Saturday, June 13, 2015

Huxley, the Psychedelic Carp Oracle - Huxley will now answer your questions!

Why answers from Huxley, the Psychedelic Carp Oracle, are more useful than random choice or empirical analysis.

Most of us can agree that the stars are distributed randomly across the sky. Yet every culture on the planet has seen images in the stars. The human mind creates patterns where there are none. That is a universal, cognitive function, and has cross cultural verification.  When presented with any random stimulus, we human beings will attempt to connect the dots and creatively organize chaos into patterns.

Like all oracles, Huxley answers questions. The answers are only decipherable by the person who asks the question. The answer comes not from Huxley, but from the interior, creative depths of the person contemplating Huxley’s oracle. 

Because the tactic of using an oracle opens up the individual's intuitive insights, the answers are frequently enlightening, wise, sometimes profound, and often have practical value. We have started this blog for Huxley so that people can experience their own intuitive insights. 

Many business executives and other leaders use a “Spock” like, rational analysis as their only decision making tool. Several scientific studies have been done comparing empirical analysis to those persons who prefer “gut instinct.” Although these predictions concerned a vast range of events, the results were consistent across every trial; people who were more likely to trust their feelings were also more likely to accurately predict the outcome.  

Here is one sentence that should direct Spock fans' attention toward an additional decision making tool. Those persons who prefer gut instinct “made stock market predictions that were 25 percent more accurate than those who aspired to Spock-like cognition."  Please read the full article: and another article for science geeks like me, published in a professional journal:

Additional research has been done by Huxley’s staff to augment the application of his oracles, based on their ability to motivate human cognition.

Huxley’s answers are certainly worth more than the paltry $5 sum he is currently charging. 

Sam Sewell
Chief of Staff
Huxley, The Psychedelic Carp Oracle

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