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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Insurgency 101 For Obama Opponents

Insurgency 101 For Obama Opponents

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Insurgency 101 For Obama Opponents
Col. Sellin (no, that’s not him featured above, it’s Mahatma Ganhdi. Sellin is the one in the inset below it) understands that Obama’s excesses will be his own undoing. Sure, usurper Ovomit, drive us over the f___ “fiscal cliff,” come and take our guns,
or at least try, destroy our economy, put your Godless Marxists in our courts, state houses and court houses. Drive even the most passive, apolitical person into a rage. The opposition still needs more angry people before they can rise up and rid themselves of your accursed presence.  Apparently, they need your good offices to assist them in that effort.  They don’t even require the assistance of the useful idiots who voted for you, but many will wake up and join the effort.
Let’s see how high and mighty you are when the gravy train of inbound tax money dries up, by tanking the economy and infuriating taxpayers/citizens so much that they say “no more.” Let’s see what happens when Congress and Ben Bernanke destroy the dollar with reckless spending and QE dollar printing. Let’s see what happens when they refuse to participate in your crooked elections and corrupt courts. At least seven million fewer people voted in the 2012 elections than in 2008, even when one counts all the dead and imaginary people who voted once or more. Watch the number opting out grow, as you and traitorous other officials continue to fail to serve The People.  It might even come to violence, although I pray that responsible people will oust you by any other means necessary before The People are driven to that. No wonder you want to take away their guns via any trick you can. It has little or nothing to do with a few lurid mass murders a year, mostly perpetrated by your supporters.  Fuggetabout that one. When The People oust you, it won’t be just you, but also many of your enablers, who they’ve been making lists of.
December 20, 2012 By (Ret) Colonel Lawrence Sellin
Americans who are opposed to Barack Obama should be facilitating his policies, not resisting them.
It is not as illogical a course of action as it might first appear.
Many Americans now realize that Obama is the nation’s first openly illegal President and unindicted felon. He has reigned over a lawless administration; and in November 2012, Obama stole the Presidential election through voter fraud. The US Government is presently occupied and supported by individuals who are intent on destroying our Constitutional republic and our liberty.
Yet nothing is done by any elected official or law enforcement agency.
It should be now obvious that there are no fair elections, there is no rule of law, there are no means to petition elected officials or the courts for the redress of grievances, and there is no free press to challenge governmental abuse.
In other words, all traditional avenues to fight political corruption have been blocked.
The chaos that will inevitably occur through the implementation of Obama’s policies will provide the environment for an insurgency to grow, which will eventually enable the removal of those who have perverted the Constitution and flouted the rule of law, including Republicans.
Army Field Manual 3-24 defines one type of insurgency as an organized, protracted politico-military struggle designed to weaken an occupying power, theoretically the Obama regime.
Any country ruled by a small group without broad, popular participation by its citizens provides a political cause for an insurgency. It is an axiom of unconventional warfare that insurgents succeed with chaos and disorder appearing anywhere. The regime fails unless it maintains a degree of order everywhere.
For example, insurgents could help Obama exhaust the federal government by legally applying for every possible government benefit (such as food stamps, student loans, and a maximum use of government-funded healthcare) and overwhelming federal agencies with a multitude of questions, requests, and complaints regarding its services. By withholding income tax payments to the last possible legal moment, insurgents could help starve the regime of the funds needed to satisfy Obama supporters’ ever-increasing demands for free handouts.
The regime maintains its control through a central leadership, a political cadre composed of Democrats and the mainstream media and auxiliary facilitators such as labor unions, Islamic organizations, racist black nationalists, radical left-wing New Media outlets, and a collection of prominent leftist financial supporters and celebrities.
The cadre forms the political core of the Obama regime. They are actively engaged in the struggle to accomplish its goals. The cadre implements guidance and procedures provided by the regime leaders. As organizations, they are not, however, initially susceptible to direct assault.
The auxiliary facilitators are active followers who provide important support services. In the early stages of an insurgency, these organizations and individuals are the most vulnerable. It is important to discredit or eliminate that support structure to provide a point of attack against the political cadre and drive a wedge of embitterment between the regime and the Obama voters.
The strategic end state of such an insurgency is the restoration of the Constitution and the rule of law. The operational objectives involve taking such actions to undermine the illegitimate regime and progressively establishing the desired end state. The tactical objectives, both psychological and political, encompass the immediate aims of independent local insurgent cells responding to targets of opportunity, which taken together support the strategic end state.
In the lawless Obama era, turmoil can become a patriot’s most effective weapon. 
Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Colonel Sellin is the author of “Afghanistan and the Culture of Military Leadership“. He receives email at

Of course, it does  occur to some that this is a exactly what “Obama” may think he wants, so that The People can be so weakened as to be totally dependent upon the government, or even foreign troops. What foreign government or organization could occupy such a vast nation of 315,000,000+ people, especially one with 200,000,000 guns? The UN? They couldn’t even handle insurrections in third world countries.

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