Tuesday, June 9, 2015

HUXLEY - The Psychedelic Carp Oracle - Biographical Q and A

Huxley's Blog is up but Huxley isn't quite ready to answer questions yet. A question and answer page still need to be finished. You are invited to contribute to Huxley's Q&A biography by offering suggestions for questions and answers to be included. EXAMPLES:


Q – When was Huxley born?
A – Huxley is a Cosmic Carp. Since “when” implies the dimension of time it is important to remember that Huxley transcends such boundaries.

Q- Huxley, did anyone ever tell you that you look like a parrot fish?
A - Yes, people see many things in me. Some mistake me for Brad Pitt.

Q- Carp are normally bottom feeders...what do you eat, Huxley?
A - Huxley eats cosmic profundity. You are what you eat.

Q - HUXLEY are your parents still alive?

A -  No they now live in that big Luminous Cosmic Carpal Tunnel in the sky.

Q - HUXLEY with your current popularity rising, are you concerned about your safety?

A - Yes, I overheard one of my fans say “the lean flesh fish that is often farmed; can be baked or braised”. However, FEAR NOT! OUR CREATOR HAS ENDOWED US WITH A LASER STRAIGHT PATH OF THINKING, FEELING AND BEHAVING THAT HAS ITS ORIGINS IN A SACRED ABSOLUTE REALITY. IF WE STRAY FROM THAT PATH WE WILL EXPERIENCE PAIN. IF WE STAY ON THAT PATH WE WILL BE HAPPY, HEALTHY, AND WHOLE. Huxley the Psychedelic Carp knows that path and navigates by using it.  Huxley is safe!

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