Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Solomon Mentor Statement Of Faith

Statement of Faith
In all of existence we are observing a cosmic conversion. You are part of that conversion process, and function as a co-creator of this new Reality.

The substance from which this new Reality is forming is your personal, worthy, honorable activity of thinking, feeling, and behaving

Divine Mind is the source of creation for all Reality. Our every thought which is conformed to the Mind of the Divine is permanently preserved for use in fashioning humankinds’ new and perfected Reality. Every compassionate feeling and every kind act becomes cosmic, raw material for the completion of the ultimate, Divine Plan. All virtue and honor is preserved by God. All that is evil eventually fades away. When the accumulated remaining “God-mind” finally prevails, there will be a cosmic paradigm shift. All of material existence will be consumed in a holy event and a completely spiritualized Reality will emerge.

Each of us is an intimate component of that Spirit in which we live, and move, and derive our very Being. The Creator is inextricably intermingled in the midst of us. Your personal virtue is needed to conclude the ultimate transformation of all creation.

We are trembling on the brink of winning a great cosmic battle. Yes, your very next kind act, compassionate feeling, or Divinely inspired thought may be all that is needed to convert our present Reality into a fully spiritualized existence. Amen!

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