Monday, December 28, 2009

Midnight Review has changed URL - Google shut down my Midknight Review on Dec 26.

Google shut down my Midknight Review on Dec 26.

Read about it:Google purges Midknight Review from the Internet for bogus reasons.

My opinion is that a renegade agent (Google employee) is responsible for this rather than it being the policy of Google.

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jds said...

Yes, you may be correct. A differing opinion is documented on my [new] site but the fact remains that if the action is rogue, it has, indeed, happened before and to the credit of "Google." We cannot know if this is a Google practice until and unless "pattern activity" is established. I intend to continue my opposition to Mr. Obama as does the Hun here at Steady Drip. If I were to be shut down using similar methodology, then and only can I charge Google with such clandestine activity -- until then, it is only a suspicion of mine. Thanks for the cautionary input. I will make sure that the post on this subject in Midknight Review - new and revised reflects this caution. That being said, the fact remains that Google did, in fact, shut me down - whether by rogue activism or not. We should, however, allow for the distinction of "rogue" and official, policy oriented activity.

John Smithson
Midknight Review