Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Bernie Attacks Disneyland. It's Idiotic.

Bernie Attacks Disneyland. It's Idiotic.
ByBen Shapiro
June 4, 2018
Over the weekend, Senator Bernie Sanders (Loonbag-VT) announced that he would be taking on his next big opponent: Mickey Mouse. Attempting to cram down pay raises on the largest employer in Orange County, Sanders joined unions pushing a ballot measure to require a minimum wage of $15. “The struggle that you are waging here in Anaheim is not just for you,” Sanders sputtered. “It is a struggle for millions of workers all across this country who are sick and tired of working longer hours for lower wages.”

Then he took to Twitter:

I want to hear the moral defense of a company like Disney that makes $9 billion in profits, $400 million for their CEO and has a 30-year worker going hungry.

This is precisely the same asinine economic take Sanders and other Leftists pushed in Seattle, which has since attacked large companies like Amazon, Starbucks and Microsoft. Seattle’s $15 minimum wage likely caused job loss and lower wages; according to a University of Washington study, “employees increased wages, which you’d expect given the mandate of the law, but they also cut hours and they cut jobs.”

There's a certain irony to the fact that Disney employs 200,000 people but a Vermont commune couldn't even keep Bernie employed.

Here are the facts: Disney is the top employer in Orange County, with 30,000 workers. Disney has been in negotiations with unions like the Master Services Council, which represents nearly 10,000 cast members — and Disney has already offered a plan that would grant $15 minimum wage by 2020. Disney has increased employment by 50% over the last decade. Hourly cast members already receive overtime and premiums. Nearly nine in ten leadership workers in operations started off as hourly employees, and in 2017, more than 2,000 part-time workers became full-time. Furthermore, Disneyland resort pays an average of $13,500 per family for full-time workers’ medical premiums.

Oddly enough, Sanders does not cite the Out of Reach report from the National Law Income Housing Coalition, regarding statistics in his own home state, showing that Vermonters must work 1.7 full-time minimum wage jobs to afford a 1-bedroom rental home, that Vermont has the fifth highest shortfall between average renter wage and two-bedroom housing wage (California clocks in third, with Hawaii, Maryland, and New Jersey joining the list — all Democratic states), and that Vermont is nearly 11,000 affordable homes short of parity.

Once again, Democratic governance is all about pudding-in-the-sky thinking, not practical economics.

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