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For any who missed the MENSA Forte Forum presentation by Tim Taylor, he has made available a DODAT Primer that explains the essence if this newly patented management tool. I will send it by email.

Also available is a research paper by Sam Sewell That was commissioned by Tim Taylor to provide scientific validation for the DODAT project. This paper is also available on the Internet at The popular title for this paper is “Doing Well by Doing Good” which is a Benjamin Franklin quote illustrating his philosophy that virtue is a prerequisite for securing stable wealth.

One of the guiding principles of modern marketing and management science is:
“Any attempt by management to enforce behavior that is contrary to human nature is preordained to fail. Conversely, management methods that compliment human nature are sure to provide wealth and well being for all concerned.” Douglas McGregor

Douglas McGregor, Ph.D. in psychology from Harvard University, was a Management professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management. His 1960 book The Human Side of Enterprise had a profound influence on education practices.

There is a rich scientific history behind the application of the DODAT management system. DODAT compliments human nature, rather than attempting to force unnatural behavior onto the workers. You can access some of the Management Science research that validates the DODAT process by accessing the link above.

Those who have read it have seen it as a worthwhile investment of their time. Please take the time to read it and help spread the word to your business contacts.

Dick Ward, a retired attorney who organizes events for nationally known speakers, had this to say:

I have read "Doing Well by doing Good" twice, and I'm very impressed. You said your goal was to apply Christian principles to enhance productivity and profit. In writing the paper I believe you have reached your objective!

Gene Landrum is a well known retired business executive & prolific author who now teaches MBA students. Here is what Gene had to say:

Doing Well by Doing Good is right on the money and what the world needs! You may quote me on same. This is lost on so many in this world. And since I teach such young people, it is shocking how few know who Peter Drucker was, or Maslow; or when I mention Buckminster Fuller or Tesla they wince in my MBA classes and don’t know them.

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