Thursday, January 26, 2012

Latest Update from Obama ballot challenge

I just got off the phone with Dean Haskins who was in the courtroom this morning assisting with the Art 2Pac live stream. Judge Malihi talked to the attorneys in chambers before the hearing this morning and told them that he was going to enter a DEFAULT JUDGMENT against Obama and recommend that Obama's name not be on the Georgia ballot! Alll the attorneys expressed a desire to put an abbreviated streamlined case on the record and the judge agreed. How does the mainstream media spin this? The Georgia SOS has already indicated that he will follow the judge's recommendation. Obama will not  get any popular vote or electors from the great state of Georgia! Congratulations to all freedom-loving Americans!

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Anonymous said...

I was there and I was so proud of the plaintiffs, attorneys, and Judge Malihi to stand for our Constitutional rights. It takes a very brave person to go after this imposter and stand by their decision due to the fact that he will stoop to any level of scare tactics to stop what is right and good in this Country.
I am concerned more about Executive Order 12425 amended by BHO in 2009 putting INTERPOL's authority higher than any other authority in the land. Every thing done by this man should be null and void since he was NEVER eligible to be the President or to write any EO's. Also, Ms. Taitz showed that the legal nomination process was not followed at the DNC convention in 2008. Can't remember if this was allowed into evidence. Hopefully it was or will be as there are other cases to be held in other States. Godspeed!