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 been published and other people have taken false credit for creating the article.

Genius is defined as “Exceptional intellectual ability capable of looking beyond known facts. Such intellectual giants can do things with their minds that can’t even be described to ordinary people.” 

“It is as if a special type of creativeness, being an expression of a healthy personality, is projected out upon the world, touching every activity in which the person is engaged.”  

Trump’s Personality and IQ Evaluatied by Psychotherapist
by Samuel Orrin Sewell -

Trump may be a genius, but personality is more important.

The most well-known high IQ society is Mensa. To join Mensa one must score in the top 2% of a standardized IQ test. That really isn’t all that outstanding. One out of 50 people have IQs high enough to join Mensa. 

Numerical IQ scores are not an accurate indicator of intelligence. For instance a score of 72 on the U.S. Navy GCT test is about equal to score of 150 on the WAIS (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale.) Percentile IQ scores are a more informative measurement.

Back during the 2004 presidential election I wrote an article that shook up the major news networks and the New York Times. I was able to document that George Bush had a higher IQ score and better grades than John Kerry. I belong to one of those high IQ societies, and I am a psychotherapist, so I have a credible background to evaluate Mr. Trump, even though my opinions are speculative.

Please keep in mind that IQ is a measure of intellect, not character. I will comment on Donald Trump’s character later in this article.

Donald Trump graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1968, with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics and anthropology. Mensa does not accept SAT scores from after 1994. However Mr Trump was a student at Wharton when it was possible to derive an accurate IQ score from known SAT scores.  Given the usual requirements for admission to a top school like Wharton, I estimate that Mr. Trump has an IQ well into the 150 range.

The standard description of this level of intelligence is “Genius - Exceptional intellectual ability and capable of looking beyond known facts.” However, the percentile rating is more revealing than the raw score. A 150s IQ ranks high into the 99.9th percentile. That means that Donald Trump is likely smarter than 99.9 percent of the people on planet earth. Not only does Trump qualify for membership in Mensa but he could probably join the Triple Nine Society.

People with this kind of intellectual ability can do things with their minds that can’t even be described to ordinary people. Remember that quote from the above paragraph, “capable of looking beyond known facts?” These highly intelligent minds process and organize data into uniquely distinctive solutions and insights, and the gifted individual is not even consciously aware of the process. Brilliant people like Mr Trump experience those cartoon light bulbs going on over their heads on a regular basis. I would not be surprised if Mr Trump’s IQ actually measures significantly higher than the estimate mentioned above.

Enough about how smart Mr. Trump is. I actually was motivated to write this article because of the personality traits that are revealed in Mr. Trump’s behavior. His character traits are every bit as fascinating as his intellect.

Abraham Maslow, the American Psychologist and Philosopher best known for his self-actualization theory of psychology, spent most of his professional career trying to identify what was right with people, rather than looking at pathology. Maslow did extensive research to define the traits of a “self actualized” person. My wife and professional partner is also a high IQ person. She makes the point that a better term is “self actualizing,” correctly pointing out that there isn’t a state of personality to be achieved, but rather the individual is in the ongoing process of becoming his best self.

Donald Trump’s observable behavior informs us about the degree to which he is “self actualizing.” Quote from a Psychology Professor under whom I once studied; “People are not who you think they are. People are not who they think they are. People are what they do. That is why this is called a behavioral science." Forget the labels. They are all misleading. Pay attention to the behavior.

Here are some examples of the Traits of a Self Actualized Person, from Maslow’s own research:

·       They resist enculturation. 
Self-actualizers tend to be nonconformists, since they are inner-directed people. If a cultural norm is contrary to their personal values, they simply will not adhere to it.  They are almost always loners, or leaders. They are never joiners. 

Yup. That sounds like the “Donald” to me!

·       They are creative.
Maslow found this trait in all of the self-actualizers. “This is a universal characteristic of all the people studied or observed. There is no exception. This creativeness appears in some of our subjects in other than the usual forms of writing books, composing music, or producing artistic objects. It is as if this special type of creativeness, being an expression of healthy personality, is projected out upon the world, touching any activity in which the person is engaged. In this sense there can be creative shoemakers, carpenters or clerks. This creativity comes from the fact that self-actualizers are more open to experience and more spontaneous in their feelings.” 

Yes, Donald is always coming up with creative ways of seeing, defining and solving problems.

·       They are autonomous, and therefore tend to be independent of their environment.
 Maslow expresses that because self-actualizers see the bigger picture, rather than being motivated by bureaucratic detail, they are more dependent upon their own inner world than on the outer world. Rule makers seek compliance from others to provide their main need gratification. For them, it can come only from other human beings. But growth motivated self-actualizers may actually be hampered by others. For them, determinants of satisfaction, and the good life are inner and individual, not social. They have become strong enough to be independent of the opinions of other people, good or bad, or even of their affection. The honors, status, rewards, popularity, prestige and love which others can bestow have become less important than self-development and inner growth. For self-actualizers, the gratification comes from the freedom of self management.

Donald frequently says that he doesn’t plan what he is going to say. It is obvious that his strategy is simply to be authentic.

·       They have a strong ethical sense.
Although their notions of right and wrong are often unconventional, self-actualizers, nonetheless almost always know the ethical implications of their own actions.

Right and wrong (good and evil) are part of every decision Donald makes.

·       They tend to accept democratic values.
Self-actualizers do not respond to individuals on the basis of race, religion, status or gender. They tend to befriend anyone of suitable character, regardless of class, education, political belief, color. As a matter of fact, it often seems as if they are not even aware of these differences, which are for the average person so obvious and important. 

Donald is as likely to exhibit the same personal respect for his chauffeur or secretary that he does for construction workers or CEOs.

·       They tend to identify with all of mankind.
The concerns that self-actualizers have for other people do not extend only to their friends and family, but to all people in all cultures throughout the world. Their feelings of compassionate brotherhood extend also to individuals who are aggressive, inconsiderate, or otherwise foolish. Self-actualizers have a genuine desire to help the human race.

Donald consistently shows a universality of concern for all people. It should be no surprise that he advocates for all Americans.

·       They exhibit spontaneity, simplicity and naturalness.
Self-actualizers tend to be true to their feelings; they express what they are experiencing. They do not hide behind a mask, and do not act in accordance with social roles. They are true to themselves, speaking candidly and authentically.

One of the traits that makes Donald so popular with voters is that he is “real.”

We have mentioned only some of the traits confirming Mr Trump as a self-actualized person. However, let it suffice to observe that Donald Trump is a brilliant man with a healthy personality. It should be pointed out that “self-actualizing” people are not what most human resources departments are seeking. Most executives want employees who will follow the manual and fit into the corporate culture. That does not describe Donald Trump. 

Maybe the voters of America share some of the same biases as executives. Perhaps what we need now is a rebel genius with self-actualized traits to be our President. Lord knows we have tried enough of the other kind of leader.

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