Saturday, March 12, 2011

AKA Obama Eligibility - Important Research I missed

Nail in the COLB Coffin

The Barack Hussein Obama COLB [Certification of Live Birth] that has been posted on the Internet, first the DailyKos and then Fight The Smears and finally at FactCheck now been proven to be a fake, fabricated, and forged document. There is no doubt that the original is not an authentic State of Hawaii, Department of Health issued document.

Here is an example of a Hawaiian long form issued in September of 2010, a date where the Obama liars claim that Hawaii no longer issues what is presented at the link above.

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Anonymous said...

I found this posted and think it needs to be spread around the internet.

Posted March 10, 2011 at 5:43 pm
Ulstermn’s insider should do more than post tantalizing information on blogs, especially if he is serious about having evidence and is a licensed attorney and an officer of the court. Perhaps, his evidence will finally sway the feds to do something other than look the other way, or allow the Holder DOJ to contain incriminating information.
I have already tried to inform the FBI that Barry came into downstate IL in the early 1970’s, stayed with a drug dealer, and told people that he wasn’t born here, but wanted to be president of this country someday anyway. He had no birth certificate and could not get a SS# in preparation for a job which had been promised to him at his neighborhood Baskin Robbins. Someone gave him a tip about CT and offered a mailing address to assist him. Barry traveled upstate (Chicago) to attend meeting with important people. He later called back to someone he met in person in Decatur, IL and informed them that he was sorry that he may have exposed them to Yaws via an open sore on on of his hands. He apologized for not having known he was contagious when he shook hands with them.
And, in the summer of 1970, Tim Geithner, his younger sister and mother came to Lake Decatur to escape the heat in Jakarta, Indonesia. Mrs. Geithner had relatives in Decatur and had spent part of her childhood on the lake to escape the summer heat.
Tim and his sister discussed Barry, his Arabic Koranic studies in Muslim garb. Tim recited Barry’s many names. Tim knew Barry was being sent by his mother, SAD, to live with relatives in HI. Tim knew his own family would soon be moving from Indonesia to Thailand.
In 2008, I was to learn that the reason Tim knew about Barry was that Peter Geithner was SAD’s boss at the Ford Foundation in Asia. Geithner, Sr. had a lead role in cultivating future leaders in China, including the current Vice Premier and the head of the Chinese Bank. After graduating from Dartmouth, Tim spent time in Bejing, China in classes and interfacing with future Chinese leaders. Peter Geithner migrated from the Ford Foundation to the IMF.
My purpose in telling you this information is my concern for the safety and fiscal viability of the nation. Unfortunately, I cannot trust Barry and am not dissuaded from what I know merely because Barry mocks people who question his background as ‘birthers.’ As Americans, we have a right to be involved in our government and to ask tough questions from our leaders and hold them accountable for their acts and omissions. We have not been taken over by the Communist Chinese or Russians..yet.