Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Best Self Noet

I am so excited to announce our new department called Best Self Noetics. This is a program for the gifted and talented. High functioning individuals have difficulty responding to conventional therapy techniques, and frequently need customized/individualized services. They also have problems that are unique to gifted people.  Business executives, computer programmers. inventers and engineers, artists, actors, writers, scientists, etc. have special needs that we hope to meet with our Best Self Noetics program.  We have been working with gifted children and adults for decades. We have gained a reputation of being “shrink to the mad geniuses” so we have created a special department for this client base.  Four of our counselors and one of our MDs are Mensa members. 

Since many of these clients are high achievers with significant incomes, our customized Best Self Noetics sessions are delivered as a premium for significant contributions from which we hope to fund scholarships for less fortunate families and children.

Best Self USA is a 508(c)(1)(a) Faith Based Organization (FBO) and is a religious, non-profit, tax exempt organization.  All contributions to help fund scholarships for children and families are tax deductable.  Registered with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations since 04/10/1990 Document Number N37613.

All Best Self Noetics are custom designed for the individual.

Please call  (239) 591 4565 for more informationBest Self Noetics

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