Friday, August 18, 2017

The Omnipresent, Creative Spirit

The Omnipresent, Creative Spirit, in which we live, and move, and derive our very Being, is inextricably mingled in the midst of us; within and without.

Introductory sentence in new adventure of Wonder Bunny: 



Since all of the secret adventures revealed here are the result of an almost magical cosmic connection between the planet earth and an alternate universe, there are understandably many puzzling, unanswered questions.  Our readers are encouraged to do their own research and share their informed findings with the editors at
This is what we have discovered so far
·      The super powers of Wonder Bunny – Wonder Bunny is a highly intelligent, left-brained thinker who processes data methodically. Her mind may be plotting and deliberate, but her command of her environment is almost the speed of light. She moves so fast that she can travel to any destination on planet Earth in less than ten seconds. She also has achieved the ability to do time travel both to the past and to the future.  Another super power skill is the ability to instantly morph into the appearance of other creatures, including human beings.  Her primary superhero function is to prevent bad things from happening by traveling back in time and influencing historical outcomes.
·      The super powers of Revelation Rooster – Revelation Rooster’s superhero skill is using his high intelligence to access cosmic consciousness and transferring that revelation to all humanity.  He is the facilitator of many of the brilliant ideas expressed by the geniuses of planet earth.  His primary superhero function is making good things happen. 

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