Tuesday, December 15, 2009

AKA Obama - "FRAUD" the movie - trailer - video

The person who posted this video, "The Race" claims it is a trailer for a soon to be released feature film. The video appears to be "on the street interviews" from a Tea Party event. The very same video was posted on YouTube back in April (no, not April first).

I remain uncertain about the claim "in theaters soon".

"The Race" comments on another blog:

"WOW. Your SITE ROCKS. Thanks for posting the FRAUD trailer on your site.

We’re doing this internet style and then into the theaters. People are never going to believe all the crimes.

We’ll send you a link in a few days where people can register to win FRAUD shirts and hats while they watch the trialer to help us BUZZ the world with this film.

Cheers,-The Race
Comment by The Race November 19, 2009"


One Nation Under Fraud

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