Monday, March 8, 2010

Texas is thriving; California is dying: Liberalism kills conservatism builds.

Texas is thriving; California is dying: Liberalism kills conservatism builds.
March 8, 2010, 7:56 am
By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The contrast between Texas and California is so stark as to question the very possibility of the Golden State ever returning to balanced budget prosperity.

Liberal strongholds in San Francisco and Los Angeles have provided Democrats with the Legislative punch to gain a strangle hold on California’s governmental operations.

The far Left nature of both of these cities has led to the State’s complete capitulation to its public employees unions. The incestuous relationship these unions have with Sacramento Democrats has produced a “taxpayer be damned” attitude that will make curbing the costs of governing California virtually impossible.

Trading taxpayers for tax burners

The Census Bureau estimates that since 2000 more than 1.5 million taxpaying Californians have run away. This loss coupled with the coinciding arrival of a like number of tax money burning immigrants (legal and illegal) means California is headed toward becoming the first failed American state.

Texas: low taxes growing prosperity

Texas on the other hand has low taxes no state income tax and a growing economy to show for it.

Texas calls it’s Legislature together for just one 90 day session every two years. It’s almost nonexistent public employee union members work FOR the State of Texas. The State of Texas does NOT work for them.

Texans get genuine service from their civil servants. While its teachers are paid less than California’s teachers, Texas students score higher on standardized tests.

People across the country are moving into Texas yet its unemployment rate is lower than the national average. California’s unemployment is substantially higher.

Because of its pro-business atmosphere so many people will have moved into Texas that it’s on track to gain four new Congressional Districts all of which will likely be new Republican seats.

Texas is thriving; California is dying: Liberalism kills conservatism builds.

The coming showdown

November’s elections will pit hard core Leftists who want to model America on California against conservatives who want to spread the Texas formula across the country.

The California experiment is over. It was a crashing failure. Letting unions and Marxists run a state, especially the size of California has proved not only disastrous to Californians but a grave danger to the rest of us. When it goes under, California will pull large portions of the national economy with it.

When you vote for your next Congressman remember Liberals did this to us. Their deadly policies have destroyed state and city economies and made failure the only outcome possible for California. Remember who brought us to this point.

Doing nothing is not an option. Stand on your feet and fight or kneel on your knees and serve Obama. It’s your decision.

Be worthy of all the sacrifices made for your freedoms. The time for standing up is coming soon.


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jds said...

I live out here on the left coast. What most folks do not know is this - California's problems kicked into high gear 4 years ago, well before
the nation hit the skids.

It is liberal "spend as fast as you can and solve the problem with increase in taxes" philosophy that has driven the state into the ground.