Sunday, January 1, 2017

EMAIL feedback on Trump IQ article and my response

EMAIL feedback on Trump IQ article and my response


While searching for some “objective” information about Donald Trump’s IQ, I came across your August 2015 article (all the more interesting because it was written before he became the Republican nominee and the President-elect).  Although my liberal family members and friends would reject your thesis, I found your insight into Trump’s “self-actualizing” personality quite fascinating.  I have to say that I have found Trump’s actions thus far (primarily his selections for his leadership team) quite brilliant. 


Dear Sam,

I posted it to my Facebook page. I have many politicians and aspiring politicians who will read it but likely will not acknowledge it. They're funny that way. When their establishing themselves they comment and post a lot but once they get into office, "crickets."  Interesting how that works. 



Yes, that article created quite a stir before the primaries and election. It had over one million hits that I was able to trace without beating the bushes.

I stored the article in my BLOG and have attached the URL (see below) here if you’d like to call it to anyone’s attention.    

I have  done nothing to promote the article since the election.  Given the left wing medias attempt to delegitimize the election results maybe a post election publication would be useful.  I have attached your comments (anonymized) for distribution to some media outlets that. have published my articles in the past.



This blog was created as a response to hundreds of thousands of  
"hits" on other web sites and email requests.  Mistaken  editions have
 been published and other people have taken false credit for creating the article.

Genius is defined as “Exceptional intellectual ability capable of looking beyond known facts. Such intellectual giants can do things with their minds that can’t even be described to ordinary people.” 

“It is as if a special type of creativeness, being an expression of a healthy personality, is projected out upon the world, touching every activity in which the person is engaged.” 

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