Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Please forward this research to his team ASAP!
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Samuel Sewell, PhD

Mr. Trump needs to see this.  More than half a million hits.  Please share.

Trump Personality and IQ Evaluatied 


This blog was created as a response to hundreds of thousands of  
"hits" on other web sites and email requests.  Mistaken  editions have
 been published and other people have taken false credit for creating the article.

Genius is defined as “Exceptional intellectual ability capable of looking beyond known facts. Such intellectual giants can do things with their minds that can’t even be described to ordinary people.” 

“It is as if a special type of creativeness, being an expression of a healthy personality, is projected out upon the world, touching every activity in which the person is engaged.”  

Trump’s Personality and IQ Evaluated by Psychotherapist
by Samuel Orrin Sewell - bestselfusa@gmail.com

Trump may be a genius, but personality is more important.

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