Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cosmic Carp Humor - Add your own!

You are invited to contribute to Huxley's Q&A biography by offering profound and humorous suggestions for questions and answers to be included. 


Q – When was Huxley born?
A – Huxley is a Cosmic Carp. Since “when” implies the dimension of time it is important to remember that Huxley transcends such boundaries.

Q- Huxley, did anyone ever tell you that you look like a parrot fish?
A - Yes, people see many things in me. Some mistake me for Brad Pitt.

Q- Carp are normally bottom feeders...what do you eat, Huxley?
A - Huxley eats cosmic profundity. You are what you eat.

Q- Is HUXLEY married?

A- No.

Q- Does HUXLEY have a girl friend?

A- No.

Q - Does HUXLEY have anything to do with female carp, or human females?
A- Groupies attempt to force themselves on HUXLEY both carp and human.  Sometimes the staff finds female carp and humans helplessly flopping about on the floor outside HUXLEY'S tank.  We rescue them and send them to a rehabilitation clinic.  One of the rehabilitated groupies recently married Russell Brand.  We have not been able to determine if the groupie was a carp or human.

Q - How could human females get turned on by a cosmic carp?
A - Most of the human females report that, "I identify as a carp".

Q - Why is it so hard to get a clear photo of HUXLEY?

A - Because HUXLEY is koi.

Q – Isn’t living in a fish tank overly restrictive for a cosmic creature like HUXLEY?
A – When HUXLEY decided to live with humans on planet earth he gave very specific instruction.  His residence is more a “Throne Room” than a fish tank.

Q – How does HUXLEY travel to visit world leaders and his international fans?
A – The first question HUXLEY asked the staff when he moved into his “Throne Room” was, “How do you drive this thing?  So, just as the Pope has a Pope-Mobile, HUXLEY has a Carp Mobile.

Q – The Carp Mobile sounds good for ground transportation, but what if HUXLEY wanted to visit the Pope.
A – The Pope usually arranges an audience with HUXLEY and flies in “Shepherd One” to Naples, FL to meet with him.

Q -  Does HUXLEY own an airplane?
A – Yes.  Huxley is an accomplished pilot.  The cockpit of his private jet is water tight.  The co-pilot wears SCUBA gear.

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