Tuesday, June 30, 2015

BOB HARDEN SHOW - Sam Sewell talks about "ASK HUXLEY"

"ASK HUXLEY" - The Psychedelic Cosmic Carp

BOB HARDEN SHOW - http://bobharden.com/archives/6_30_15.mp3 - Sam Sewell talks about "ASK HUXLEY" http://askhuxley.blogspot.com/  -

Sam's segment is from 32 minutes to 42 minutes.  - - - HUXLEY came out of executive coaching and management science thus the Columbia University business school validating science – but more properly brain science and cognitive psychology – now aimed at everyone rather than just business executives.-

• Universal human trait to connect the dots – people see patterns that are not really there
• The human brain’s ability to self organize and come up with ideas and answers that are outside our awareness of the process.
• The need for a tactic or technique to stimulate intuition
• Huxley provides the dots to connect and the technique to act as a catalyst for intuition.

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