Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sam’s Saturday Stag Seminar -

Sam’s Saturday Stag Seminar
The first event will be Saturday, December 29th at 2 PM
Sam Sewell’s home at 10202 Vanderbilt Drive
(Northeast corner of Vanderbilt Drive at 102nd)
This event is open to all men. MENSA membership is not required.
Feel free to bring friends, as long as I know in advance that they will be attending.

Comments from men who have already sent a RSVP:
A physician says: I think it looks good.  How about combining it with some wine tasting?

A business executive says: Sam I'd like to attend. Sounds very intriguing to me.  Thanks for the invite.  I'll bring some home cooked Italian food, cooked by my Bride! 
An educator says: Fellowship with other men is something I need to bring balance to my life.
A business owner says: Talking with other intelligent men about the topics of the day falls into the category of “personal growth.”
Naples FL) MENSA member Sam Sewell is sponsoring a monthly, fourth Saturday Stag gathering for men who like to think and talk.  Mensa is derived from a Latin word meaning table, symbolizing the original conception of the MENSA society, a round table where people can engage in meaningful discussions, and where no one has precedence. 

“I wanted to provide a forum for knowledgeable and curious men,” said Sewell.  “I had in mind the high level conversations that we might imagine having been conducted by our founding fathers, or perhaps the mythical Knights of the Round Table.” 

“Sometimes we will have “talking points.”  Other times we will have videos or presentations by participants.  Our subject matter is not restricted, and we will explore and discuss any topic that holds the interest of the participants,” said Sewell

There is no fee to attend, but contributions to the MENSA scholarship fund for gifted youth are encouraged. 

 RSVP is required, as there is limited seating. 

Refreshments and snacks are not provided, but participants are encouraged to bring enough to share.

Give Sam a call at 239-591-4565 or send an email to:

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