Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Where's Your Bottom?

By Jerry Collette
Guest Contributor

Ever wonder something like, "How long do I have to keep suffering like this?" Ever ask that question about somebody else?

Many years ago, I investigated an AA meeting for somebody I was hoping would go. If you've ever been to one or seen them on TV or in the movies, person after person gets up and tells their story about how far down, down, down they went, such as falling down in gutters, losing everything, etc., before they gave up drinking.

Then, a woman got up, and the essence of her story was that she drank too much once and it scared the heck out of her. (She didn't phrase her story that way, and she might even object to my doing so.) What struck me was that her bottom was just as awful to her as the people who had preceded her with much more horrible and graphic stories.

The lesson I got from her was that bottom is wherever we decide it is. She didn't need to ride very far down before she decided that where she was was bottom enough for her.

Where's your bottom?

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