Thursday, February 25, 2010

The People Want a Government Responsive to the Will of the People - My! How Revolutionary!

Polls: Congress Now Holds Prestigious 71% Disapproval Rating
By Susan Thompson

In a survey released on Wednesday, 71% of those polled by Rasmussen now disapprove of Congress. Even as the administration and Congress have repeatedly tried to hit the magic “reset button” the disapproval rating of Congress has increased 10 points in the last month. What is surprising is the statistics behind the statistics.

Even Democrats Are Dismayed
In a shocking statistic, fully 48% of Democrats now disapprove of Congress. Obama’s “Change We Can Believe In” mantra has all but evaporated in a desert of economic turmoil, an activist Republican minority, and humbling Democratic defeats in recent elections. Democratic supporters largely feel disenfranchised with the inability of the administration and Congress to quickly pass health care and cap and trade legislation, both centerpieces of Obama’s legislative agenda.

And Republicans Smell Blood
Republicans are benefiting from an economic recovery that seems stalled and in pointing out contrasts between the Democratic leadership’s words and actions. While Congressional Democrats appear to be content to use their majority voting power to shut out Republicans, Republicans are content in placing responsibility for the legislative quagmire squarely in the laps of Democrats. This has led to a growing Republican confidence in the mid-term elections in November. Most commentators now believe it is possible for Republicans to gain control of both houses of Congress after the mid-term elections in November.

Vote The Bums Out…Or Make Them Retire
Fully 63% of respondents now think the country would be better if incumbents were sent packing, and 42% think that Congress is corrupt. This has given the fledgling Tea Party movement not only momentum but also credibility as a real manifestation of political unrest. As a result, numerous Democratic legislators are now deciding it is wise to retire rather than facing crushing election defeats. As long as Congress is stuck in a political stalemate over major issues, Congressional disapproval is not expected to decrease.

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