Friday, October 31, 2008

You need to see this right now! Oh my God!


Thanks to a friend for keeping this blog free of scams, hoaxes, and inaccuracies:

Sad to say, the video is a fake. Here's a comment I received back from a friend who was a Phantom Phlyer back in the day:
> It is a fake. The aircraft shown is an R/C model. The wing "broke off" in a low G maneuver such as you would need if you had some pins that needed pulling. There were no control cables which would need to be yanked out of the disabled wing. The gear would be flattened on a real aircraft with that hard of a landing.
> There are many comments on the internet by R/C people how they recognize the aircraft and the maneuver.
> It is a faked video.
You did ask to be informed if anything you posted was questionable.

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Anonymous said...

If this is not a hoax, he's the greatest emergency pilot of all time.