Monday, August 28, 2017

I was the pawn - ANTHEM OF THE LIBERAL

I was the pawn
I was the child thrust into the public school system
Which the Federal Department of Education had transformed
Raised without God by teachers fully indoctrinated communist shills
I came out puking at patriotism and that rag the Constitution
Revolution and pot communism and anarchist drivel
I was drawn to Antifa the black mask
and every ideology deformed
Calling Americans " Nazis " is easy I recognize them by their existence
Cracking an old woman " Nazi " in the head with a bat is the final solution
I am brave in the mob
My teachers did a good job
They taught me to recognize
The Nazi in people's eyes
Now I will demand that the election of presidents come to an end
And that that racist Constitution be burned away
My masters know what should replace it and now is the time
The media praises me everytime I crack a Nazi head
And when I bring about the collapse of the evil Capitalist's government
My masters will bring to the world the Worker's perfect day
I do not know it now but pawns are not needed after the Revolution
So as the Revolution's flag is raised by my unknown master I the pawn will be shot dead

I was the perfect pawn
I will not see the dawn
I will be the first to taste
Tyranny's beautiful waste

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