Thursday, February 19, 2009

All Kanjorski - Bank run - posts removed.

Because of imprecise comments by Representative Paul E. Kanjorski a whole internet buzz was started that need to be corrected. So as to not lose the part of the story that was valid there is a new post on this blog How to Create a Crisis and Steal a Nation

Everyone of the posts on this blog concerning Representative Paul E. Kanjorski (D) - PA and his comments on video from C-SPAN's Washington Journal on January 27 have been removed from this site.

Several hours work down the drain but I am not angry I am grateful. This blog is working like I want it to work. On the title page I say "This blog was started to give people a source of information they can trust. I almost never make the mistake of including scams, false rumors, or poorly researched items. I encourage readers to alert me if they spot an anomaly. It will be quickly corrected."

I made a mistake and thanks to one of my readers a wide spread internet rumor was corrected.

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"American Daughter" points to article at

"Zero Hedge"

See update at end of "Zero Hedge" article, quoted here:/begin quote/

"Update - for all who claim that Kanjorski is yapping with a few screws loose upstairs, take a look at this clip:

and fast forward to the 1 hour, 50 minute and 48 second mark. This is archived footage from the September 24 House Financial Services hearing at which both Paulson and Bernanke are present. Kanjorski asks Paulson this very question, and states to Paulson, that the information came originally from him. Now, Kanjorski may be anything but not senile as he is merely repeating facts that Paulson tells him. And Paulson does not refute the facts. His explanation is somewhat amusing. Make your own conclusions. /end quote/

Thank you very much reader!


Anonymous said...

Barney Frank conveniently cuts off Sec. Paulson when he begins to discuss the electronic run and tells him we are short on time. Then Sec. Paulson continues and really doesnt explain that part of the question at all. Am I missing something or are we believing the run never took place and dont expect answers to who or what country was involved.

Anonymous said...

The above post should have referenced the financial services committee meeting which was linked in the article. Taking place at 1:55:53 in the meeting.

cncrnd said...

Anonymous said... "Barney Frank conveniently cuts off Sec. Paulson..."

That was a sly maneuver, wasn't it? Maybe Barney Frank was trying to prevent further discussion of something? That's the thought I had on my second listening of the financial services committee meeting.

Rev. Sewell's original article, briefly mirrored at "The Commentary" blog , had an interesting reader's comment -- had to do with a secret meeting at the Capitol early 2008. (I wish it were still available -- I didn't get to finish reading the secret meeting comment.)

Now, I wonder even more, that Barney Frank interrupted to prevent disclosure of something VERY unusual.

cncrnd said...

Rev. Sewell, did you see comment by "CSS" (I think that was the commentor's ID)? It was posted on "The Commentary" blog in response to your original article (that Hanen briefly mirrored on her site).

I didn't get to finish reading the comment. The page refreshed when the article was removed.

Comment by CSS had to do with a secret meeting at the Capitol early 2008. Also, had something to do with Australia (an article in Australia news?).

Might have been a red herring, but wanted to examine the idea and check for truth.

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