Sunday, October 27, 2013

News bias could cost BBC $5.8 billion

News bias could cost BBC $5.8 billion
Network also has 'culture' of waste, secrecy
(TELEGRAPH) — The BBC could lose its exclusive right to the licence fee if it does not tackle a “culture” of secrecy, waste and unbalanced reporting, a senior Cabinet minister warns.

Grant Shapps, the chairman of the Conservative Party, challenged the corporation to undertake dramatic changes in the wake of a series of scandals and accusations of bias.

In a major intervention understood to have been made with the knowledge of Downing Street, he said that the Government would consider whether the BBC can keep receiving all the proceeds of the licence fee – £145.50 each year from every household with a television – after 2016, when its Royal Charter expires.

The threat comes amid mounting concern inside the Government, and particularly the Conservatives, over bias in the BBC’s news programmes.

Syrian Electronic Army reportedly hacked the BBC, the NPR, the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and Al Jazeera.

Note: Bashar al-Assad is supporting the Syrian Electronic Army a hacker group, and the president of Syria.
George Soros was a benefactor for the NPR, a benefactor for the Human Rights Watch, and is the chairman for the Foundation to Promote Open Society.
Foundation to Promote Open Society was a funder for the NPR, the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and the Climate Reality Project.
Albert A. Gore Jr. is the chairman for the Climate Reality Project, and the co-founder & chairman for Current Media, LLC.
Current TV is a division of Current Media, LLC, and acquired by Al Jazeera.

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