Thursday, February 4, 2010

Clintons and Dem Leaders Torpedo AKA Obama?

ATH Says: It takes significant speculation to attribute an overt motive by the Clintons and Dem leaders to blow AKA Obama out of the water. It takes much less speculation to see that having every candidate discuss the forbidden “birth certificate” issue is a gift to birthers everywhere.

There are still lots of hard feelings on the part of traditional Democrats and Hillery supporters about how AKA Obama stole the nomination.
by John Charlton

Obama surfed to power on a tidal wave of liberal whiners; but the winds of politics have changed drastically against him.

(Feb. 4, 2010) — The final theatrical act of the greatest shyster and swindler in the history of the world has begun, and there seems to be no exit strategy which will save his goose.
I speak of the Eligibility Crisis and Obama’s phony claims to legitimately hold the office of the U.S. Presidency.

The opening words of the final act were uttered by Obama himself, at this year’s National Prayer Breakfast, this morning:

“You can question my policies without questioning my faith — or for that fact, my citizenship“!
To explain why Obama said this, and why he has begun to run scared, one needs to consider the present political climate.

Following the Democrats’ stunning and historic loss of the U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts — who would believe that one year ago? — Obama’s party put in motion a political strategy which is pure Hillary-esq. While appearing to defend Obama by politicizing his birth story, the decision to engage head-on on that issue is undeniably the most byzantine and Machiavellian way to get rid of him!

According to Politico, it was the initiative of Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman Robert Menendez. Among the ten litmus-test questions for a politically acceptable Republican opponent in the upcoming 2010 elections, Menendez’s committee chose one wing-dinger:

The memo urges Democratic candidates to force their opponents to answer a series of questions on health care, taxes and some of the favorite causes of the far right:

“Do you believe that Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen? Do you think the Tenth Amendment bars Congress from issuing regulations like minimum health care coverage standards? Do you think programs like Social Security and Medicare represent socialism and should never have been created in the first place? Do you think President Obama is a socialist? Do you think America should return to a gold standard?”

Let’s not forget that Menendez was floated as a Hillary VP Candidate just two years ago. Matt Friedman, writing for on Jan. 24, 2008, wrote:

Menendez would be the first vice president from New Jersey since Garrett Hobart, a former State Senate President from Paterson who ran with William McKinley in 1896.

In a phone interview, Graham said that the idea is his own, and has not discussed it with anyone until today. But he said that Menendez has been working hard for the Clinton campaign, traveling to Nevada, Florida and California to make appeals to Latino voters – and has done so effectively.

My point is, someone of his caliber won’t take a political move without Hillary’s approval, especially now, when the Democrats need more than anything else to get rid of Obama and distance themselves from him. And what could be more exquisite a maneuver than letting the big Zero hoist himself on his own petard?

Rest of the Story:
God bless Texas

This documentary is one of the best pieces of evidence of election law violations by AKA Obama and his thugs stealing the primaries in Texas! . If you haven’t seen this documentary it is available on YouTube. This extensive collection of evidence was done by Democrats who were primary workers in Texas. Which just goes to prove that Democrats also recognize when they are being worked over by a Chicago con-man political gangster.

The creator of this shocking video is a long time loyal Texas Democrat named Gigi Gaston. Be sure to read her comments

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