wide spectrum of applications including electric power grids, insurance markets and anti-terror measures. In 1999, Barabasi and Albert published a ground breaking paper "Emergence of Scaling in Random Networks." (Science, 286, 509-512. 1999.) This paper showed that certain connections in real world networks don't have a normal "bell curve" distribution but rather follow a power law distribution. This means that there is an increased likelihood of extreme events in such "scale free" networks. As a result, in scale-free networks, as networks evolve, a few nodes will be "hubs" with an extraordinary number of connections. Barabasi and Albert also found that the evolution of these hubs depended on the combination of network growth and "preferential attachment" - the tendency for new nodes to connect to those already well connected (the "rich get richer" effect.)
Please remember that, contrary to the propaganda of the political left, it is not the Republicans that get rich. The richest people are the contributors to the Democratic Party, not the Republican Party. The present manifestation of America’s two largest political parties reveals that the Republican electorate is the backbone of America - the people’s choice, while the Democrats are the constituency of the elite.
Why do so many people believe the opposite premise?
A lie told once remains a lie, but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth - “The truth is our greatest enemy,” Joseph Goebbels, National Socialist German Worker’s Party (NAZI.) Notice their identity was “socialist.”

The major reason other political commentators have not addressed the issue of network science is that only mathematicians and scientists understand it. My feeble attempt at a “plain speak” translation is that all networks tend to form hubs that are connected to thousands of other networks, and more importantly, to other hubs. These hubs are vulnerable to a “created crisis,” and when that happens the entire web collapses, be it the World Wide Web or the web of the U.S. economy.

National security experts are well aware of the vulnerability of network hubs and publish 
Network Vulnerability and Risk Assessment reports. This one is researched and published by DTIC Provider of DoD Technical Information to Support The Defense Community. One of the points to note is that: “Threats that originate inside the network tend to have the ability to exploit vulnerabilities in a serial form. This allows the attacker to traverse or "leap-frog" across the network to an advantageous position.” The most likely scenario would expect the attack to come from inside the network, when we are looking at the financial network. I have read this risk assessment, and it is too general to connect dots as to how a financial “crisis” might be timed and executed, but it is very clear that it can happen.

We know how leftist activists created a crisis and turned the mortgage lending business into a “mortgage welfare entitlement” lending policy. We know that the hub we know as “mortgage banking” failed, bringing down the rest of the economy with it. What we don’t know is how the failure was timed.
My guess is that the science of networks was used to tilt the election in Obama’s favor, and damage the economy to such an extent that reshaping it along a socialist paradigm became possible.

One of my hopes in writing this article is to encourage real network scientists to take a look at my hypothesis. One friend who is a scientist at Amherst says that I am “on the right track,” but that is not yet enough to make a definitive statement.

Remember all that talk about how savvy the Obama campaign was about using the Internet? Remember all those Internet CEO’s who were on the Obama team? Remember that George Soros, 
"the man who broke the Bank of England," the king of creating market and currency crises, was on Obama’s team? Can you really imagine a likely scenario where these people do not know about network science, and how to use a created crisis to get what they want?

We know for sure that a crisis was deliberately created with malice aforethought by enemies of our country and liberal politicians. They overtly said they would do it, and they did. Many of these created events have damaged our nation since 1970. The culprits aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they did it. Decent Americans have trouble believing that people could deliberately do something so evil. That is how deliberately evil people pull the wool over the eyes of decent people.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory. No black helicopters or deep throats. It isn’t hidden and it isn’t secret. It is easily visible for those who have eyes to see. Those radical socialists who used deliberately created crisis tactics were successful beyond their expectations. I am reminded of Osama Ben Laden’s pleasant surprise when he was informed about how successful the 9/11 attack had been. I imagine Obama shares Osama’s elation over his unlikely success.

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