Friday, August 4, 2017


Electronic Trespassing
(From an August 1986 newspaper article)

At long last, a ringy dingy way to handle rude, nasty and unwanted telephone solicitations.  And here it is:

Sam Sewell, a Naples, FL resident, has dedicated himself to driving these intrusive telephone solicitors from Florida.  As part of his battle, he listens to the solicitation long enough to learn what company is behind it and their address.  Then, he bills them for his time and use of his phone equipment. The following is the form of letter Sam uses.

August 16, 1985

Dear telephone solicitor and electronic trespasser:

This is to advise you that on ___(date)_______ at ___(time____ your representative _____(name)_____ used our phone lines and our telephone equipment. We purchase our phone lines and our telephone equipment to serve our needs. We do not want to be called at inconvenient times with unwelcome propositions. Accordingly, you are hereby assessed a  $____(amount)______ line and equipment-access fee for use of our phone. An additional fee will be charged for all additional calls.

 Please remit promptly to Sam Sewell, Naples, Fl.

Failure to remit promptly will result in action in small-claims court to establish the right of a citizen to charge access fees to businesses who use a citizen's leased and owned property. This is a well-established legal principle and by applying it to telephone solicitors we may be able to rid the state of Florida of a pestilence of epidemic proportions.

Access fee schedule:
Normal business hours $25
Outside business hours $50
Weekends $100


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