Thursday, January 7, 2010

Einstein debunks Obot eligibility theory

Albert Einstein did much of his work in physics by conducting “thought experiments”
Here is a political thought experiment designed to refute the naïve thought that I have seen repeated so many times; “the fact that Obama’s mother was a US citizen when Obama was born settles the issue, regardless of where on the planet he was born”:

Suppose that in 1975 Osama bin Laden married his first wife, an American girl who was only 17 years old. A male child was born to Osama bin Laden that same year. By the year 2012 this male child was old enough to be President of the United States and since his mother was an American Barak Hussein Osama was legally able to be on the ballot and in 2012 the son of Osama bin Laden was elected as President.

Or is that just plain wrong?


Anonymous said...

Um...what? This is so spectacularly incoherent it defies description. Are you sure you're not Gabby Johnson from "Blazing Saddles?"

Aristotle The Hun said...

"spectacularly incoherent"

What an amazing coincidence! That is exactly what intellectually challenged people said about Einstein.

There is no cure for stupid!

None of your future comments will be posted.

I don't argue with an idiots; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.

Story Reports said...

Was his mother an American citizen?

Was his father a Kenyan citizen?

Obama has said this. His certification of live birth posted on the web that was filed with the registrar but not accepted does not validate who he is nor who his parents are.

There is no known documentation that has been produced to verify who obama is, his parents, where he was born and when.

The only piece of evidence obama has produced cannot be verified without knowing or seeing an original long form hospital generated birth certificate of live birth. It is possible there is none. Just because some official in Hawaii declares they have seen his "birth certificate" in no way validates his birth.

Obama is truly a no record from birth to the present date. He has no past records and his current record of success can't be found.

zero = bo squared

Aristotle The Hun said...

The poster above, "Story Reports" is correct.

Get the full story here: Obama “I have nothing to hide but I’m hiding it.”

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