Monday, March 8, 2010

Irrational Obot Rant - See what I put up with in defense of the nation!

Irrational Obot Rant - See what I put up with in defense of the nation!

If Kerry could get a could get out of Viet Nam and get a Purple Heart for a wound that needed a band aid I should at least get an Internet Bronze Star for Valor.

This Obot makes the mistaken point that Jesus would be a liberal if he were alive today. He says the Pharisees were conservative.

I answer:

Error buzzer loudly protesting in your ear!The Sadducee sect were the conservatives. The Pharisees were the Liberals.As for the political point your are trying to make using scripture (shame on you) you are double wrong. Jesus denounced both of the ruling parties of his day just as I do now.I teach Biblical Scholarship for the Theological Center of Naples. The class I teach is described in the link I have provided below so you can brush up on your first century Jewish history.

in reply to AristotleTheHun
Oh, now I understand. Your a good religious man

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Nope! I'm a sinner just like everyone else."All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" Romans 3:23My faith convicts me and extends grace daily.

mindboggeling wrote, in response to AristotleTheHun:

Well Hun, I didn't call you a "good religious man" to necessarily compliment you. You may call yourself an independent, but if you voted for Bush because of what the swift boaters said you probably are more a rightwing nut than independent. You don't seriously believe Bush was the better man? Even retrospectively? If you voted against Kerry because of his stance AFTER serving in Viet Nam and for Bush who spent the war drinking and partying there is more going on here than just being independent. Perhaps your deep religious beliefs that Bush campaign strategists used as a marketing tool to sell Bush to the religious right had something to do with it. A study done by the republicans about the republicans has shown republicans are mostly followers. It is so easy to control groups of people with fear and a common enemy. A lot of the rumors and lies spread about Obama were also spread about Bush. Remember the jails being built all around the country to house citizens who opposes the Bush administration? It looks like they have now turned into Fema camps for the republicans. While I personally would like those jails used as schools to "retrain the republicans" lol, I really don't believe any of these goofball threats. It's fear mongering. No one has to like Obama, but to create these bogus reasons to doubt his Presidency is nothing more than pandering, fear mongering and it allows the racists to try and hide behind, what they believe, are pc reasons. I find it amazing how the rightwingers claim to be so devoutly religious and yet soooo self righteous and judgemental. Before you point out that I maybe judgemental let me point out I don't hide behind the bible. Whats that quote? "Judge not lest ye be judge” or something like that. You religious people would know the quote it a lot better than me.
And as if that was not enough:

mindboggeling wrote, in response to AristotleTheHun:

People like you always fall back on their religion and biblical quotes. I find a lot of religious zealots hide who they really are behind their religion. I'm not against people who need the whole religion-God thing. I object to religions and the religious judging people who are different than them because of color, other religions, sexual orientation or anything that may make them different. There is too much hatred and intolerance in the religious community. It is that intolerance and hatred that seems to fuel the tea partiers and many in the Republican party.

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Maggie said...

That was an amazing piece of hypocrisy by your troll. The toll certainly has a lot of Biblical facts wrong, but then it turns out that he was just using a meme from the DNC because he is not religious and has no real clue about what Jesus would do.

The fact is that Jesus was in the Pharisee class, just like St. Paul. He was not, however, a Pharisee and neither was he an Essene (the other group)or a Sadducee.

My comment here about Jesus looks a bit odd, but thinking about it, Jesus used to hang around with Pharisees. Two or more of his disciples were Pharisees. The most famous of these were Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea. However, there were others who were not disciples such as Simon (he was at Simon's house when approached by the woman who washed his feet - Mary of Magdala?).

As you rightly said, Jesus criticized both groups because of their hypocrisy. Both were indeed like a brood of vipers. Jesus did buck the system, but this is still not being a liberal. The most telling reason that Jesus was not a liberal? He believed in obeying God. (not quite the same as following all those precepts).

All of your points are well taken. You have my sympathy over the libtard troll.